The Best New Beauty Finds Under £30

The Best New Beauty Finds Under £30

The beauty market moves fast. Whether you’re actively searching for more effective skincare products or just fancy a change in your daily routine, there’s always a host of new options to consider. From an anti-ageing retinol to some much-hyped Zhoosh Foam, here’s our pick of the latest crop.

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Body Care

Clarins Eau Ressourçante Silky Smooth Body Cream, £30

With all the luxe quality you’d expect from Clarins, this cosseting cream coats skin in a layer of moisture for a softer, smoother feel. Brimming with essential oils, it’s satisfying to apply but never sticky or greasy – massage it into your skin while it’s wet for the best results. You’ll love the soft, uplifting scent that provides a sense of calm.
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Verdant Mineral Bath Salts Drift Off, From £12

For some on-the-spot grounding, look to these soothing salts. The latest to join the Verdant Alchemy range, they utilise the scent of lavender, mandarin and vetiver to calm weary, knotted minds. There’s also Epsom and Dead Sea salts inside, as well as white kaolin clay – all of which help you to decompress and ease tension in tight muscles. Even better, they’re vegan, certified natural and cruelty free – a bath to feel good about in every sense.
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Dove Skin Glow Oil-In-Milk Body Lotion, £7.69

The name alone had us. Designed to give your body a subtle sheen, this does more than just add moisture. With light-reflecting minerals, it gives a pearlescent glow that looks healthy – not to mention flattering. Add in redness-reducing niacinamide and skin-strengthening vitamins, and you’ve got a lotion that ticks all the right boxes. Dry, dull skin will immediately look more supple and radiant – ideal for this time of year.
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Drunk Elephant O-Bloos Rosi Drops, £30

Blushers don’t get much better than this. A silky liquid, the formula is easy to apply and sheer out for a soft wash, or build up for more definition and intensity. Designed to be worn with your skincare or neat, you can decant a few drops into your oil, serum or cream and buff it into your skin with a brush for a light, youthful flush. The benefits don’t end there: unlike similar blushers, this is brimming with skin-loving ingredients, including antioxidants and omega fatty acids which provide instant comfort and a quenched feel to dry, depleted skin. With just one shade, it’s universally flattering and has a natural-looking warmth.
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Shiseido Micro Liner Inks, £17

If you enjoy the effects of eyeliner, but want something that’s subtly impactful rather than heavy or OTT, these are worth trying. With a super fine tip, they deposit their colour exactly where you want it for neat enhancement. Available in ten colours, there are beautiful brown, navy and plum options which still provide depth, but are less ageing than typical black. Easy to manoeuvre and incredibly precise, they’re simple to use and allow you to discreetly open up your eyes with a neat, thin line. Use your finger or a brush to smudge it in if you want a finish that’s even softer – just be quick, once these set, they will stay in place until you remove them.
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Sweed Lash Lift Mascara, £22

No one wants thick, clumpy lashes, so it’s great to see so many brands launching brushes that focus on separation and definition. Sweed’s newest mascara resembles a wide-tooth comb. Easy to glide over lashes, the rich formula lifts, separates and elongates in seconds – even a single coat will give you impressive results. As the brush is skinny, you can get right into the inner and outer corners for an even, fanned-out effect. Don’t expect show-stopping lashes – picture freshly tinted with a glossy jet-black finish. 
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Jones Road The Best Eyeshadow, £23

If you’ve not tried Bobbi Brown’s new range yet, there’s plenty to explore in her Jones Road line. We particularly love these smooth, blendable eyeshadows that have a velvety dry down. Available with shimmer and matte tones, there’s something for everyone. You only need a small amount of each one to create a foolproof look. You’ll find they wear well throughout the day – still looking intact and smudge-free after a long evening.
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Lancôme Ultra Wear All Over Concealer, £25 

This new launch has already gained plenty of attention – and for good reason. It might be called a concealer, but it’s been designed for use all over the face, either in lieu of foundation, or alongside it if you crave more coverage. It has a large, doe-foot applicator that makes application seamless, while the lightweight, satin formula melts into the skin and gives it a soft, luminous glow that takes you by surprise – especially as it dries matte. No matter your skin type, you won’t find this creases or begins to flake throughout the day. Why? It’s full of hydrating ingredients like waterlily, moringa and vegetable glycerine so your complexion is never stripped of any moisture. A must-try if you’re after a speedy product to polish up your look.
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Wander Beauty Lip Retreat Oil, £21

Combining the benefits of a hydrating oil with the impact of a plumping gloss, this lip treatment is ideal when you want just a hint of something. There are vitamins E and A inside, as well as avocado oil and fatty acids to keep dryness and any chapping at bay. There are three colours to choose from – a transparent hue, a soft berry and a muted fuchsia – all of which can be layered up or swiped on once for a pretty flush of colour. Experts recommend layering a little over your regular lipstick for extra depth and intensity.
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Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat Pen, £18.70

If you have thin, sparse brows, you’ll benefit hugely from this clever brow pencil. It comes with a superfine nib that allows you to create defined, natural-looking strokes – just be sure you apply it lightly and focus on the sparsest areas first to prevent your brows from looking overdrawn. Use feather-like strokes in the direction of your hair growth, towards the tail of your brows. Smudge-proof, waterproof and sweat resistant, it sets fast, but emollients like carnauba wax keep it creamy, so you have time to play and get the results you’re after. Bonus points for the added vitamin E, which works to nourish wayward hairs.
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No Mo-Stache Facial Razor, £6.50

There’s a lot of scepticism over facial shaving. While it should mostly be left to the pros, the right type of razor wand – one with light safety blades – can be safely used at home as it’s less likely to rip or tear the skin. This one from No Mo-Stache is worth trying for its teeny tiny blade. Easy to use, it gently skims the face and is easy to control for seamless hair removal – use it to get rid of peach fluff around your upper lip, brows or anywhere that’s become a bit fuzzy. For those worried about regrowth, it’s a myth that shaving hair causes thickness, colour or growth rates to change, but it will give hair a blunt tip, so use the razor in swift upward motions to catch it right from the root for a smoother finish. 
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Browfood Clear Brow Enhancing Gel, £21

Designed to set wayward brow hairs in place while simultaneously strengthening them, this clever gel is not to be missed. Powered by proteins, it nourishes hairs and encourages better growth, as well as a smoother finish. You can wear it solo or on top of other brow products to keep everything in place – you’ll get the benefits either way. Lightweight and flexible, it never feels sticky or flaky, unlike similar formulas on the market.
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Sigma Essential Trio Brush Set, £22.04

Make-up artists agree, the right set of brushes can completely transform your look. Sigma makes some of the best with soft, antimicrobial fibres that are gentle yet firm for seamless application. This handy set has everything you need and comes in a portable tin that’s great for on-the-go. From a does-it-all face brush to an eye-shading brush and blending tool, this is all you need to ensure you have a smooth finish with no harsh lines in sight. 
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Pursoma Detox Beauty Dry Jute Brush, £25

With firm, yet flexible bristles, this brush provides thorough exfoliation, speeding up cell turnover for smoother, more awake-looking skin. Take it slow, but persevere with daily use for long-term benefits. Brush from the soles of the feet up the body, paying particular attention to dry areas, to make light work of flakes and dead skin. A must-try for those with a dull or lacklustre pallor. 
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Hershesons Zhoosh Foam, £12

Hair expert Luke Hersheson has finally launched his much-hyped Zhoosh Foam and it doesn’t disappoint. By merging the benefits of a volumiser, mousse and hairspray into one product, it can give your hair better density and fullness. You can count on it for results – it’s been tried and tested on Luke’s regular A-list clients, including Victoria Beckham. Expect a shaving foam texture that quickly absorbs into the hair without any stickiness or crispiness. It can be layered up and scrunched in for a variety of looks. Apply it to dry hair and the thickening agents inside will quickly get to work enhancing lifeless strands. You can also use it at the root of wet hair before you blow-dry it for extra volume.
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Rossano Ferretti 24/7 Vivace Everyday Hair & Body Shampoo, £19

Volumising shampoos may not physically promote regrowth, but they do provide short-term body. This one from Rossano Ferretti is a new favourite. Brimming with vitamins and minerals, it strengthens hair from the root while copper, magnesium and iron will slightly open up your cuticles for that appearance of fullness and density most of us crave. There’s also caffeine inside to stimulate blood circulation around your scalp for healthier hair overall. It’s an investment for a shampoo, but worth it if you’re serious about maintaining strong, soft and shiny strands.
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Indeed Labs Me-NO-Pause Cooling Mist, £19.99

Whether redness, excess heat or dryness is your issue, this cooling mist uses cucumber and wild indigo extracts to tackle all three. A few spritzes will quickly lock in moisture and hold it there for the remainder of the day, while a signature ingredient called MG Relax works to even out tone over the course of a few weeks. Don’t expect overnight changes, but do expect to build better glow, a firmer skin texture and a suppler appearance overall. Keep one in your bag for on-the-go cooling.
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Amanda Harrington New Skin Advanced Glycolic Facial Pads, £18

These gentle exfoliating pads can help those suffering with dullness. Rich in exfoliating AHAs – including glycolic – they work to break down dead skin cells and anything else sat on the surface of your skin for a fresher appearance. Added fruit acids help brighten your complexion, while keeping skin more hydrated, so anything you apply on top can adhere to and penetrate your skin barrier better. They’re also great at removing any stubborn fake tan patches – be it on the face or body.
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L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renew Midnight Serum, £29.99

L’Oréal’s skincare never disappoints. Not only is it affordable, it often delivers results quickly. The new Age Perfect Cell Renew range uses some of the best, science-backed ingredients to target wrinkles, dryness and slackness. Our pick is this silky serum. Brimming with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and skin-softening squalene, it helps to boost skin cell renewal – over time this will reveal brighter, more luminous-looking skin. It’s thin in consistency too, so it never causes the rest of your skincare to go sticky or peel off. Extra points for the recyclable bottle.
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No7 Pure Retinol Night Cream, £34.95

With a satisfying rich texture, this is the ideal last step in your night-time skincare routine as it seals in all the good stuff. It contains anti-ageing retinol, collagen-boosting peptides and hydrating glycerin to nourish your skin’s barrier for a healthier-looking complexion overall. It also helps skin to retain more moisture over time, and doesn’t flake, itch or cause your complexion to look angry, despite the use of vitamin A. Always follow up with SPF the next day – because retinol can cause your skin to become much more sensitive and prone to damage from UV. As with any vitamin A creams, start off slowly and gradually increase frequency of use over time. 
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