An Anti-Ageing Make-Up Masterclass With Trish McEvoy

An Anti-Ageing Make-Up Masterclass With Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoy is one of the world’s most sought-after make-up artists. Her lifelong passion to make it easy for every woman to look and feel her best has fuelled a career that’s spanned 25 years. Responsible for countless red-carpet looks, she is best known for the signature youthful glow that’s reflected in her own successful brand. From why you should always take a light-handed approach with foundation to the importance of nudes and pinky tones, here are the anti-ageing beauty rules she swears by…
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#1: Go Easy On Foundation

“It’s something that bears repeating. As we get older, we want more coverage, but that doesn’t have to be with a thick, cloying foundation. You want a texture that enhances your skin, not one that completely cakes it. With this in mind, look for ‘tints’ or ‘foundations creams’ that will smooth the skin, while hydrating it too. I also always say that any products you applied when you were young to make you look older will also age you later in life. This includes thick liquid liner, shiny shadows and certain red lipsticks.”

#2: Know What’s Worth Investing In

“If you’re on a budget, or don’t want to completely overhaul your regime, that’s fine. But there are a few key investments to make as a mature woman. For starters, sunscreen – it’s obvious, but it will always be essential, even as we age. Next up, I recommend everyone has a good exfoliator that suits their skin type, then a retinol and vitamin C cream, too – both ingredients are proven to work and cut through the noise of other ‘promised’ products. Finally, your last must-have buy is a sheer foundation, as mentioned above.”

#3: Be Careful With Your Eyes

“This is a tough area for make-up as we age, so my biggest advice is to go for the glow but stay well away from matte textures. In fact, the one texture that should be ditched from all make-up bags as we age is matte. Why? It brings nothing to the face; in fact it takes away volume and dimension and leaves things looking quite flat. Instead, always use a primer over your eyelids – and skin – to reduce uneven tone and unwanted shine. Then stick with 24-hour pens and pencils that have a creamy gel texture so that you can blend them easily. Focus on using these tools to define the eye in whichever way you like – be it smoking it out at the edges or rimming your inner waterline. As for eyeshadows, I love to use creamy nude or pink/champagne tones that subtly enhance, without being overbearing.”

#4: Have Fun With Mascara

“Even as we get older, mascara is still your best friend, and there are some great hacks to get more from it. My favourite is to always invisibly line between the lashes prior to any application. To do this, take a brown or grey liner and gently skin the formula through your upper and lower lash line. This gives the appearance of fullness from the lash line outwards, so that when you apply mascara, there is far more density and a more intense look.”

I recommend everyone has a good exfoliator that suits their skin type, then a retinol and vitamin C cream, too.

#5: Don’t Neglect Your Brows

“As we age, we lose definition to the eye area, which is why brows become so important. Whether it’s regular tinting, or playing them up with the right brow gels, always focus on them when doing your make-up. Put back in what nature has taken away, which is usually colour and the odd hair. Do this by using a soft pencil and gently drawing in fine hairs – take a light-handed approach and work upwards, along the growth of your hairs. You can also use just a tinted gel if you want something quick and easy, but always pay attention to them.”

#6: Invest In Good Nudes

“Nudes are essential in my kit for eyelids, but also the lips. Just like the brows, our lips lose natural definition, so a soft glow is important. You want peachy/pinky nudes that look healthy and fresh. Look for textures that have a bit of sheen to them, too, as these will last for ages, but still give a bit of luminosity to the lip. Don’t forget lip liner either – a lot of people tend to think this is an unnecessary step as we get older, but it’s really one of the most important. Our mouths get smaller with age, so you want a good nude liner that’s creamy and easy to blend, so you can create shape and gentle definition. Don’t be afraid to take that liner slightly outside the edge of your lip and blend it with either your finger or a brush for a smooth, barely-there finish. It’ll just give a hint of something, while providing you with a fuller-looking mouth, too.”

#7: Keep Using Highlighters, Blushers & Bronzers

“I’m often asked whether these are still needed and the answer is, yes, of course. The key is to get the right texture for all three, and that will always be creams for mature skin. Not only are they more likely to hydrate dryness, but they also blend beautifully and give a more natural-looking finish. All three of these items are essential as they bring back a natural colour and glow that we’re otherwise without. Use your bronzer to softly contour the skin, running it around the high points of your face. Once you’ve done this, blend, blend and blend again. You want to soften everything up as you age, and the only way to do this is yes, use products, but ensure you’re really working them in for a believable finish.”

#8: Wear Red Lipstick, But Choose It Wisely

“My final rule is to not go matte, dry or dark – that applies to all make-up as we age, but especially lipsticks. That said, you don’t have to ditch the idea of reds altogether. You can go for warmer reds that have pinky, fleshy undertones – all that matters is that you choose the right texture. Pick one with light-reflective properties; by this, I mean a balm, a gloss, or a lipstick that has a satin texture. This will allow you to play with warmer colours while still ensuring they look soft and modern. Mattes will only ever age you, causing creases, fine lines and enhancing dryness, too.”

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