Pro Tips To Make Mature Skin Glow
Pro Tips To Make Mature Skin Glow

Pro Tips To Make Mature Skin Glow

It’s never been easier to make your skin look beautiful and glowing. From the importance of gentle exfoliation and cream textures to the products and application techniques worth trying, three make-up artists share what you should be doing to enhance your natural bone structure and recapture a youthful radiance.

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Firstly, Prep Your Skin

“Even the best make-up artists struggle to make skin glow without a well hydrated canvas. As we age, our skin is more likely to become parched, which is why I recommend the use of a good face mask pre-make-up. I love Seoulista’s Super Hydration Instant Facial. I use it on jet-lagged models and actresses in need of a quick fix and it works to plump and refresh at speed. If you’re pushed for time, try the 111SKIN Molecular Hydration Mask – it works overnight, so all you have to do is rinse it away in the morning for a smoother start to your glow-boosting routine.” Tania Grier, A-list make-up artist,

“A glowing make-up look is underpinned by good skincare. You need to be exfoliating skin regularly and then following up with a hefty dose of hydration. Doing this will ensure make-up literally glides on like butter. Mature skin needs a serum and a moisturiser for that suppleness and luminosity that we all crave. In particular, I recommend hyaluronic acid-based serums and Susanne Kaufmann’s Enzyme Exfoliator which you only need to use weekly.” Ruby Hammer MBE, global make-up artist  

Don’t Dismiss LED Masks 

“On the subject of skin prep, LED masks are a brilliant tool for brightening your complexion. Just ten minutes of red LED light therapy will give your complexion and mind a boost. I swear by Current Body’s LED Mask – it works below the skin’s surface to promote its natural vitality. Collagen is stimulated and, over time, fine lines reduce in appearance. If you use it regularly, you’ll really see a difference.” Sophie Tilley, International make-up artist

Try Cream Textures

“For both skincare and make-up, I recommend gel-based formulas for mature complexions, and I find creams better than powders. Avoid shimmery highlighters and anything with glitter chunks. Mature skin attracts product into fine lines like a magnet, so you want to avoid anything that brings too much attention to the skin. My advice is to forget heavy products and try gloss sticks instead. SUQQU’s Glow Highlighter Stick looks great on cheekbones. I love it as a touch-up tool for tired, midday skin. Just pop a little onto your fingers and pat onto any areas of skin that need life.” – Tania 

“It pays to be a bit savvier with our cosmetics shopping as we age, especially for the skin. Invest in products that are rich in texture and clever in their results – for example, opt for a foundation that has built-in skincare benefits or a blusher with a sheeny finish. You want products that require less but work harder for you to deliver good glow. I recommend Monika Blunder’s ‘Blundercover’ Foundation and Laura Mercier’s Rose Glow Blush Colour Infusion for fresh, quenched-looking skin.” – Sophie 

Go Lightly With Application

“For believable luminosity, use products with a light-handed approach. A cream blush is great for adding warmth, while a drop of facial oil into your foundation will give a hint of healthy shine. My mantra at the moment is that we are not all the same – we all look different. It’s about getting to know your own face and adapting all the advice to you. What works for others may not work for you, so have a play and get a feel for things.” – Ruby 

Mature skin needs a SERUM AND A MOISTURISER for that luminosity we all crave. In particular, I recommend HYALURONIC ACID-BASED serums.
Ruby Hammer MBE

Use A Good Primer

“As mentioned, skin prep is key for good glow which is why I also recommend using a primer. I love the Victoria Beckham x Dr Bader one for more mature skin types. It’s high-tech skincare and a glowy base all in one. If open pores are more your issue, Tatcha’s Liquid Silk Canvas Primer is perfect for blurring skin. Foundation should then be applied lightly – La Mer’s Radiant Skin Tint is brilliant as it has multi-tasking ingredients, a lightweight feel and SPF30 protection. If you want good glow but a ‘less is more’ feel, try just dabbing on concealer. My favourite is Charlotte Tilbury’s new ‘Beautiful Skin Concealer.’ It covers discolouration, darkness and redness, while the vitamin C and vegan collagen inside feed skin with essential moisture.” – Sophie 

Get Your Foundation Right

“If you want to opt for foundation, make sure you’re investing in the right one for mature skin. Base make-up has come a long way now and new technology means we have hybrid products at our fingertips. Chanel’s new Water Fresh Complexion Touch has a gel texture, delivering a wash of coverage and the dewiest finish. It’s perfect for mature skin as it melts into the pores and conceals just enough. SUQQU also have The Liquid Foundation which is what I call your ‘ultimate skin in a bottle.’ It has an amazing range of shades, too.” – Tania 

Don’t Be Afraid Of Highlighter 

“Though you don’t want chunky glitter sticks, there are some modern highlighters that enhance dull skin at speed. I love the ones from Vieve and Victoria Beckham. A smidge of either goes a long way to enhancing and accentuating mature complexions. Again, take a light-handed approach as you apply these types of products and keep the placement just where you need it. Avoid applying these types of products to any deep creases.” – Ruby 

“Highlighter is always a good idea. It’s an easy addition to your make-up bag and you can use it on the face and eyes. I recommend powder that doesn’t contain too much talc. Guerlain’s Meteorites Pearls of Powder is clever as it is multi-tonal so will colour correct your skin upon contact. Glow-giving, it also works all year round. Swipe onto cheekbones, being careful to avoid the eye area/crow’s feet, then add a little to the bridge of your nose and also top of your forehead. Light brings the features forward, almost like reverse contouring. With your little finger or a small brush, dab a little pale sheeny eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes for a wide-awake finish and to unify your glow.” – Sophie 

Take Note Of Placement 

“If you want to enhance glow but not go OTT, you need to play with placement. Bronzer is a brilliant tool for boosting luminosity, especially in cream form. Use one to warm up and sculpt the tone of your skin, focusing on areas where the sun would naturally hit. There are so many good ones available, but Charlotte Tilbury’s latest cream formula is not to be missed. As for blusher, apply it slightly higher than you may have in your youth – i.e. just above where the cheekbone ends and under your eyeline. This placement will boost a youthful flush while lifting your facial structure, too.” – Sophie 

Brushes will give your skin a more FINISHED, RADIANT LOOK. They help to get the PRODUCT INTO THE PORES as opposed to it sitting on the surface.
Tania Grier

Apply A Mist 

Iconic London’s Prep Set Glow is my hero for all skin types and ages. It gives you a lit-from-within sheen and never looks too thick or heavy. It’s a must-try when you’ve had zero time to prep your complexion and it can be applied before or after make-up application. A great buy if you’re a bit of a make-up novice but want instant radiance.” – Tania 

Keep Brushes Nearby 

“Brushes will give your skin a more finished, radiant look. They help to get the product into the pores as opposed to it sitting on the surface. I recommend the IT Cosmetics Pointed Precision Brush for really smooth results.” – Tania 

“For skincare, I think hands and fingers really come into their own. Try to do a little facial massage as you apply product, which will stimulate your skin and boost circulation for better radiance. It’s relaxing and allows you to feel your facial structure and then judge what make-up you might need for that day.” – Sophie 

Let Make-Up Settle 

“Everyone wants to create radiance, and a lot of that radiance comes down to layers of product. The problem with this is it can cause pilling – this is when make-up rolls off into little balls. To avoid this, be aware of which products you are using and in what sequence. Allow adequate time for products to sink in before you apply your next layer. Everything should be a thin layer – never go too thick. Products with silicones and oils should never be combined.” – Ruby 

“Always take a minute between your layers. Piling on products before the first one has had a chance to absorb means that anything underneath may not be working as well as it could. It’s why I advise using products that double up – like 001 London’s Alpha Glow Flash Facial which is a serum and primer in one. I also recommend that you apply your base make-up, then do your eyes and brows. This allows the foundation to settle before you add in extra glow from your blusher and bronzer.” – Tania 

Finally, Don’t Forget Your Eyes 

“It’s one thing getting your complexion glowing but eyes need attention, too. One of the best products I’ve used on mature eyes is Sensational Eyes from Lloyds Pharmacy. I recommend using a little before your concealer. Within a few minutes, it blurs, brightens and tightens up the eye area for visibly fresher and younger-looking skin – it’s sheer magic. I then recommend applying a very sheer, lightweight foundation on top for a luminous finish. The iT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye formula gets my vote for dry and mature skin. It hydrates while effectively brightening dark shadows.” – Tania


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