The Overnight Skincare Treatments That Really Work
The Overnight Skincare Treatments That Really Work

The Overnight Skincare Treatments That Really Work

Cold winter weather combined with central heating can leave normally healthy skin feeling tight and dehydrated. If your skin could do with a boost, an overnight treatment is the answer as skin does most of its repairing and restoring while we sleep. From those that promise smoother, firmer skin to the ones that rid dullness, here are seven products to add to your before-bed routine – put them on, fall asleep and wake up with renewed glow…

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Paris Pure Retinol Revitalift Laser Night Serum, £27.99 | L'Oréal

Best For: Smoothing Out Fine Lines

Why We Love It: Overnight retinol treatments don’t get much better than this. Not only is it affordable, it is one of the gentlest formulations you’ll find – but it still delivers on its promise. The retinol inside is L’Oréal’s highest ever concentration and it works hard to blur the appearance of fine lines. It won’t get rid of them entirely, but the smoothing effect it does have is impressive. Added hyaluronic acid cushions any irritation and comforts skin with moisture that’s continually soaked into the skin overnight for a smoother and softer texture come morning.

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Retinal & Peptides Repair Overnight Mask, £62.13 | Allies Of Skin

Best For: Boosting Skin Elasticity 

Why We Love It: The likes of Abigail James, a leading facialist and skincare expert, swear by this overnight anti-ageing treatment. Rich in retinol and skin-smoothing peptides, it’s a unique formula that nourishes, strengthens and simultaneously enhances elasticity for a plumper, more youthful-looking complexion. Apply it over your face and neck, running any excess over your hands. It’s described as a mask, but the thinner texture is more akin to a cream, so you don’t need to wash it off. In fact, make sure you leave it on for optimum results. Within just a few days you’ll notice skin looks and feels smoother. It’s an investment but a worthy one – something expert testimonials attest to.

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Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum, £50.40 (was £72) | Alpha-H

Best For: Dark Spots & Discolouration

Why We Love It: If age spots or rosacea are a concern, try this hard-working serum. Designed to undo the day’s damage, it uses vitamin B3 to reduce pigmentation, redness and inflammation, while vitamins A, E and sodium hyaluronate strengthen the elastin fibres to prevent loss of collagen and firmness. If you suffer with sensitivity, ease yourself in by using this only once or twice a week. The formula is potent, so a little goes a long way.

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Overnight Miracle Facial Oil, £60 | Beauty Pie

Best For: Quenching Dryness

Why We Love It: Full of some of the best-known natural anti-ageing ingredients – think turmeric, squalane and bakuchiol – this silky oil is a real night-time treat. Just a few drops is all you need on freshly-cleansed skin. Gradually, essential oils reduce redness, algae extracts bolster moisture levels and bakuchiol (a plant-based alternative to retinol) works hard to encourage cell turnover for firmer, fresher-looking skin. It feels good as you massage it in and, by the following morning, you’ll find your complexion looks calmer and feels more hydrated and smooth. It’s a great remedy for alleviating feelings of tightness or irritation, too.

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Peptide4 Overnight Radiance Peel, £58 | Elemis

Best For: Minimising Dullness

Why We Love It: A peel might sound scary, but this is anything but. Exfoliating AHAs are cushioned by nourishing botanical oils, which allow the formula to penetrate the skin quickly and whisk away dull cells stuck on the surface of your skin. Unlike some peels, which can feel more astringent, this one’s milky consistency is instantly cooling. Come morning, you’ll wake up to better skin tone and smoother-looking pores. One of our most-loved overnight treatments of all time.

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Skinesis Overnight Facial, £62 | Sarah Chapman

Best For: Overall Anti-Ageing Results

Why We Love It: You’d be hard pushed to find a bad review of this overnight treatment. Suitable for all skin types, it does a bit of everything. Layer it on over cleansed skin at night – we recommend doing a little facial massage for best results – and let the ingredients like retinol, omegas and essential oils get to work. Known for its ability to fight rashes, smooth skin and boost hydration almost immediately, it’s ideal for this time of year when your complexion needs a bit of a helping hand.

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Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2, £135 | SkinCeuticals

Best For: Plumper-Looking Skin

Why We Love It: This is an investment, but a worthy one if you’re serious about plumping up your skin. Its formula has been cleverly designed to infuse skin-identical fatty acids into your skin’s barrier. The result? Firmer and smoother-looking skin that has a healthy, fresh glow to it. It has a rich, buttery texture that’s satisfying to apply as well. Experts recommend layering this on top of a retinol for a double-dose of anti-ageing benefits. If you prefer to use it solo, you’ll still see impressive results with regular use.

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