No7’s New Collection Is Essential For Reversing The Signs Of Ageing
No7’s New Collection Is Essential For Reversing The Signs Of Ageing

No7’s New Collection Is Essential For Reversing The Signs Of Ageing

No7 is one of the most beloved skincare brands in the UK, so it's no surprise its new Future Renew range – launched earlier this month – had a waitlist of over 94,000 and caused a queue on the Boots’ website and outside of stores. What’s all the fuss about? These scientifically advanced formulas contain a new ‘super peptide’, which is proven not only to prevent but also reverse the visible signs of ageing. Here, we break this key ingredient down and share our favourite products from the range.

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Firstly, The Hype

No7 is the UK’s number one skincare brand so, naturally, when it launches a new range, you pay attention. Enter Future Renew, the line-up that’s been dubbed ‘serious skincare innovation’ and with good reason. Over 15 years in the making, it’s been created by some of the world’s leading scientists with added research from the University of Manchester. It’s also undergone 37 trials and rigorous testing – on over 4,000 women to be precise – to produce the very best formula, including a ‘world first super-peptide blend’ which has never been seen before, is proven to yield results and is exclusive to the brand. It’s set to be the brand’s – and its stockist Boots’ – most significant breakthrough since Protect & Perfect which launched in 2007 and sold out at speed. In other words, it’s well worth joining the queue.

About The Peptide Blend

Peptides are naturally present in our skin and serve a variety of functions. One of their key jobs is to kick into gear when damage occurs. When applied topically, they react to any damage by signalling a release of collagen and elastin to trigger repair and smoothness within the skin. No7 has taken peptides one step further and discovered two of the most powerful ones found naturally within our skin. The brand made lab replicas which are proven to help plump, firm and tone skin, resulting in a less-lined appearance and better glow.

Alongside its peptide blend, you’ll find other ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C which help to keep skin supple, hydrated and free from inflammation. Everything inside is used to reverse skin ageing, but without any aggression, so all skin types can get involved – even those with severe sensitivities.

How It Works 

Studies show that one of our biggest concerns is taking a preventative approach to ageing too late. That’s what No7 wanted to correct with Future Renew – it not only prevents but also reverses visible signs of skin damage and ageing. How? Its impressive ingredients work by improving cell communication deep within our skin to support our own repair process. The ingredients boost the production of over 50 proteins which help produce collagen and elastin to create firmer, bouncier-looking skin. With regular use, you can expect to see better tone and texture, less dryness and diffused fine lines.

A Snapshot Of The Range

There are four key products in the range. Our favourite has to be the Future Renew Damage Reversal Serum which has the highest concentration of the peptide blend, alongside hyaluronic and vitamin C to boost brightness, firmness and overall tone. It works hard to minimise fine lines and smooth uneven texture for a firmer, tauter appearance. We also love the Future Renew Damage Reversal SPF40 Day Cream. With in-built sun protection, it offers convenience and has a nourishing texture that instantly soothes dryness and any feelings of tightness. Overnight, the Future Renew Damage Reversal Night Cream is impressive. It benefits from the peptide blend as well as shea butter, cocooning skin in quenching hydration. Finally, there is the Future Renew Damage Reversal Eye Serum. It tackles puffiness, crow’s feet and slackened skin with a lightweight texture that’s been designed to treat damage and strengthen thinner areas of skin. It contains niacinamide and rice proteins, too, which help to keep inflammation at bay.

The Impressive Results

Tested on over 4,000 consumers between the ages of 30 and70 and from diverse ethnic backgrounds, the products have been put through their paces. Everything has been rigorously tested to ensure the formulas work effectively for all ages, skin types and tones. The results don’t disappoint either – for its Future Renew Damage Reversal Serum, 85% of women saw anti-ageing results after one to two weeks. Think firmer, radiant-looking skin with visibly reduced wrinkles. As for its Multi Action Eye Cream, dark circles appear visibly reduced in two weeks and wrinkles within four weeks. Possibly the most impressive is the results for its Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi Action Night Cream which promises firmer, more nourished skin after one night and after four weeks gives skin a youthful overhaul.

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