My Beauty Lessons With… Mia Maugé
My Beauty Lessons With… Mia Maugé

My Beauty Lessons With… Mia Maugé

Model and influencer Mia Maugé caught the attention of beauty and fashion aficionados with her positive approach to ageing gracefully and honest reviews on social media. With over 57K followers on Instagram, she only posts about products that truly make a difference and often shares unfiltered images that demonstrate their results. It’s why we went to her for her top beauty advice. From the serum she’s never without to the importance of ditching powder, here she shares all…

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“The best serum I’ve ever tried is Beauty Pie’s Youthbomb, despite the fact I dislike the ‘youth’ focus in the name, as beauty transcends age. It gives skin a wonderful glow and bounce, and makes you look as if you’ve just been on holiday. I’m also loving new brand Ulé right now and its Avoir It All In & Out Nurturing Phyto Oil. You can use it topically or add a few drops to your food. It’s so pure and natural – two things which really appeal to me – and, so far, I’ve been impressed with how smooth it has kept my skin.”


“I’ve not been actively seeking inspiration, as I feel in a groove with what’s working for me right now. I like to experiment with my own routine based on my intuition. However, I am a huge cheerleader for women who stand in their purpose, like the actress Viola Davis. I also feel inspired by those rocking their sixties – that’s the next chapter for me. Women like @FlyGrannyBk and @FiftyYearsOfAWoman are so important to me because they own who they are, which I think is beautiful.”


“My earliest beauty memory was when I was at primary school. I was forbidden from touching my mother’s make-up – she kept it hidden in our bathroom cabinet. I remember I couldn’t resist using her lipstick when nobody was looking. The colour was called ‘Mocha’, I believe from a ‘70s brand called Miners. I used to sneakily use it in front of the bathroom mirror. Even when I wiped it off, my mum always found out because the mirror it was under had a slide up mechanism. I’ve never been good at deceitful deeds!”



“When I was in my 20s, I didn’t wear SPF. In fact, I cooked myself in baby oil when the sun came out and, now, as a result I have dark spots on my cheeks to prove it. Though I don’t dislike them, I don’t want any more of them, so I wear SPF daily – it’s a non-negotiable rule. I also wear a serum daily and like to invest in ones that reflect the light and give skin a natural glow.”


“I recently worked with an American brand called Buttah. I love how they have blended natural African butters to make them absorb more easily into the face and body. There is also a UK brand called Studio10 which I love. They have created a make-up range specifically for mature skin. Studio10 was founded on the basis of ‘stamping out ageism and outdated stereotypes placed on women as we age’. That is something I can really get on board with. They use lovely pro-ageing language in their marketing which is so refreshing.”


“I love to support and buy from small businesses. You’ll often find me shopping at the Black Culture Market in Brixton and the Bohemia Place Market in Hackney where there are some amazing natural skincare brands. It’s a great place to discover some under-the-radar brands, too.”

The one piece of advice I hope to pass on is to NOT TO STRESS ABOUT AGEING so much.


“Powder is something I can’t get on board with. It just doesn’t work on my ageing skin and I’ve learnt this from my work as a model. I don’t believe make-up artists are trained to do make-up on ageing skin as they always use powder, and it just accentuates fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a no-go for me – I always look more tired on modelling shoots because of it. As I’ve got older, I’ve really embraced glowy, glossy skin. It’s much more flattering and is ideal for the summer months ahead.”



“The one piece of advice I hope to pass on is to not stress about ageing so much. I think it’s important we take the emphasis off fighting with ageing skin. It’s more about nourishing it and taking care of it no matter what your age is. I am also a big believer in feeling comfortable in yourself from an early age. My daughters are 23 and 25 and they both intentionally have make-up free days. Don’t get me wrong, they love make-up, but they also feel it’s important not to rely on it – I think it’s a healthy message to pass onto everyone. If you nourish your skin and take care of it, you won’t always need heaps of make-up on top.”


“I always have a tube of Glossier’s Rose Balm Dotcom handy, as well as Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Clear Brow Gel. The latter is so good at taming unruly, bushy brows. I keep everything in my transparent make-up bag from Not Another Bill. I can’t stand rummaging around for things and this is so accessible and handy. “


“Body lotion without a doubt – any which is buttery and nourishing. My skin dehydrates in a heartbeat, so I am big on sealing in moisture. I’d also take a quality collagen supplement, like Absolute Collagen. I swear by them for enhancing skin health and internal health, like better joint and bone function. I’d also take a good pair of tweezers. They don’t tell you that when you reach my age, you have to engage in a daily battle with chin hair.”


“Invest in a good silk pillowcase and sleep on your back. I wish someone had given me this advice sooner. Doing this means you’re less likely to wake up with those deep, sleep creases on your face. As we age, those pesky sleep lines take far longer to disappear. A silk pillowcase never tugs or pulls at your skin and prevents any creases forming in the first place.”

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