The TikTok Haircut Everyone’s Talking About
The TikTok Haircut Everyone’s Talking About

The TikTok Haircut Everyone’s Talking About

The ‘wolf cut’ is Gen Z’s answer to the mullet or shag – but we can’t help thinking that A-listers like Billie Eilish, Jenna Ortega and Mia Regan may be onto something. That’s why we asked some top hair stylists to run us through the trend – from what to ask your hairdresser to how to style the look.
By Sapna Rao

The Trend

“I’ve received so many requests for wolf cuts over the past few months. It’s a sign of the current mood and season: fun and carefree. Plus, it requires minimal maintenance. Embracing natural texture has definitely become a much bigger topic over the past year. The cut adds textured layers to a certain length of hair, while framing and flattering the face by adding a sexy, shaggy and choppy appearance.”  Olly Ay, senior stylist at Hari’s

“The ‘medium wolf cut’ is a version people have been trying which has a more lived-in, grown-out feel. It’s a nice way to dip your toe in if you’re not ready to go all out. It’s closer to the shag, but with a bit more length around the baseline. The ‘butterfly cut’ is also popular. This layered look feels more like the ‘Rachel’, but with slightly shorter face-framing layers and length in the back. It has more of a 90s feel – think supermodel bombshell.”Patrick Wilson, celebrity hairstylist

The Customer

“It’s rare that a cut is so flattering on so many people, but it works because it achieves volume and encourages natural movement. Layered shorter lengths help promote healthy ends, too. It can also look great on men – so long as they’re looking to embrace a fresh blend somewhere between the neo mullet and the 90s shag cut.” – Olly

“The wolf cut works with so many hair types and textures, but I’d say medium hair and hair with a bit more of a curl or kink to it works best. Keep in mind that straighter or frizzier hair will require a bit more styling for it to look good.” – Issey Cook, Larry King hairstylist

The Influences

“It’s a mix of the 70s shag haircut and the 80s mullet, like Debbie Harry – you can really see similarities between her and Billie Eilish. Fashions and styles always come back around.” – Patrick

“These hairstyles are more desirable for Gen Z as they aren’t typical – they have a bit more edge and fun. Gen Z loves pushing and testing the boundaries, and a lot of this means bringing back nostalgic look with a fresh spin.” – Issey

It’s essentially a cut that gives textured layers to a length of hair that is FACE-FLATTERING AND FRAMING – creating a sexy, shaggy and choppy appearance.

The Service

“It’s always a good idea to show your stylist some references or images to give them a better understanding of what you want. If your hair’s super thick, ask your hairdresser to use the razor to distribute the weight more evenly.” Patrick

“Make sure to tell your stylist how short or long you want to keep your hair, as well as how shaggy you want to go. How much layering do you want around the front of your face? Do you want it to be soft so you can wear it in different styles? Or would you like the shaping to be heavier and grungier for day to day? It’s a very versatile cut, which is great, but it also means you have to be specific. I would ask for more of a mid-length on the top, because when the hair is too long, it can start to look a bit disconnected. You want that shaggy layered style to continue throughout.” – Issey

The Downsides

“There are downsides to this cut – it’s a lot of maintenance to keep it at a certain length. You would also need to have fringe trims and haircuts more regularly than usual – if you decide to keep it on the longer side, it will grow out softly.” – Issey

“Naturally straight hair will require more at-home styling. You’ll need to create lift and texture with an activator or a prep spray before you blow dry, and you may even need to add a few bends and kinks with a flat iron or tong. Shorter hair will also need some patience and maintenance – for example, more regular visits to the salon to keep it looking fresh. But don’t be put off doing it if you have shorter hair – just be aware that you might need to pre-book that appointment.” – Patrick

These types of newer hairstyles are more desired by Gen Z as they AREN'T TYPICAL – they have a bit more EDGE AND FUN. Gen Z as a generation loves pushing and TESTING THE BOUNDARIES.

The Aftercare

“Styling should be as effortless as it looks – for a low-maintenance option, rough dry your hair to 80% then apply a holding agent like a mousse or styling spray. You can even blast the hair with a diffuser, using only your fingers and drying it with your head upside down to achieve more volume. Before it’s fully dry, add a few spritzes of salt spray; to finish apply some finishing crème to smooth the ends and define the texture. To keep it fresh, a blast of dry shampoo or hairspray will maintain the look. For a more long-term option, highlights or balayage will add to the textured feel.” – Olly

“You can keep things soft, textured and effortless with a diffuser, or you could give yourself a bouncier blow dry to give it a more glamorous feel. When it comes to products, a good sea salt spray adds texture for a more lived-in look, while a hair cream works great on the tips to make the hair feel more piece-y.” – Issey

“This haircut isn’t really the shape you want to be using big round brushes and rollers on – that’s the way it can start to look dated. For a young and cool feel, focus on texture rather than volume. It also depends – if you have a wavier hair pattern, you might want to go with a scrunching method and simply let your hair air-dry. If you have a smoother texture, you might want to blow things out with a hairdryer to add some lift and movement.” Patrick

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