Beauty Lessons With Tahira Herold
Beauty Lessons With Tahira Herold

Beauty Lessons With Tahira Herold

Celebrity make-up artist Tahira Herold has worked with some of the biggest names in beauty for more than 20 years and, recently, launched online consultations to share her expertise with a wider audience. She’s also known for her insider knowledge on conscious, eco-friendly brands that offer top results with minimal impact to the environment. We asked her to tell us more about her own routine, the products she’s never without and the anti-ageing lessons she’s learnt along the way.

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Repeat Buys

Vanderohe No1 Nourishing Facial Serum is one of the best I’ve ever used. It has the most calming aroma and is so gentle, and it also gives skin a healthy, bouncy glow. Up there with it, is the Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. So, if you’ve never tried either of these before, I can’t recommend them enough. I also rate LED light facial devices – the one by The Light Salon is brilliant. Salon treatments are amazing but they’re not always possible, so these offer an alternative for small, but visible, anti-ageing results. For make-up I love the La Bouche Rouge lipsticks – they have amazing refillable options and the cases they come in are so sophisticated. I also love Surratt’s Auto Graphique Fineliner, which allows you to create a variety of eye looks and subtle flicks that enhance and widen your eyes. The Surratt Lash Curler is great, too.”

Skin Routine

“It changes daily, weekly and monthly as it should with any routine. Our lifestyles change and we change, as does the weather, so the products we use should reflect this. In terms of my set-up, the basics have remained the same, I just tweak the formulas based on what I need – be it hydration or treatment for things like dark spots and pigmentation. I always cleanse at night, treat with a serum and hydrate with a moisturiser or an oil. That’s all I do – I don’t overdo it with intense exfoliators. Facial oils are relatively new to me, but I love them for the nourishment they offer – not to mention the youthful glow they give.” 

Beauty Inspiration

“I get my inspiration from other artists like Lisa Eldridge and Jenny Coombs, and from films, visual arts and via young people. I don’t consume lots of pop culture, but I find that you can be inspired everywhere, as long as you look up from your phone. From sunny days by the sea to art exhibitions and Rihanna at the Super Bowl, beauty is everywhere, and you can find little moments that inspire you to create different looks and play with products.”

Daily Essentials

“I am never without a tube of Weleda’s Skin Food. It’s a classic, multi-use product that can be used to hydrate, prime or boost glow. The light formula is my favourite – especially for the face. It’s a great base for any make-up, especially if you have more mature skin. Likewise, my make-up bag always has a pair of Tweezerman’s tweezers – they are often imitated but never well duplicated.”


Early Memory

“My godmother always looked amazing, as did my aunts who wore some incredible beauty looks. The key that unlocked a real passion for me, however, was my mother’s friend. She gave me a box of her beauty cast-offs – mostly wrong foundation colours and extra Clinique gifts with purchase. That box became my kit for dress-up parties and plays. I loved experimenting and having fun with everything and, without doubt, she helped set me onto this career path.”

Skin Advice

“Skincare is such a big topic. It’s more complex and individual than anything else within the beauty world and you really need expert advice. Of course, there are the Caroline Hirons of the world who give great information, but I also recommend getting intel from Dr Mayoni who is at the Human Health Clinic and can be found on social media, too. Online chemists can be hugely informative, as well, that includes @AnjaliMahto and @DrAgeanChan.” 

Go-To Rules

“I don’t believe in rules! Have fun, it’s only make-up and it comes off. Plus, who cares what people think? I am past caring. If anything, I would advise my younger self to play around more. We are living well into our 90s now, so really we need to stop shelving our style at 40. Make your own rules, you won’t please everyone, so who cares. The only thing I swear by is skincare, as it is essential for anti-ageing, and the right products will prep your complexion for any make-up that follows.”

I don’t consume lots of POP CULTURE, but I find that you can be INSPIRED EVERYWHERE, as long as you LOOK UP from your PHONE.


Make-Up Tips

“One thing I’m not a fan of is when people change their skin tone with an orange-based foundation. It’s so important to blend your formula and get the shade as close to your natural colouring as possible; otherwise your make-up draws the eye away from you and to the incongruent shade. I also wish people would do their make-up routine for fun and not because they have to. I also would like people to stop highlighting the tips of their noses – it’s not flattering and can over-accentuate the shape.”

Beauty Shopping

Content Beauty is my favourite place to stock up on products. It was the original conscious beauty store and it continues to hold products to the highest of standards. Glow Organic is my second favourite shop. Other retailers I love include Naturisimo, The Detox Market and Bonmarché – they all stock some amazing finds and formulas that are gentle, effective and kind to the environment.”

Products To Note

“So many brilliant brands get their wings clipped by larger ones or celebrity line-ups, which makes it impossible for them to compete in an increasingly noisy space. I love Ilia Beauty – it’s one of my favourite brands of all time for quality, performance and ease of use. RMS and Kjaer Weis are amazing, too, as is GenSee, a newer brand which is making some great products in recyclable packaging. For skincare, I love Eko Botanicals and Oskia – the latter has the most amazing masks which target and treat ageing issues.”

I really believe SKINCARE is MORE IMPORTANT than any MAKE-UP, especially AS WE AGE.


Desert Island Products

“It would have to be the Vanderohe Facial Oil and an SPF from Green People or Pai. I would also love to take my Ilia Volumising Mascara with me – it’s the best.”

Brow Tricks

“Personally, I feel your brows should be sisters – not twins. I prefer a medium sloped arch because it’s more youthful. I’m not fond of the fluffed-up brow, especially as we get older. I prefer when the thickness of the brow has a proportion balanced to the face and bone structure, but that’s just my own preference. I tend to stick to more classic rules. I love the MADARA Cosmetics Tinted Brow Gel. It’s so easy to use and instantly sculpts, defines and lifts your face, as well as your arches.”

Conscious Beauty

“I use the word 'conscious' to describe a way of making purchases in your routine. In my case, it's important to shop for beauty in a more mindful and considered way. We are all bombarded with so many products, but it's important you choose well, buy less and waste less. The rule I live by is to finish what you have and only buy what you need – this is the first step to reducing waste. Secondly, dispose of your packages in an eco-friendly manner. I recommend TerraCycle which offers a map and resources of the numerous places beauty items can be recycled. I think it's important we choose ourselves an ethos and purchase within those parameters. For instance, if animal safety is important to you, look to vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics, or if mass plastic bothers you, shop for brands that minimise mass production. It's all out there, it just requires some careful research and thought.”

Takeaway Advice

“I really believe skincare is more important than any make-up, especially as we age. Always wear your SPF, especially after any treatments and take the time to massage your face when you apply your skincare. Trust me, you’ll see a big difference. I am also a big believer in embracing what we were given. Laugh a lot, accept those lines on your face and allow yourself to be happy with where you are at. We should all be much nicer to ourselves; life is too short not to.” 

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