10 Podcasts To Listen To On A #HotGirlWalk
10 Podcasts To Listen To On A #HotGirlWalk

10 Podcasts To Listen To On A #HotGirlWalk

#HotGirlWalk has been trending on TikTok for a while, but now longer, warmer days are in sight, it’s the perfect time to head out on a solo self-care walk. Whether you’re after a juicy episode with scandalous stories, or career advice for fresh motivation, here are ten podcasts to keep you company…
By Sherri Andrew

The Girls Bathroom

Life-long besties Sophia and Cinzia have nearly 400k subscribers on YouTube thanks to their hilarious videos and down-to-earth chat. In this podcast, they spill the tea in the girl’s bathroom (always the best place for outfit and life advice) and talk everything from relationships and dating drama to careers and food. Each week, listeners email in with their dilemmas, including relationship troubles, friend feuds and the odd embarrassing story that’s too good not to share. Expect different themes for each episode, like what to do if your BFF starts copying you, how to navigate an Only Fans account when you have a boyfriend, what to know about sugar daddies, and how to handle someone ghosting you…

Episode Highlight: My Boyfriend Won’t Wear A Condom…

It’s fair to say Sophia and Cinzia are great at giving advice, and never is it more needed than in this episode. A listener needs some help as her boyfriend is refusing to wear a condom during sex. Naturally, Sophia and Cinzia aren’t impressed. They’re also exasperated at the lack of contraception for males, as well as the highs and lows of being on the pill. They also talk about different contraception available to women these days, and how to talk to your partner about the various options. 

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Influencers Mariam Musa and Adeola Patronne have joined forces in this BBC Sounds podcast. Discussing the most pressing topics each week, from the latest reality TV gossip to the pros and cons of cancel culture, expect hilarious and brutally honest conversations from the duo. In each episode, they answer questions (from those who have sent in their dilemmas via WhatsApp voice notes) and spill the tea on their own love lives. 

Episode Highlight: Men Will Disturb Your Peace

Mariam and Adeola are lamenting the lack of decent single men on the market right now. One listener calls in with a problem: she’s been talking to a guy for a while but hasn’t been that interested in him until recently. Now, she’s caught feelings but he’s suddenly lost interest, much to her annoyance. When dating goes off-piste, sometimes the best thing you can do is focus on yourself, advise the co-hosts, because men have a funny habit of “disturbing your peace”.

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The Receipts

This is one of Spotify’s most popular podcasts for good reason. Full of scandalous stories from the presenters – Tolani Shoneye, Audrey Indome and Milena Sanchez – and listeners who write in with their own tales, it’s ideal if you’re in need of some light relief. From relationships and situationships to everyday life experiences, expect unadulterated girl talk with zero filter. 

Episode Highlight: I Slept With The Tour Guide & He Blocked Me

This week’s listeners need all the advice they can get from the trio of agony aunts. One reader is in a predicament as she wants to keep her baby despite her boyfriend pressuring her to have an abortion, while another has had a scandalous hot girl summer – she went to the Seychelles and slept with her tour guide who said he loved her. It was all going so well until he blocked her… 

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Fascinated by influencer culture? This new series by Wondery is all about ‘scamfluencers’ – online users who aren’t who they say they are. Each week, co-hosts Scaachi Koul and Sarah Hagi unpack epic stories of deception from the worlds of social media, fashion, finance, health and wellness. These influencers claim to be everything from charismatic healers to trusted financial insiders to experts in dating. They cast spells over millions. But why do we believe them, and how does our culture allow them to thrive? Straight from the victims’ mouths, we hear how it’s affected their lives and what’s left when the façade falls away.

Episode Highlight: Black Swan, Inc.

Power couple Doug and Ashley Benefield created a scheme that can only be described as 'the Fyre Festival of the dance world’. She was a former ballerina, and he was a shady businessman who tried to use their money and influence to launch what appeared to be a ground-breaking ballet company championing diversity and inclusivity. The only problem is, none of that was true. As dancers start to put their careers on the line for this new company, it all begins to spin out of control — just as Doug and Ashley’s marriage falls apart.

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Exactly With Florence Given

Florence Given, author of the bestselling Women Don’t Owe You Pretty, explores five topics in her 

podcast: sex, social media, feminism, relationships and body image. Each topic gets four episodes, featuring authors, doctors, comedians and a few famous faces. First up, Florence discusses the complexities of sex, from female sexuality and slut shaming to healing after sexual trauma. Every four episodes, there’s also an ‘Ask Floss’ special, where listeners write in with dilemmas and questions. 

Episode Highlight: Feminism: Jameela Jamil – Misogyny, Media and Mistakes

Florence kicks off her second mini-series on feminism with actress and activist Jameela Jamil. The two discuss being double agents for the patriarchy, being women in the public eye and how the media fuels misogyny. Jameela also offers some sage life advice after being cancelled on Twitter, before helping Florence answer some listener questions.

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Wednesdays We Drink Wine

Made in Chelsea cast members and BFFs Melissa Tattam and Sophie Habboo sit on their sofa with a glass of wine for a weekly catch up. They talk about their relationships, including Melissa’s split with fellow Chelsea-er Harry Barron and Sophie’s recent engagement to Jamie Laing, before moving on to tackle listeners’ dilemmas. 

Episode Highlight: Situationship For 10 years!

In this episode, Melissa and Sophie discuss situationships – those awkward in between stages when you’re not together and everything’s a bit confusing. One listener has been in one for – wait for it – ten whole years, and neither of them have decided to put a label on things. But a decade is a long time, so is it time to move on? 

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Costume Party Podcast

This new podcast is hosted by sisters Hattie and Lydia Cotmore who discuss the best – and worst – wardrobes in TV and film. From iconic outfits in cult sitcoms to dramatic outfits in new Hollywood releases, the two dissect what’s hot and what’s not on screen. So far, they’ve talked about the highs and lows on Schitt’s Creek, The Flight Attendant, Cruella, Halston (so full of iconic fits) and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s many appearances. We already can’t wait for the next episode. 

Episode Highlight: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Before Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen took the fashion world by storm with their hugely successful label The Row, the twins were famous for their matching looks on the noughties series Full House, as well as their own spin-off movie appearances. Now that Y2K fashion is back in vogue, there’s never been a better time to talk about their fun teenage outfits – Hattie and Lydia chat spaghetti straps, slip skirts, bandanas and more.

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Budding comedian and writer Oenone is trying to figure out all the things she didn’t learn in school. Your 20s can be a confusing, frustrating and daunting time – from finding your feet at work to going through messy breakups. Adults tackles all those dilemmas and more as Oenone welcomes a different guest each week to impart some words of wisdom, from mini lessons on race and the British empire to how to get on top of your taxes. A useful guide for any 20-something. 

Episode Highlight: When Should We Start Saving? With Emilie Bellet

Emilie Bellet is the founder and CEO of Vestpod, a digital platform and community that empowers women financially through education, workshops and events. She’s also an ex-private equity analyst, so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about money. Oenone asks Emilie about getting to grips with your finances, when to start saving and how to discuss money with your partner. 

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Laid Bare

Not content with having her own BBC Three show and a viral Twitter account full of unforgettable threads, Oloni also has a sex-positive podcast about – you guessed it – sex and relationships. Laid Bare tackles all the questions you might not be brave enough to ask your friends – or parents. Topics include how to have casual sex, how to step up your sex game, what to know about setting up an Only Fans account, how to tell your partner if you’re not happy with your sex life, and the best sex toys on the market.   

Episode Highlight: Afrhoe Nation Special

Afro Nation is the world’s biggest Afrobeats music festival in Portugal. In this special episode, Oloni heads there to hear people’s sex stories from the week and their best ‘sexperiences’ to date. With scandalous confessions and hilarious anecdotes, this one’s definitely made for headphone listening.

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Working Hard, Hardly Working

After releasing her first book last year, girl boss Grace Beverley has launched her own podcast, Working Hard, Hardly Working. In the eight-part series, Grace offers advice on how to achieve a better work-life balance by moving away from the traditional 9-5. Featuring entrepreneurs, influencers, scientists, and CEOs, the podcast lifts the lid on what actually goes on behind the scenes of our working lives and the challenges we all face, from struggling to take time off and avoiding burnout, to finding purpose and fulfilment in the office. Special guests include House of CB founder Conna Walker, artist George Heaton, and entrepreneur and podcaster Steven Bartlett.

Episode Highlight: The Science Behind Career Success with Dr Grace Lordan

Dr Grace Lordan is a professor in behavioural science at LSE and the author of Think Big, Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want, which is about how to create a framework that will move you towards your goals. A helpful episode if you’re working on your own side hustle or thinking about starting a business, Grace shares some helpful advice on how to get started and reframe your mindset towards success. 

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