Your Anti-Ageing Make-Up Questions – Answered By The Experts
Your Anti-Ageing Make-Up Questions – Answered By The Experts

Your Anti-Ageing Make-Up Questions – Answered By The Experts

Ever wondered how to cover uneven skin tone with make-up? Or how to shape your lips without it looking unnatural? We put some of the most frequently asked anti-ageing beauty questions to three make-up pros. From the importance of creamy textures and glow-giving primers to the best way to highlight and define your features, take note of these tips.

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Any Advice For Covering Uneven Tone On Mature Skin?

“Avoid any products that are labelled ‘matte’. These can settle into fine lines and wrinkles, showing up uneven tone even more. Instead, use lightweight creamy formulas that are buildable. That way you can gradually smooth out your skin and cover anything you want to hide. Work from the centre of your face outwards, applying just a thin layer where it’s needed. If you are experiencing hot flushes, a powder foundation may be best because they are less likely to slide about through the day.” – Ruby Hammer MBE, make-up artist

“Try a foundation like Sisley’s Phyto Teint Nude. It has a silky finish that never creases. If there are areas where you need more coverage, pat on a colour corrector before layering this on top. Chanel does some of the best creamy textures that are easy to work with.” – Zoe Taylor, A-list make-up artist & SheerLuxe beauty insider 

Speaking Of Coverage, How Should You Prime Skin So It Looks Flawless?

“Hydrated skin will always look the most youthful, so it pays to do your full skincare routine before applying make-up. I recommend applying a primer as the final step in your skincare – choose one that brightens and hydrates to counteract any dryness and dullness you may have. It’s expensive, but Clé de Peau’s Primer is one of the best out there. Everything adheres to it so well and it has unrivalled luminosity.” – Zoe 

Can You Use Highlighter At Any Age, Or Is There A Cut-Off?

“In my opinion, there are two types of highlighters: glittery and dewy. The former is great for younger skin, or if you simply want to have some fun. But glitter can accentuate wrinkles and lines, especially on older skin types. Personally, I prefer a dewy highlighter, such as a clear glossy balm or a soft pearly cream. It won’t enhance wrinkles and has a beautiful glow. The natural sheen in our skin isn’t sparkly, it’s dewy, so you always want to find products that replicate that look.” – Monika Blunder, A-list make-up artist  

HYDRATED SKIN will always look the MOST YOUTHFUL, so it pays to do your FULL SKINCARE ROUTINE before applying make-up.

What About Sparse, Grey Brows – Any Tips For Bulking Them Up?

“Firstly, brush your brows downwards to see their natural shape, then brush them back upwards again. As you do this, natural gaps will appear, so you’ll see the sparse areas that need filling. Starting from the arch of your brow, apply a powder using a slanted brush to mimic hair-like strokes. By starting from the arch, you avoid overloading the start of the brows – this can have a tadpole effect. My Magnetic Brush Sets are perfect for this, as is the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo which gives a natural finish every time.” – Ruby

Is There A ‘Must-Have’ Product For Making The Most Of Your Features?

“It sounds simple, but a great blusher can completely transform your skin, especially as we get older. Use a cream to powder formula – these work best to warm your complexion up authentically. Trinny’s Flush Blush is my top recommendation – it gives just enough colour but is also easy to build. A good bronzer is key too. Chanel’s Les Beige’s Healthy Cream is an icon for a reason – it’s a gel and a cream, meaning it glides on smoothly and never settles into fine lines. Keep your application to areas where the sun would fall onto your face.” – Zoe

If You Want To Overhaul Your Make-Up Bag, What Should Be Considered?

“Before you do this, take time to look at your face in the mirror. What features do you like most? What do you want to play up, but also play down? Over time, as our features change, we don’t tend to adapt our make-up, sticking to the same routine we have followed for years. It’s important you question things and switch them to suit your needs. I have a very simple personal kit which includes concealer, mascara, cheek colour, eyeliner and a lip serum balm. This allows me to even out my skin tone, add a healthy flush of colour to my cheeks, add light definition to my eyes and keep my lips hydrated (especially in the colder months). It all depends on what you want out of make-up – think of that, it’s the best place to start.” – Ruby

It sounds simple, but a GREAT BLUSHER can completely TRANSFORM YOUR SKIN, especially as WE GET OLDER.

How Can You Create A Statement Eye, Without It Looking Ageing?

“Try to use cream shadows which set and don’t budge – like Maybelline’s 24-Hour Colour Pots. Apply them all over the lid with a flat brush, then blend them out with a fluffier brush. If your lashes have started to become sparse, ditch the mascara and instead apply waterproof liner along your lash line for definition and drama. If you find the Maybelline pots too dense in colour, try Surratt’s Lid Laquers. They move around a little, but it’s worth it for the wash of colour they give that’s perfect for daytime – the shade called ‘kogecha’ is the most natural. If you are using mascara, I recommend any by Eyeko – they all use a tubing technology which means it won’t run down your face.” – Zoe

“If your eyes have become hooded, I recommend applying shadow just above the crease to create the illusion of more lid space. One of my favourite palettes is Roen’s Goldlust Palette. It has a combination of creams and shimmer shades to give mature eyes a bit of luminosity. Eyeliner is key, too. Victoria Beckham’s Satin Kajal’s are well worth trying. They add definition and elongate your eye with a gel texture that’s so easy to manoeuvre and blend.” – Ruby

If You Have Open Pores, Can You Disguise Them? 

“Firstly, it’s key you hydrate your skin before applying any make-up. This is the best way to minimise open pores. A silicone-based primer is also a great option for providing a smoother-looking canvas for foundation to sit on. Tap it in using a sponge or your fingers – if you rub too hard, the primer will just slide around your skin. Once you’ve done this and let everything settle for a few minutes, use a dampened sponge to gently buff on a thin layer of foundation. Do this gently and build it up gradually. It’s my failsafe technique for a smooth, glowing complexion.” – Ruby

Finally, Can You Enhance The Shape Of Your Lips In A Non-Invasive Way?

“Absolutely, you just need a great lip liner. Opt for a waterproof one. I love the Emolyne Lipliners, as they are creamy but they set fast, meaning you never get any feathering in fine lines. Take the colour all the way to the edge of your lips but avoid overdrawing, as this can be very ageing. Going ever so slightly above is all you need to give the illusion of fullness. As for the lip itself, fill it in with a product like Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss Shine. It has a balm-like quality that puts the pigment back into the lips and never looks heavy or drying. I recommend Victoria Beckham’s Lip Tints too – they are very flattering and wear well throughout the day.” – Zoe


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