The Hero Product You Need For Clearer, Brighter Skin
The Hero Product You Need For Clearer, Brighter Skin

The Hero Product You Need For Clearer, Brighter Skin

The right exfoliating peel can put you on a fast track to clearer skin. Dermalogica’s Clear Start Breakout Clearing Liquid Peel is one of the best in the business – here’s everything else you should know about it, and how Sapna got on when she tested it…

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You’ve likely heard of Dermalogica – it’s the one to know for results-driven skincare formulated with kind-to-the-skin ingredients. From serums to cleansers, there’s plenty to love across its range but, if you’re prone to breakouts, its Liquid Peel is the hero you need.

Its gentle chemical exfoliators resurface the skin for a smoother texture, while also clearing pesky scarring and dark spots. By sweeping away dead skin cells and excess oils, this peel fights both active and future breakouts. It also brightens the skin: 95% of users have reported clearer-looking skin after only one week. Oh, and the product itself has a cool twist – its glittering purple look adds a little fun to your routine. 



Let’s get down to business. The liquid peel’s formula blends AHAs and BHAs – handy acids that exfoliate and brighten as they penetrate the skin. Its line-up of AHAs includes lactic, mandelic and azelaic acids – which are ideal for evening out skin tone and texture – while salicylic acid is the star BHA that banishes blackheads and breakouts.


“Having tested out the liquid peel for a few weeks, I’m impressed at how quickly I’ve seen results. With my slightly sensitive skin, I’m always wary of new products, so my biggest worry here was that my skin would react adversely. With a peel, it's typical to feel a bit of tingling, but on application I was surprised to find that mine remained calm. Ultimately, I think this is thanks to its gel-like consistency which actually felt quite cooling on the skin. Though I would just say, avoid applying the product over any broken skin as it’ll cause a bit of a sting.

“The pipette-style design meant it was easy to dispense the product, which I used according to its instructions – smoothing a thin layer all over my face, almost like a mask. After seven minutes, I rinsed it off with cool water and patted my skin dry and was shocked at how soft my skin felt.

“My skin is quite hormonal, so blemishes are common. However, since I’ve started bringing this peel into my routine over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a drop in breakouts and blackheads. It’s still early days, but I’m hopeful that regular usage will eventually bring a reduction of dark marks and acne scars.

“All in all, I loved how easy the product was to slot into my routine once or twice a week as a bit of added self care – and how quickly it started to deliver visible results. If you’re on the sensitive side like me, my advice would be to start using it once a week and work your way up. Also, always make sure to moisturise your skin afterwards and keep up with wearing SPF – since AHAs can make the skin more prone to sensitivity.”

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