A Day In The Life With A Modest Fashion & Beauty Influencer
A Day In The Life With A Modest Fashion & Beauty Influencer

A Day In The Life With A Modest Fashion & Beauty Influencer

If like us, Impulse was a mainstay in your beauty bag during your teen years, it’s time to get reacquainted. Now with a more grown-up look and feel – but the same affordable scents inspired by the latest trends – its new Signature body mist collection has been created in collaboration with six stylish influencers. Here, one of them – Frishta Ghaderi – tells us more about the new range and how it helps her feel empowered in everyday life.

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Impulse has collaborated with six influencers to create a signature scent based on what femininity and empowerment means to them. From the Radiant Soul body mist to Sunkissed Dreamer and Inner Glow, there are plenty of scents to choose from. Plus, we’ve partnered with Impulse to take a sneak peek into three of the influencers’ lives. From what they do to feel their best to how and when they feel strongest, we’re kicking off with fashion and beauty fan Frishta Ghaderi. 



If I’m being honest, I check my socials as soon as I wake up. I know people say it’s bad to start your day by looking at your phone, but I quite like feeling inspired first thing – whether it's what to have for breakfast, my outfit for the day or my make-up look. 

Great skincare always makes me feel ready for the day ahead. And my make-up routine is the ultimate mood booster. I feel really put together when I know that my lashes are curled, and my brows are set. It’s simple things like that that have the biggest impact on my confidence.

Scents are so important to me. I love the way a fragrance can change your entire mood, especially when you’re not feeling that strong or confident. Scent is also so tied to my culture – that’s why my fragrance – Radiant Soul Body Mist – has notes of saffron and patchouli, which reminds me of the notes often used in Arab culture. Affordable and long lasting, the quality is incredible for the price.

A good breakfast is essential. I love Afghan eggs – being connected to my culture even when I’m eating breakfast is really important to me. They’re made with tomato and coriander, and it slightly resembles a shakshuka. It’s a simple but really tasty breakfast.

I always make the sure I use the first hour of my day wisely. That often means running errands or going to the gym. It really helps to do this first thing before work takes over.

My personal style is a fusion of sharp tailoring and softer elements. For example, a structured blazer with some tailored trousers or a flowy maxi skirt. The shape and structure of tailoring what helps me feel ready for the day.

If I want to treat myself, I’ll make myself a really good lunch. When I have the time, I’ll cook a steak sandwich medium-rare, with pesto inside. It feels like such a luxurious treat and leaves me feeling full – I like knowing that I’ve had a great protein fix, too. 

Movement wise, swimming has become something I’ve loved doing. It makes me feel great in so many ways and being in the water really energises me. It’s very encouraging when you get into a good rhythm with exercise. I also enjoy the ritual of heading off for a swim, knowing that I’m doing my mind and body a favour.

For me, wearing a hijab is foundational in my sense of empowerment. Many people assume the complete opposite – as if it’s something I’m forced to do with this perpetuated stereotype that all Muslim women are oppressed. But the way I look at it is I get to choose who I share my hair with, and that's a really liberating choice that I get to make for myself – which is probably why it makes me feel empowered.

I’ve tried to prioritise small things for myself more. For example, taking comfort in my own space and taking things slow or even pampering myself with my favourite ‘girl dinner’ and flowers. We live in such a busy, fast-paced world, so sometimes, staying in and taking time to reset is important.


When I’ve got the time to cook, my favourite dinner to make is a creamy chicken alfredo pasta. However, recently I’ve been taking inspiration from my family’s recipes and have started cooking lamb and chicken shawarma – which has quickly become a new staple.

I’m definitely a dessert person – I never like to miss it. I love a fruity dessert like an apple crumble, or something rich and chocolatey paired with custard. If I’m in the mood for something a bit lighter, I’ll have some ice cream.

To wind down, I’ll try to reconnect with my spirituality. I always start with properly removing my make-up. Then, I’ll do my skincare to rejuvenate my face before putting some comfortable pyjamas on, spritzing my Impulse Radiant Soul Body Mist and making sure that I’m surrounded by soft lighting, with some candles and oud for the most peaceful environment to pray in. Then, I like to watch some nostalgic TV like Suits or Wizards of Waverly Place.

When I need a mood or energy boost, I rely scents that invigorate me and leave me feeling fresh and revitalised. My Impulse Radiant Soul Body Mist has become a go-to for me. Elsewhere, taking care of my body both through my skin, and my presentation, are very important to me. That’s why acts like tying my hijab at home are very empowering – they’re proof of the care I have for myself.

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