The Anti-Ageing Products Make-Up Artists Think You Should Own

The Anti-Ageing Products Make-Up Artists Think You Should Own

Feeling like you ought to overhaul your beauty routine? We asked top make-up artists and experts to name the one essential anti-ageing product they think we should all own. From foundations and plumping lip oils, to serums and primers, these are the tried and tested buys that will wage war on fine lines and dullness, and help shave years off your look.

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Glossier Stretch Concealer, £15

Recommended by: Caroline Barnes, A-list make-up artist“Glossier Stretch is such a dewy concealer and it sits beautifully on older skin. It has the capability of great concealing, but it doesn’t dry the skin out or look too obvious – unlike similar formulas on the market. It’s a firm favourite of mine and I always recommend it to my more mature clients.”Available here

Trinny London BFF De-Stress, £39

Recommended by: Kenneth Soh, A-list make-up artist“A cross between a serum and a CC [colour correcting] cream, this is suitable for dry and sensitive skin types. The lightweight texture is a huge bonus, too, giving breathable but impactful coverage. It’s also full of nourishing ingredients which hydrate and help your skin to de-stress, keeping any inflammation well and truly at bay.”Available here

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Lip Oil, £28

Recommended by: Levi-Jade Taylor, make-up artist & creative“Lips can often show signs of wear and tear quicker than other areas of the face and can be one of the first places to show fine lines and wrinkles. They also get chapped and dry at the faintest sign of cold weather. Matte lipsticks and dry textures just exacerbate this and can look incredibly ageing. With this in mind, I recommend a lip oil to plump and hydrate. My favourite is this one from Charlotte Tilbury which comes in both a tinted and clear version. It’s brimming with skincare ingredients that will help to smooth lip texture over time, while also giving lips a youthful sheen.”Available here

Dr Brant ‘Pores No More’, £35.10

Recommended by: Sophie Tilley, make-up artist, writer & beauty tailor“I discovered ‘Pores No More’ very early on in my career and it’s been a staple ever since. This product is somewhat under the radar, and others have tried to mimic its anti-ageing magic but have yet to steal its crown. This is the original and the best. A unique pasty-cream texture, you can use it alone or before make-up and even dab it on top of make-up. It will eliminate any shine (much better than age-inducing powder), fill in pores and fine lines, leaving you with a velvet-like complexion. All skin tones and skin types can use it, any age and any gender. Like old Hollywood, this is like slathering Vaseline on the camera lens. I recommended it to my mother over ten years ago and she still uses it to this day – from a lady who’s somewhat hard to please, that’s the golden seal of approval.”Available here

Augustinus Bader The Cream, £205

Recommended by: Hannah Martin, pro make-up artist“This is the one anti-ageing product I think everyone should own. Its patented TFC8 technology, which Bader spent years developing, helps guide all the nutrients in the cream into your skin cells to nourish and renew them. The results are second to none and you’re guaranteed to be pleased. It also primes skin well for any make-up that follows.”Available here

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Blurring Primer, £34

Recommended by: Ruby Hammer MBE, make-up artist“For me, a blurring primer is an essential anti-ageing staple. This one from Laura Mercier is my go-to for creating a smooth flawless base. It hides open pores, refines wrinkles and allows make-up to glide more seamlessly for a natural finish.”Available here

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Concealer, £35

Recommended by: Camilla Hewitt, make-up artist, hair stylist & wellness writer“The eye area is key to a youthful look, so avoid chalky concealers that can easily crease and give the appearance of wrinkling. This part skincare, part concealer from By Terry is my anti-ageing make-up hero. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, it hydrates and plumps the delicate skin around the eye, while simultaneously disguising dark circles.”Available here

Hourglass Illusion Skin Tint, £55

Recommended by: Chynara Kojoeva, international pro make-up artist“I have tried many foundations during my ten-year career, but this is my go-to. I recommend it to anyone seeking an anti-ageing base. With light to medium coverage, it gives skin a beautiful glow while concealing any dullness, as well as red tones. The hyaluronic acid is ideal for plumping and hydrating dry, mature skin, while the silky texture blends like a dream. It’s the best.”Available here

Glossier Cloud Paints, £15

Recommended by: Frankie Neal, make-up artist“Glossier’s Cloud Paints are a must-try for everyone, but especially those with mature skin seeking a youthful glow. Not only are they easy to blend onto the skin, but they also never accentuate pores or sink into fine lines as the textures are so silky. They have a fresh, dewiness to them that’s unbeatable. You’ll love the glow and warmth they bring to your complexion.”Available here

Susanne Kaufmann Hyaluron Serum, £107

Recommended by: Valeria Ferreira, make-up artist“Hyaluronic acid is the best ingredient for anti-ageing. It’s a moisture magnet and keeps dry, mature skin hydrated for a very long time. When skin is nourished and plump like this, it naturally appears younger-looking as fine lines are smoothed with moisture. This is the serum I think everyone should own – or at least try.”Available here

Givenchy Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow Foundation, £40

Recommended by: Cat Parnell, make-up artist“If your skin is mature, hydration and cream-based products are your best friend – especially when it comes to foundation. My top product is Givenchy’s Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow Foundation. It gives your skin 24-hour hydration and 12-hour colour correction. Plus, it’s packed full of active ingredients, leaving the quality of your skin’s texture improved immediately post-application. You’ll love how buildable it is, too. For sheer coverage, apply and tap onto your skin with fingers, or build up to medium coverage with your favourite brush.”Available here

The Ordinary Retinol 0.2% Squalane, £4.20

Recommended by: Nilofar Mussa, make-up artist“If I had to pick only one product for mature skin, I’d say a good retinol – a derivative of vitamin A. Nothing speeds up cell renewal and promotes collagen in the skin quite like it. Retinols basically instruct the skin on how to build and regenerate new, healthy cells which results in a smoother and more even skin tone (especially when teamed up with a good exfoliator to clear away dull, dead skin cells). They can be quite harsh on the skin, so start off with a lower percentage retinol and use a very small amount, perhaps once or twice a week at night, then gradually increase the amount so you don’t irritate the skin. My retinol recommendation for mature skin would be The Ordinary Retinol 0.2%in Squalane. They also have a milder, less irritating option – Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane for those who have never used retinol before.”Available here

iT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream, £32.50

Recommended by: Mira Parmar, make-up artist & hairstylistThis is such a good base for all skin tones and types. I love it and have used it for years. It’s particularly great for anyone with mature skin as it protects with SPF50, while the coverage hides darkness, pigmentation and redness, too. Plus, it’s lightweight – never suffocating or too occlusive. I don’t know anybody who’s tried it and not fallen in love with it.”Available here

Elizabeth Arden Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules, £75

Recommended by: Joy Adenuga, make-up artist & beauty expert“Vitamin C is the one ingredient and product I’d recommend to everyone with mature skin. To fully enjoy its anti-ageing benefits, you need to be eating it as well as applying it topically, so make sure your diet consists of vegetables and fruits high in this powerhouse nutrient. In terms of treatment, nothing beats these capsules, which can be used neat or added to your creams and serums to protect against daily damage, smooth skin and boost a brighter, more radiant complexion.”Available here

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