3 Of The Best Products For Menopausal Skin
3 Of The Best Products For Menopausal Skin

3 Of The Best Products For Menopausal Skin

As we age, we produce less collagen. As well as making fine lines, pigmentation and dullness more prominent, dryness can also become an issue pre, during and after the menopause. Luckily, there are brands targeting all of these issues. Enter eco-conscious, results-driven Romilly Wilde – here’s what you should know about its three bestselling products…

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The Background

Romilly Wilde is one of few brands that avoids all synthetic and non-beneficial ingredients to ensure you only get the very best for your complexion. Everything has been carefully considered, with ingredients that promise to hydrate, stimulate collagen production and cell renewal for firmer, smoother skin. Their products have a conscious approach to anti-ageing, while maintaining a luxe feel and never compromising on top results. All the formulas are brimming with ingredients that have been sustainably sourced; and the packaging is entirely recyclable too, so you never have that throwaway guilt once you’re finished with your products.

Romilly Wilde skin-system is the PERFECT SUPPORT for peri-menopausal and menopausal skin. I use high-performance, CLINICALLY PROVEN, clean ingredients which enhance metabolic change at a cellular level and deliver collagen boosting, AGE-ARRESTING results.
Susie Willis, Romilly Wilde founder

Each Product Is Backed By Science

Never one to cut corners, Romilly Wilde only launches products when they are confident that they are the best they can be. Each product uses nutritional ingredients which are known to be beneficial to dry, lacklustre and mature skin. These include Desert Rose Leaf and Gardenia Cell – both of which are bio-farmed ingredients and work to boost hydration and prevent collagen loss. Combined with scientific research, the brand has made real advances when it comes to being clean and ethically sourced, not to mention effective. What’s more, unlike some brands that bleach products to give a white, synthetic cream, Romilly Wilde never strips or bulks out its formulas either. That’s why the price tags are justifiable – with full sizes starting at £48, you are guaranteed sophisticated formulas that work and will last you for months on end.

There Are Three Key Best-Sellers To Know…


Light + Energy Serum Cleanser, £48

Why We Love It: If you’re looking for a cleanser that works double-time, this is for you. Combining the benefits of a nourishing serum within a make-up melting cleanser, this uses Omegas 3, 6 and 9 to drench skin in moisture, encouraging better resilience and bounce. Add that to the hydrating oils – think grapeseed, sea buckthorn and echium – and you have a formula that dissolves dirt, all traces of stubborn make-up and deeply nourishes the skin. Like the cream, with regular use, you can expect a brighter, more radiant complexion with better tone and smoothness, too.

What Testers Say: Loved for its softening benefits, this is one of Romilly Wilde’s most popular products, which is due to its functionality and efficacy. Up to 85% of testers said their pigmentation and uneven skin tone visibly improved post-use, which is thanks to the science-backed ingredient narcissus peoticus extract, known for its brightening benefits.

Available here


Advanced Supercell Serum, £75

Why We Love It: Designed with peri-menopausal and menopausal skin in mind, this best-selling serum should be used morning and night to bolster hydration levels. Brimming with rose stem cells, it locks in moisture long after you’ve applied it – for up to 12 hours – while something called ection works on wrinkles, plumping them out to smooth and blur their appearance. It contains plant extracts, too, which are essential for encouraging the production of new collagen within the skin. The result? Firmer, plumper and more toned-looking skin. It’s also a joy to use, with a light texture that’s non-sticky and absorbs fast.  

What Testers Say: With regular use, results of trials showed this serum reduced the appearance of wrinkles by 23% in four weeks. The addition of peptides is also proven to boost glow and hydration, leaving your skin looking healthier and fresh – think a post-facial radiance. 

Available here


Night Duty, £110

Why We Love It: This nourishing creams ticks all the anti-ageing boxes. It uses natural plant retinol and swertia chirata extract to plump your skin from the inside out for a smoother and more supple appearance. Designed to work while you sleep, it triggers collagen repair as well as hyaluronic acid production so that, when you wake up, your skin feels and looks different – not to mention soft to touch. You’ll find make-up glides on much easier post-use, while your complexion will have renewed radiance. But even better, regular and consistent use will help to reduce and blur the appearance of fine lines over time. While it won’t get rid of them entirely, it will give the skin a more even tone with better radiance for a healthier appearance overall.

What Testers Say: It’s not just us who love this rich cream. Up to 93% of testers said their skin felt replenished with regular use, while 87% said it improved dullness and uneven tone to reveal a younger-looking complexion. Better still, 75% said it reduced signs of ageing in two weeks.

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Finally, It’s A Great Time To Try Romilly Wilde...

The brand is offering SheerLuxe readers the chance to try a sampler set at just £2 with FREE shipping. Inside, you’ll find a well-sized Night Duty and the Light + Energy Serum Cleanser so you can get a feel for everything first-hand before fully taking the plunge. Head to RomillyWilde.com to get yours. Find out more here.

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