A Guide to Ageless Style With Jo Good
A Guide to Ageless Style With Jo Good

A Guide to Ageless Style With Jo Good

Style can be mastered at any age and it’s never too late to have fun with fashion and learn some pivotal tips and tricks. Here, radio broadcaster Jo Good shows us her favourite looks for this season and tells us how she embraces her maximalist style and joyful dressing now that she’s in her late 60s.

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My style is pretty much the same as it was when I was younger. I’ve always had a theatrical approach to fashion, and I’m definitely attracted to colour and print. Years of hard work mean I can now afford labels and designers which were out of my league when I was younger. I’m not embarrassed to say that I still spend most of my disposable income on clothes. They’re almost a badge of honour for all my hard work!

I’ve always had a THEATRICAL APPROACH TO FASHION, and I’m definitely attracted to COLOUR and PRINT.

I love waking up and deciding what to wear. I can’t understand anyone who just sees clothes as a necessity. My clothes are my friends... I open my wardrobe and they welcome me. I never dress for practicality – what I decide to wear for the day is determined by my mood and never by the weather, so I always start with a colour to suit my mood.

I am quite free with my fashion choices, but I do have a few strict rules. I never ever dress in leisure wear unless it’s for a workout, and leggings are a definite no for me. Also, as I’m very petite, I love wearing heels – they make me feel empowered! I mainly go for flatforms but, as I walk everywhere, I have to carry my heels in my handbag. You’ll always find me in doorways all over London changing my footwear!

I love finding independent designers who embrace sustainability. I have five of the same style dresses from a designer called Samantha Sung – she does amazing button-down dresses which are spot on for this time of year. I’m also a massive fan of Phoebe Grace for her colour combinations which look so good on screen – loads of TV presenters wear her brand. When it comes to shoes, I love Clergerie and, of course, Stella McCartney’s signature platforms. When I interviewed her, she said that all short women love her for her flatforms, and I totally understand why!

I’m an extrovert and I like attention. Part of me thinks I would love to be Parisienne with a monochrome capsule wardrobe, but my personality is too big to be muted. I have to leave beige to the introverts! That's why I’m a massive Carrie Bradshaw fan... I love that she is not embarrassed to love clothes and is fearless with her own style. I adore dressing up and feel like she is my kindred style spirit. 

I never shop seasonally, and I shop in my mind all the time. I buy very little online because I’m lucky enough to live on Marylebone High Street in London where there are so many amazing shops. I treat clothes shops like art galleries, and I wander in and out trying things on and then spend the rest of the day thinking about them. Does that sound shallow? On average, I’ll buy something new once a week as a treat to myself.

People think as you get older *COMFORT IS A CONSIDERATION* when it comes to fashion, but frankly I have *ZERO INTEREST* in comfort!
People think as you get older *COMFORT IS A CONSIDERATION* when it comes to fashion, but frankly I have *ZERO INTEREST* in comfort!

My favourite high street store at the moment is Hobbs because they have started to use a lot of colour. They also have great trouser suits for spring and the most beautiful linens. It’s a great one-stop shop if you’re looking for a wardrobe refresh.

I don’t always follow trends and I tend to dip in and out, but this season I’m loving feminine dresses. I think this is the year of the dress – from florals and prints to plain, I love them all! They are so effortless and I immediately feel put together. Also, I love to make a statement in a coloured suit. There are plenty of options around at the moment like this Cefinn one I was lucky enough to wear here – it’s a sure way to stand out from the beige.

Event dressing is tricky to get right, so I always go vintage. It’s great to buy pre-loved and you don’t run the risk of wearing the same outfit as anyone else. If you want to buy new, then go for separates – buy one item from this season and mix it with a vintage piece.

People think as you get older comfort is a consideration when it comes to fashion, but frankly I have zero interest in comfort! Style over comfort is always my rule and I don’t think I will ever ease up and go for comfort. Style and fashion are too exciting for something so boring to make the decisions.

I have one hero bag that I treat like my child. It’s a Bottega tote bag in vanilla shearling, which sounds bizarre but it’s divine – it’s unique and different and I just love it. It’s an outfit in itself  and the moment I place it on a table everyone comments. It’s a real talking point.

I don’t always FOLLOW TRENDS and I tend to DIP IN AND OUT, but this season I’m loving FEMININE DRESSES.

You should never change your style because of age. If you’ve always loved fashion, you will intuitively know when to adapt and what parts of your body you should cover. I would never show my stomach, for instance, and I wear shorts but never skirts above the knee. However, that doesn’t change my actual style – I think our intuition takes over and we create our own dress codes as we age. 

I love the style of influencer Grece Ghanem. She is my muse. I feel we have a similar outlook on dressing and style, and I always look to her for inspiration. She posts an outfit every day and is a great example of someone who shows how style and age don’t go hand in hand. Age is no barrier when it comes to finding your true style.

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