How To Get Bounce & Body Back Into Your Hair
How To Get Bounce & Body Back Into Your Hair

How To Get Bounce & Body Back Into Your Hair

Say goodbye to dull, limp hair and hello to volume and bounce. While we can’t change what genetics and age predispose us to, dream hair is not totally unobtainable. We asked three experts to share their best advice on treatments, routines and products that will add body to your hair.

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Firstly, Use The Right Shampoo

“There are many reasons hair can lack bounce and body – be it stress, a lack of vitamins or, simply, age. A good place to start is by switching up your shampoo. While no particular one will transform your hair, the right one will remove build-up from your scalp, giving the illusion of better bounce and lift from the root. I recommend Kérastase’s Chronologiste Bain Régénérant Shampoo which is infused with hyaluronic acid, abyssine and vitamin E – all of which rid the scalp of dirt and impurities to give hair a fuller, fresher appearance. I also recommend using products containing biotin to promote better lift throughout your hair.” – Syd Hayes, A-list hairstylist

Get Your Styling Right

“You want to use products that add grip and body and prepare your hair well. Rollers can give lift easily but, if it’s a loose, natural effect you’re after, then precision blow-drying is best. Do this by first using a diffuser to prep the hair. Then hold your hair at the angle you want it using a round brush right at the root. If you don’t do this, volume disappears shortly afterwards. Try not to over dry your hair, as strands can become dehydrated and lose their natural body and end up flopping.” – Michael Van Clarke, celebrity hair stylist & expert

Do Speak To Your Stylist

“One of the biggest causes of lank-looking hair is overuse of products, so do speak to your stylist if you’re unsure. If you’re ever in doubt, start with a very small amount of product and then build up to more usage once you’ve got the feel of what you’re using. Experts like myself don’t tend to change what they use much – once you find your favourite products, stick to it. Every hair type is different, and you’ll learn through trial and error what helps boost volume for you.” – Syd

Switch Up Your Parting

“This sounds simple but moving your parting can go a long way to boosting a little volume. Our hair can get so used to going one way that it begins to look flat and lifeless. Flipping it occasionally will help make the hair stand up with some more volume at the root.” – Syd

Use Your Hairspray

“My biggest tip is to apply your styling products directly to your scalp and roots. Really get to work massaging them in – this is the best way to create optimum volume. I also advise misting a plant-based hairspray into your roots before blasting them with a hairdryer until your roots are dry. Flip your head backwards in a swift motion and you’ll see how much fuller your hair feels. From here, dry or style your hair as usual using rollers or curling wands – whatever works in your normal routine.” – Fabian Lliguin, Rahua celebrity hair stylist & brand co-founder

There are MANY REASONS hair can lack BOUNCE and BODY – be it STRESS, a LACK OF VITAMINS or, simply, AGE.

Play With Mousse

“For instant volume and lift, you want to use a product that starches up your hair and gives it immediate density. Mousses are great for this – just be sure to look for ones with a high alcohol content as they promote stiffness within your hair, which is what you want to keep it pliable and full of long-lasting volume. For the best results, apply a mousse to damp or wet hair then blow-dry your hair. Once you’ve finished, and if time allows, pop in some hot or Velcro rollers for extra lift at the root.” – Michael

Flip As You Dry

“It’s an old-age trick, but it works. Flip your head upside down when you dry your hair. I recommend misting in a root volume spray first – like Evo’s Root Canal which is never sticky – and blasting it with your dryer. You’ll immediately see a difference when you’re finished. Think better lift, volume and bounce that lasts. I also recommend Sam McKnight’s Cool Girl Super Lift Spray – it’s one of the best for providing bulk and body that lasts.” – Syd

Try A Root Cover Up

“I swear by Colour Wow’s Root Cover Up. It works well to fill in any sparse areas throughout the hairline and it gives the illusion that the hair is much denser than it may be. It’s a quick and easy product to use – you’ll find so many top stylists swear by it. On top of this, dry texture sprays are good for more mature hair too. This is because they add extra grit and often work to prep hair and keep any style you create in place. In short, they do a bit of everything without weighing the hair down or drying it out. The Oribe formula remains the best for all hair types.” – Syd

Try A Hot Brush

“If rollers aren’t your thing, try using a hot brush, like Babyliss’ cordless one. Hot brushes are easy to use and newer technology means the latest creations don’t snag or pull hair. Thanks to integrated bristles, they have the added benefit of reducing frizz, helping strands to dry and set quickly while holding the bounce of any style you create. They are an easy way to create the lustrous effect of a blow-dry at home.”

Finally, Look To Colour

“Your hairdresser can advise on what’s best for your individual hair type and colouring, but it’s no secret that dye (peroxide) works well to boost volume within any hair type. Why? Because hair colour swells the shaft and increases density at the root. Plus, with so many colour options available now, there’s something for everyone to try.” – Fabian

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