8 Ways To Get More From Your Blusher For A Youthful Glow

8 Ways To Get More From Your Blusher For A Youthful Glow

A sweep of blusher instantly adds a flush of colour and is one of the best ways for mature skin to recapture a healthy glow. Done wrong, though, it can look blotchy and ageing. The key is to find the right formula and to nail your technique for the most flattering results. Here, two make-up artists explain how you can get the most out of blusher, and reveal the best shades for every skin tone.

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Pick The Right Shades

“When it comes to blusher for mature skin, look for a colour that doesn’t just warm up your complexion, but one that also adds a flush or glow to the cheeks,” advises make-up artist, Ruby Hammer MBE. “The colour your cheeks become when you are naturally blushing is the colour you should emulate, which obviously changes from person to person. If you’re after a universally flattering shade, corals and peachy pinks suit everyone, while those with darker skin will find they can wear richer, more vibrant tones. That said, I often advise people to have more than one shade to hand. You don’t have to use one blusher and stick to it – mix them together to create a shade that feels right for you.” Celebrity make-up master Caroline Barnes agrees: “If in doubt, look for bright, cool pink tones, as these are universally flattering. They brighten both the palest and the darkest complexions for a healthy and fresh-looking glow.”

Go Sheer For Radiant Results

“To enhance your blush, use fine, sheer formulas like The Body Shop Skin Tints or Daniel Sandler’s Watercolours,” says Caroline. “Apply with a soft, fluffy synthetic brush and swirl the product into your skin with light motions. Once dry, you can layer with a powder brush for better longevity – this will also stop blush settling into any fine lines. If you find these formulas are too sheer, opt for BareMinerals’ Blush Gen Nude. It’s a creamy mineral blush that dries to a powder, but the shades are intense and melt into the skin crease-free. Complement the rest of your make-up with a similar shade to keep the look modern and youthful.”

Try Cream Formulas On Mature Skin

“Cream blushers blend beautifully for a very natural look on all skin tones,” adds Ruby. “My favourite is the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge – a little goes a long way and can be built up depending what look you’re after. These formulas look particularly great on mature skin types, too, because they’re softer and don’t crease up. They’re much more youthful. The only issue is you may find they won’t last as well on the skin – especially if you’re experiencing hot flushes during the menopause. In this instance, you can opt for a powder blush, or set your cream with a powder. These can still give the skin a beautiful anti-ageing effect, but just take a light-handed approach as you apply them.” 

Nail Your Application Technique

“People can be taught how to apply blush by having them put on some sunglasses and avoiding the orbital area of their bone structure,” explains Caroline. “Some people take their blusher too high and this technique helps them visualise the best place. Most blush placement is actually smaller than people think, but the basic rule is under your pupil, directly onto the fullest part of your cheek for a healthy glow.” Ruby adds: “Taking it slightly higher in an upward direction will make your blush look a bit more sophisticated, too – it defines and shapes your face, making it look a bit more chiselled. If you’re applying it directly to the rounded shape of your cheeks, you’ll find this will fill out an area of your face that has potentially lost some volume – it’s a great way of boosting youthfulness at speed. Above all, though, my main tip would be to blend, blend and blend again to ensure you never have any harsh lines left behind.”

Play With Your Placement 

“It’s not just the cheeks that can benefit from blush,” advises Ruby. “A cream blush can be lightly applied onto the nose to give extra warmth – like you’ve just been exercising. Just keep the application light, otherwise it can look ageing and like you’ve had one too many drinks. Also, a bit of a powder blusher blended into your eyelids or crease can pull a look together and make everything look more uniform. My one piece of advice is to avoid going too heavy when you apply it on or around the nose, as this can draw emphasis to the middle of your face when you want to keep the impact on the outer areas. Remember that product can be built up, but it’s far harder to take it away, so go lightly.” 

Prevent Blush From Fading

“A lot of people see their blusher disappear right after they’ve applied it – especially those with mature and drier skin,” explains Caroline. “To counteract this, use a silicone primer as the first step in your make-up routine. Follow up by using a powder blusher on top to lock everything down – you’ll be amazed at the difference and how much longer it lasts.”

Switch Your Tones Seasonally

“The light is different during warmer months, so it’s worth adapting your blush to suit the change in the seasons,” says Ruby. “In summer, try a more peachy, coral shade as opposed to bright pinks. In winter, the light is cooler, so switch to something that reflects that. It’s a simple hack, but it’s a much more sophisticated way of playing with blusher.” 

Keep Shimmer To A Minimum

“When shopping for blushers, invest in ones that don’t contain shimmer as these can be a little ageing and sometimes reflect the light in all the wrong places,” adds Caroline. “Keep shimmer to the high points of the face – it’s better at bringing extra dimension this way than when it’s applied to the cheeks. Instead, use your blush as normal, then apply a subtle highlight over the top – just on your cheekbones. If you’re using a cream blush, follow it with a liquid or cream highlight to blend everything properly. The same goes for powder blush – stick to powder highlighters so the products work seamlessly together.”

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