Five Inspiring Women Share Their Top Beauty & Wellness Lessons

Five Inspiring Women Share Their Top Beauty & Wellness Lessons

From the best beauty advice they’ve been given, to the messages they’d pass on to their younger selves, as well as the anti-ageing tips they believe we should all adopt now, we asked five industry legends to share their secrets…

Ruby Hammer MBE, Make-Up Artist

“Genetics matter so don’t dwell on what you don’t have. We have no control on what assets we are or aren’t born with. This has been a huge lesson for me and, I am sure, for many others who question their appearance at times. It is redundant, however, to keep chasing what isn’t there to begin with. As we get older, you learn that you can make the most of what you do have. I really believe you have to bask in your own uniqueness and enjoy who you are. It’s true that no one is without a wonderful feature or asset that they can make the most of – beauty is in everybody.” 

“Life is short, so be as experimental as you can with beauty. I wish I had learnt to be better with my hair and experiment more with different styles when I was younger. I adore playing with new make-up and switching up my skincare, but my hair has always been ‘wash-and-go.’ That is a small beauty regret I’d like to rectify now.”
“Good skin is more than just a thorough regime. We often assume that ‘miracle’ products will solve all our problems, but I quickly learnt that you need to make healthy lifestyle choices, too. A healthy diet and positive mindset can have much more impact on your skin than any skincare product. That being said, a routine is still important, as is consistency – finding products that work for you individually and being a bit monotonous is important to gaining good results and a healthy-looking complexion.”
Despite what you may think, sleep is vital to looking and feeling good. I used to neglect rest with a busy lifestyle, but you soon realise that when you’re overly tired, it shows in your skin. Bags under your eyes will become more prominent, a dullness to your complexion will appear and you won’t feel good in yourself. Your skin needs a good night’s sleep as much as your brain does. It’s a vital time to reset and rejuvenate both mentally and physically.”
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Liz Earle MBE, Midlife Wellbeing Expert

“What goes on in your gut is reflected in your face. I’ve learnt this over the years and it’s something not many of us realise, but our gut has a huge bearing on our complexion and the health of it. It’s essential to look after your good gut bugs (I now drink kefir daily) and in return, they will look after you and keep your skin in check.”

“Replacing oestrogen as we age is hugely important. We lose oestrogen from our epidermal skin cell receptors – typically from our early forties onwards. This leads to a significant loss of collagen within our complexion and skin in general. Transdermal oestrogen (regulated HRT) is, in my opinion, the best kept beauty secret for mid-life women and beyond. It’s easy to get hold of and comes with a plethora of benefits. This one is a big beauty lesson for me, and one I feel everyone should know about.”
“Retinol isn’t something to be afraid of. In fact, it’s incredibly beneficial and useful as we get older. It took me a while to dive into its benefits and really understand how it works, but now I use it regularly and my skin looks so much better for it – so much so, I wish I began using it earlier.”
“Investing in good skincare treatments as early as you can is key. I think this is important as we get older and want to take care of our complexion. I recommend investing in LED/NIR light technology – both of which cater to several skincare issues and concerns, from dark spots to wrinkling and fine lines. Likewise, look for medical-grade LED masks – their benefits are truly astonishing, non-invasive and transformational. My go-to is the CELLRETURN mask – an investment, but so worth it for the long-term results.”
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Jo Malone CBE, British Perfumer & Founder of Jo Loves

With age, I’ve learnt that you can’t be defined by other people’s opinion of you. It’s important instead to be defined by your own dreams and aspirations. I’ve come to realise that living by other people’s  opinions and feelings causes you to look inwards, never outwards – the happiest, most radiant people I know look outward. This is important to me, as happiness shines through every part of you – it’s youthful. It’s that feeling of being part of something, and it’s hugely rewarding – I believe happiness has a big bearing on your overall appearance.”

“Any form of skin stimulation is important. Especially self-massage – this is the key to a plump, healthy-looking complexion. I try to massage my skin with a rich cleansing balm daily, using my knuckles and hands to really get down deep. I often buy base creams – like Cetaphil – and add oils to them for a richer formula. Eve Lom’s Cleanser is my go-to as well. I’ve used this for years and the thick, oily, waxy texture is second to none. Another rule I swear by – as we all likely do – is to remove every ounce of make-up before I go to bed. It’s also important to cleanse fully every evening to get rid of sweat and dirt that can sink in overnight if left untouched.”
My advice to my younger self would be to start Pilates as soon as you can. I suffer from anxiety and it’s affected my breathing. I didn’t discover the joys Pilates could bring until it was too late. I feel incredibly healthy when I do it, and afterwards, I feel it impacts my skin and I truly do look fresher. When I do it three times a week, my sleep pattern is better, too – it’s the best remedy for just about everything. My trainer Sarah Bentley totally changed my life and taught me how to do it properly, as well as the importance of breath work.”
“Subtle enhancements shouldn’t be neglected – especially as we get older. I’m talking about tinting your brows, lashes and getting your nails done. These simple, but important, treatments are crucial for our wellbeing and general mood. When we look good, we feel good and, to me, it’s as simple as that. When I can’t access treatments, I love to immerse my face into ice water before applying any make-up. This simple trick tightens the skin and gives your complexion a smooth quality that means any make-up applied on top is flawless.”
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Charlotte Mensah, Award-Winning Hairstylist & Founder of Manketti Oil Haircare

“Being kind to yourself and embracing your appearance is something we all need to do more of. As a youngster, I thought my high cheekbones made my face look enormous when I smiled, so I spent my entire childhood frowning and looking grumpy to compensate. Looking back, it’s such a shame as I now believe they’re one of my best features. People often ask if I’ve had filler – I mean, what a result! It’s important you reflect on your face and find the areas that are unique to you – this is one of my biggest beauty learnings.”

“Everyone should replace their products on a regular basis. Many of us use the same products consistently, but I’ve learnt the importance of a good clear-out. This is especially true for mascara. I now replace mine every two months because I am often told how unhygienic it can be to keep (and use) one for longer. Plus, nothing looks more ageing than dry, clumpy mascara. Likewise, a good tip I’ve picked up over the years is to keep your nail polish in the fridge. It sounds simple, but it prevents it from thickening over time.”
“A whole-hearted smile is your most youthful tool. No amount of cosmetic products can possibly give you the kind of beauty a genuine and wholehearted smile can. It is incredibly youthful to smile and it instantly freshens up your face.”
“It’s been said before, but lifestyle has a huge bearing on appearance. This is something I’ve known for a long time, but it bears repeating. For good skin and hair, your diet should be nutrition-rich. If you want to maintain a smooth complexion and shiny, healthy hair, try mixing your diet with fruits, vegetables, nuts and pulses – trust me, it pays off long-term.”
“The piece of advice I’d give to my younger-self would be to choose the ‘trends’ you follow carefully. When I look back at pictures of myself 25 years ago, I see my over-plucked brows and realise that I hopped on board with the ‘thin pencil look’ trend. I wish I’d left them alone – they would have a much better shape and more fullness now.”
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Marie Reynolds, Skin & Wellness Expert

“Drinking water isn’t just a beauty myth; it plays a huge role in keeping skin in check. As a young therapist, I would work back-to-back and hardly drink any fluids. I still work long hours but now I have at least 2.5 litres of water a day. I’ve learnt over the years how crucial this is for a great complexion and eliminating toxic waste, but also maintaining optimal brain and fascia health. Think about your kidneys having to pump 60 litres of blood a day – it needs at least two litres of water to assist the kidneys. If these organs didn’t get the appropriate amount of hydration, then they take fluids from neighbouring organs, including the liver and gut whose job it is to eliminate toxins so, in effect, your kidneys will recycle metabolic waste.”

Saying no to things is important for your inner and outer appearance. I say this because stress has a huge impact on the skin, as raised cortisol (stress) levels can inflame your adrenals and, in turn, raise inflammation. Saying no definitely comes with age, but I’ve learnt how important it is for physical and mental health. Stress impacts skin with breakouts, sensitivity and flare-ups like eczema and dryness.. Be kind to yourself and look out for number one – your complexion will thank you.”
“Harsh ingredients are a big no-go, in my opinion. In my younger years, I got swept away with astringent ingredients and acids to keep up with skincare ‘trends.’ I never stuck to my gut which was telling me less is more. I learnt fast that while some ‘minor’ trauma is necessary to trigger your skin’s natural healing response – and along with it collagen – you don’t need excessive trauma or treatments that cause pain. This will only prolong inflammation and can lead to scar collagen instead of natural collagen. A big lesson learnt is to do your research, know your individual skin type and remember that you don’t have to inflict severe pain to achieve dramatic, radiant results.”
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