How To Get Healthier Hair – According To The Pros
How To Get Healthier Hair – According To The Pros

How To Get Healthier Hair – According To The Pros

Genetics, lifestyle and age all affect our hair health and the speed at which it grows and, as we get older, our hair tends to look dull and lack volume and length. But it’s not all doom and gloom – while you can’t force change overnight, you can help things along with the use of treatments, styling techniques and lifestyle tweaks. We asked two experts to share their best advice, as well as the products proven to make a difference.

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Let’s Start With Age – Why Does This Impact Your Hair?

“Just like the rest of our bodies, our scalp and hair become less supple and vibrant as we age. This is predominantly down to less collagen being produced in the scalp. In turn, this means less of a protein structure within the hair, meaning the ability for strands to hold onto moisture is limited.” – Michael Van Clarke, celebrity hair stylist & expert 

“As we age, the scalp can expand a little and, depending on lifestyle and environmental factors, it can become unbalanced. If you regularly use chemical treatments and have your hair coloured, this can also irritate and debilitate hair follicles over time. The result? Damage to the scalp and therefore growth.” – Fabian Lliguin, Rahua celebrity hair stylist & brand co-founder 

Can You Boost Hair’s Growth & Strength?

“Yes, there are always options. Age doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to healthy hair. It’s important you follow a good diet and maintain exercise. The latter is key because it optimises your metabolism for better hair growth. I really believe in head massages too. It’s not a myth – they work to encourage better blood supply to your scalp’s cells, meaning more nutrition and faster removal of toxins.” – Michael 

“It’s important to use fewer chemicals on your hair, too, particularly if you want to optimise its strength and growth. Adding vitamins B3, B6 and biotin to your diet can really help as well – most plant-based haircare will include these ingredients. They work well to boost growth and build up the resilience of your strands for a fuller appearance. It’s also worth massaging an oil into your scalp on a regular basis. Our Rahua Elixir is made with antioxidants and antibacterial properties to stimulate the scalp and reopen any closed follicles.” – Fabian

Always use a SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER that contains BIOTIN, as this is a key ingredient for NOURISHING FOLLICLES.

Speaking Of Follicles, How Else Can You Keep Them Healthy? 

“Always use a shampoo and conditioner that contains biotin, as this is a key ingredient for nourishing follicles. It’s also important you massage your scalp daily – or as much as you can – to stimulate blood flow. You can do this with your fingers or using a rounded tip hair brush. You won’t see results instantly but, if you keep it up, you’ll see better fullness and lift. Plus, it just feels good.” – Fabian

Can You Change The Thickness Of Individual Hairs? Is It All Genetics?

“It would be easy to say you’re stuck with what you’re born with, but it’s not quite true. While genetics can deliver your 100% inherited optimal, people rarely achieve that; stress, dietary deficiencies and hormone disruption can impact cellular formation at the follicle and diminish the growth. But way more important is what happens on the outside where lifestyle factors can easily shrink 75% of your hair through thinning and breakage resulting from aggressive heat styling, poor quality products, clumsy colouring, sun and things like pool water. It’s why it’s so important you factor in lifestyle changes. The easiest wins are looking after yourself and taking a logical approach to your hair. If you do this, your hair will thank you for it. Hydration is key too. The more you plump your scalp and hair with moisture, the plumper it will look. I swear by our LifeSaver Treatment for reducing breakage and encouraging healthier-looking hair overall.” – Michael

“It’s also worth noting that your hair changes around five to seven times in your life. And yes, sometimes it will even change in thickness. However, as said, your lifestyle and product choices have a huge impact. Never use petroleum-based products as these can debilitate your scalp and make any new hair weaker, thinner and brittle.” – Fabian  



What About Styling? 

“You want to use products that add grip and body and prepare your hair well. Rollers can give lift easily but, if it’s a loose, natural effect you’re after, then precision blow-drying is best. Do this by using a diffuser first to prep the hair. Then hold your hair at the angle you want it using a round brush right at the root. If you don’t do this, volume disappears shortly afterwards. Try not to over dry your hair, as strands can become dehydrated and lose their natural body and end up flopping.” – Michael 

“My biggest tip is to apply your styling products directly to your scalp and roots. Really get to work massaging them in – this is the best way to create optimum volume. I also advise misting a plant-based hairspray into your roots before blasting them with a hairdryer until your roots are dry. Flip your head backwards in a swift motion and you’ll see how much fuller your hair feels. From here, dry or style hair as usual using rollers or curling wands – whatever works in your normal routine.” – Fabian 

Use PLANT-BASED products WHERE POSSIBLE and, if you can, shampoo just TWICE A WEEK.

Styling Aside, What Should A Routine Look Like For Healthier Hair?

“Ideally, you’d be using a product like our LifeSaver Prewash at least every other shampoo. Weekly scalp detoxes are key too. These help to rid build-up of product and keep your follicles free of dirt and able to produce new hair.” – Michael 

“Use plant-based products where possible and, if you can, shampoo just twice a week. Overdoing it can strip the scalp – especially on dry, mature hair types. If you struggle to leave hair unwashed for that long, try co-washing. This is where you wash your hair using conditioner only on a daily basis. We’ve said it already but get that scalp massage going – preferably with a hair oil treatment. It will work to promote blood circulation and, in turn, healthier hair growth. Finally invest in products that work for you. Dry shampoo, mousses, gels and sprays can all encourage volume and give the appearance of strength to ageing hair. Once you’ve found products that work for you, stick with them to protect your scalp and hair long-term.” – Fabian

Any Final Things To Note?

“One bad blow-dry or colour process can ruin years of good care. Choose your hairdresser carefully and really invest in the process. It’s key you protect your hair in the sun, too. It’s no different to the way you shield your skin from the sun – UV can really damage hair and cause it to be brittle as well as lifeless.” – Michael 

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