What The LuxeGirls Are Manifesting
What The LuxeGirls Are Manifesting

What The LuxeGirls Are Manifesting

At LuxeGirl we’re all about manifesting and taking control of our own destiny. that’s why we’ve teamed up with Viktor&Rolf to celebrate their new fragrance ‘good fortune’ eau de parfum. inspired by spirituality and uplifting spritzes of good fortune, the team are designing boards to visualise their goals and intentions – here’s everything they’re including and how to create your own...

Created in partnership with Viktor&Rolf

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How To Put A Vision Board Together…

A vision board is a way to lay out your hopes and dreams – or your manifestations. When you visualise your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them. 

Start by thinking about what these goals are. If it's easier, you could even write them down in bullet points. Then, collate visual cues and images from magazines, posters, Instagram and Pinterest that either relate to or inspire these goals. 

Along with images, try pinpointing words, phrases and symbols that represent what you want to achieve – examples include motivational quotes, numbers and names. 

Next, get creative. Start cutting out your images and words and get them onto your board. Why not add some extra special touches like stickers or Viktor&Rolf tarot cards to give it a more personal feel?

To take things to the next level, give your manifestations the ultimate chance at good fortune by incorporating Viktor&Rolf’s new fragrance. Spritz the energising scent directly onto your board and incorporate purple accents into the mix to represent the fragrance's intentions.

Finally, find a place for your board to live. Somewhere you’ll see it often is ideal, as this will give you a constant reminder of everything you want to achieve – whether it's a photo as your phone background, or by simply mounting the board onto your bedroom wall. 


“I’m getting prepped for a marathon so my vision board has plenty of motivational cues — from helpful quotes to running inspiration. I’d also really love to take more photos when with friends and on holiday, to capture our special moments and would especially like to do this on a film camera. To keep this intention front of mind, I’ve included some of my favourite film camera-inspired images.”

“Some of my key goals surround health and wealth, so I’m all about setting healthy habits and focusing on food and exercise, as well as prioritising work-related goals – growing our LuxeGirl community for example. I’m also including visual references to inspirations such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid to always emulate great style.”

“I’m moving house soon, so a lot of my goals are around successfully setting up my new space to make it a productive and safe environment. Along with some interiors inspo I’m loving, I’m also including intentions for some upcoming holidays, plus manifesting more time spent with loved ones. Last but not least, I’ve included a long-term goal of mine: getting a car!”

“Travel is a huge part of my work and personal life, so it's no surprise I’ve included plenty of travel-related goals. Including both the places I’d love to visit and the places I want to take my Gals Who Travel community is really important to me. I’m also specifically manifesting the success of our upcoming Gals Who Travel trip to Bali.”

Why You'll Love Viktor&Rolf's Good Fortune Eau de Parfum...

Designed to empower you to create your own destiny, Viktor&Rolf’s Good Fortune Eau de Parfum is uplifting with an energetic scent we can’t get enough of.

Fresh but with a warm feel, it contains notes of vanilla, gentian, fennel and jasmine — all of which are guaranteed to turn heads.

Created to last for hours on the skin, it’s also vegan and contained inside a refillable bottle – it ticks all the right boxes for us.

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