Facial Oils: How To Incorporate Them Into Your Beauty Routine
Facial Oils: How To Incorporate Them Into Your Beauty Routine

Facial Oils: How To Incorporate Them Into Your Beauty Routine

Facial oils are ultra-nourishing and skin-softening for dry, mature skin. They also renew glow at speed and give older complexions better bounce and resilience. We asked facialist and skincare expert Michaella Bolder to explain how to get the best results from facial oils, how to find the right one for you and why you should always apply them at night.

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Know The Benefits

“Facial oils confuse many of us, but they work wonders for our skin – especially as we age. This is because our skin’s natural moisture and oil levels begin to deplete as we mature, so it’s essential to replace lost oil and water with the right products. Daily application of an oil gives mature skin an intense dose of hydration, reducing signs of stress on the skin and strengthening its barrier to prevent any further water loss. The result? Plumper-looking skin that has better glow overall. Oils are also full of antioxidants and have plenty of antibacterial benefits to improve the health of your complexion.”

Apply Post-Serum

“Oils should always be applied post-cleanse and post-serum application, as this locks in the goodness of all the actives in your serum. I recommend applying oil every night for maximum absorption while you sleep – massage four to six drops onto your face and neck using a deep, firm pressure to ensure it sinks in. You can also add a few drops of your oil into your daytime moisturiser or foundation for an extra nourishment boost and glow. If you want just a little bit of hydration, add a few drops into your cleanser or face mask – the options are endless. You can use oils in a number of ways to boost hydration at any time.”

Work Them Harder

“There are several ways to use facial oils. For example, you can use them to work the muscles in your face. They allow enough slip for you to move effortlessly around your facial contours with something like a gua sha. Doing this helps the oil absorb properly. You can also use your oil to open up your lymphatic system – do this by applying the oil and then gliding your hands down to each side of your neck (and down towards the collarbone) six to eight times. Then bend your index and middle finger making a scissor shape, pinch the chin and slide along the jaw to the ear lobe, repeating this motion six times. Follow up by using the palm of your hands cupped over the cheekbone, sweeping upwards and outwards towards your hairline. Finish by flattening your hands and smoothing each one over the forehead eight to ten times, then bring them down to the sides of your face and neck.”

Use Your Hands

“To nail the application, squeeze four to six drops of oil into the palm of your hands. Rub them together – this will warm up the consistency – then press the oil over your face and neck using a patting motion. This will help disperse the oil evenly, so you’re never left feeling greasy.”

Mix Them With Your Masks

“My favourite hack is to mix two drops of oil into a facial mask or moisturiser for an extra dose of hydration. I often add a couple of drops to my foundation, too, for a dewier finish. On the nights I apply a facial oil before bed, I really take the time to work it into my skin, always using deep pressure massage movements. Doing this relieves tension from your face, in turn boosting blood flow and aiding lymphatic drainage.”


It’s important you always store your facial oils at ROOM TEMPERATURE – heating and sunlight will INTERFERE WITH THE EFFICACY of the ingredients inside.

Choose Wisely

“While I believe in the benefits of oil, it is key to find the best one for you. For example, those who suffer with oiliness and congestion should look for ingredients like jojoba or rosehip for antibacterial benefits. You also want to use non-fragranced oils to avoid further irritation. For those suffering with dryness, look for oils that contain omegas and squalane to really feed your complexion with moisture. Anyone prone to sensitivities should use a non-fragranced oil with a thin texture. There are so many variations, it’s worth getting it right.”

Switch It Up

“Facial oils can be incorporated into your routine every morning or evening. Use three to six drops and press them into your skin after applying your serum – I recommend vitamin A-based ones most often as they maximise results.”

Remember Less Is More

“You don’t need to overload on oil. Four to six drops is more than enough to see results. I also wish everyone knew that not all oils behave in the same way. Their molecular bodyweight ranges from light to heavy and rich, so you need to choose the right consistency to suit your skin – for example, use one that doesn’t contain scent or essential oils if you have an allergy. In other words, you can avoid any potential irritants, but still enjoy all the benefits an oil has to offer. Choose well and you’ll find it helps to stimulate cell turnover which can result in a clearer, healthier-looking complexion.”

Finally, Remember The Dos & Don’ts

“Do use a facial oil daily to see the results – maintenance is key. It’s also important you always store your facial oils at room temperature – heating and sunlight will interfere with the efficacy of the ingredients inside. Another big ‘do’ is to massage your oils into the skin working upwards and outwards at all times. This will ensure you lift your facial contours and improve the efficacy of your oil. Finally, don’t overload your skin with oil – four to six drops is enough for your face and neck – and avoid mixing oil into your SPF. However, remember it’s important you still apply your moisturiser too – the two serve different purposes.”

Try This Routine:

  • Warm four to six drops of your chosen oil between your hands, then press it onto the skin around your face and neck.
  • Using your right hand, massage the left side of your neck in a semi-circle from under your jaw to your ears and around again – repeat this six times, both sides – it’s key for lymphatic drainage.
  • Now clench a fist shape with your hand – one at a time – and glide your index finger and thumb along the jawline out to the ear with a firm pressure. This will help stretch and sculpt your skin.
  • Using the same shape and movement, glide up over your cheekbones to your hairline and repeat this eight to ten times each side.
  • Finally, use your fingertips – or knuckles if you have long nails – to work upwards in vertical lines from the top of the brow to the centre of your forehead, right up to your hairline. Finish here by working along your forehead again, only this time in horizontal lines, from the centre to your temples.

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