The Best Products To Enhance Grey Hair
The Best Products To Enhance Grey Hair

The Best Products To Enhance Grey Hair

Many of us decided to go natural during the pandemic, making grey hair one of the most talked-about shades of the past year. If you’ve decided to embrace it, or even fake it, it helps to add some shine and gloss to your silver strands. Here are the products that can make all the difference – as well as some expert advice on boosting your shade at the salon.

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The Mask…

Color Fresh Semi-Permanent Colour Mask in Pearl Blonde, £11.81 (was £15.75) | Wella

Loved by hairdressers, this semi-permanent colour mask works fast to revive and enhance your colour. With ingredients like apricot and avocado oil, it softens even the driest of strands, while bringing out a softer colour and tone in any grey hairs. You just leave it on for ten minutes (or 15 for a little more intensity) and you’ll immediately see results – notably less brassiness, a more vivid colour and better shine. It smells nice too and gives hair a weightless, bouncy feel we love.

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The Shampoo...

Pure Plant Blue Malva Shampoo, £53.50 | Aveda

Using more natural, plant-based ingredients, Aveda’s Blue Shampoo is perfect for grey hair that’s on the dry, brittle side. It’s full of natural, blue-tinted pigments from malva flower extracts that reduce brassiness, but without any damage from synthetic ingredients which can zap moisture levels. It also has a satisfying lather and never leaves strands feeling knotty or wiry, unlike some shampoos. Extra points for the light scent of soothing eucalyptus and the fully recyclable packaging.

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The Conditioner…

Alchemic Conditioner Silver Grey, £25 | Davines

This is one of the best conditioners out there for stopping grey strands from taking on yellow or blue tones. Constantly recommended by the pros, it is formulated with a slight tint to counteract any brassiness. In short, it keeps grey and lighter strands looking cooler and more vivid. It also contains jojoba and fruit oils which are nourishing, which is important given grey hair can be more brittle. Although it works best with its sister shampoo, this can be used with other products and just once or twice a week to get the results you’re after.

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The Gloss…

Colour Gloss in Icy Blonde, £19 | Josh Wood

For shinier, healthier-looking grey hair, you can’t beat a gloss treatment. Designed to enhance your natural or coloured grey hair, these treatments brighten lacklustre strands and enhance natural tones for a more luminous effect. One of the best is this one from Josh Wood. You apply it to clean, damp hair and let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it all off. As you begin to dry your hair, you’ll see it looks less yellow in tone, more glossy, ashier and with a fresher finish. Unlike some semi-permanent treatments, it also hydrates with fruit oils and quinoa. Plus, it lasts up to six washes, so it’s perfect for in-between salon appointments and touch-ups.

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The Clarifier…

Clarifying Shampoo, £25 | Christophe Robin

Experts recommend those with grey hair incorporate a clarifying shampoo to their routine once a week. They work to remove unwanted build-up from hard water, pollution or styling products. The result? Glossier-looking grey tones that stay shiny and healthy for longer. We recommend this one from Christophe Robin which you only need a small amount of, so it lasts for months. Camomile and cornflower work to give hair an overhaul and boost better shine and softness. Like any clarifying shampoo, you’ll find hair feels fuller and more lifted at the root post-use.

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The Oil…

Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil, £52.50 | ORIBE

This is ideal for those with coarser or thicker grey hair as frizz often occurs. This luxe oil adds much-needed hydration and tames any fly-aways or static. It also enhances colour by boosting your hair’s shine. We recommend applying four pumps of the oil to your hair when it’s wet and then letting it air dry naturally. You’ll find your strands look more defined, glossy and smooth. The sheen it offers catches the light nicely, offering a visible, brightening effect. Never greasy or sticky, it absorbs fast and feels really nourishing.

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The Daily Treatment…

Color Extend Graydiant Conditioner, £14 (was £20) | Redken

Created specifically to bring luminosity to tired, grey hair, this clever toning conditioner is full of silver pigments. These latch onto hair as you apply the formula and work to brighten and tone your strands. The results are instantaneous, but make sure you use this regularly – once or twice a week – to consistently see results. It’s worth leaving it on for a little longer than recommended, as this will ensure you get maximum payoff. Added ingredients like citric acid and amino acids are also helpful – these take down rough, dry patches in your hair and boost softness. You’ll find your hair is easier to manage with fewer knots and tangles.

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The Spray…

Extra Mist-Ical Shine Spray, £20.80 (was £26) | Color Wow

If you’re after a product that simply adds shine and minimises dullness in your grey hair, this is for you. Mist it on and immediately hair will look more alive and healthier. It’s perfect when you’re in between washing your hair and having it coloured professionally. Often dubbed ‘expensive hair in a can,’ it offers a quick fix. You can use it during any part of your haircare routine, but as it offers protection against heat styling tools, we recommend applying it at the start. Never heavy or thick, you’ll love that this does what it promises without weighing your hair down.

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The Expert Advice On Enhancing Your Grey At The Salon…

Hari’s creative colourist, Francesca Dixon shares her top tips


Blend Out Your Texture

“Grey hair lacks pigment, which is why it tends to have a different texture from the rest of your hair. Finer hair may have coarser greys, and coarse hair may have fine hair, or it can be a combination of both, meaning that they tend to stand out more, with frizz looking like fly-aways. Keep everything smooth and slick by opting for a glossing treatment at a salon. If you can’t afford a lengthy treatment, using a cream or hair oil to keep stubborn hair in place will work just as well. Oils especially allow your grey to blend well with your current colour, as well as enhancing shine.”


Be Confident With It

“If you’re going to enhance your grey, you need to do so by taking control and not conceding to what’s known as ‘acceptable.’ There is now so much you can do to make it look more on-trend and slick. Always ask an expert for advice, but my favourite looks for those going grey are lowlights and highlights, as well as adding in different swatches of grey for more volume and dimension – the latter can be done at the root or at the ends. Ask for this at your next appointment and your hairdresser can tell you what will work for your individual colouring. The options are as endless as they are with normal dye.”


Treat Dark Hair Differently

“If you have darker hair and you’re looking to enhance any greys creeping in, I’d recommend switching from your all-over colour to low lights. This basically means we will leave some of the grey that’s grown out in-between strands of hair, so you have a sort of two-tone effect. If you’re not ready to fully embrace the greys, I would recommend starting to colour your hair a lighter tone, so you don’t notice the grey strands as much, or try moving from a permanent colour over to a semi-permanent one so that it’s softer and fades naturally.”


Consider The Cut

“Once you’re booked into your salon, it’s worth considering the cut, as well as the colour. Quite directional haircuts look great on grey hair. A sharp bob is incredibly elegant in silver, while a softer, more feminine style (think Helen Mirren) can look very chic. If you decide to go shorter, invest in a great texturising product to add plenty of movement. There are numerous options, but it’s the cut that will make the difference and keep the colour looking sharp, as well as chic.”

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