A Guide To Teeth Tweakments

A Guide To Teeth Tweakments

The cosmetic-dentistry industry in this country is booming – searches for dental procedures have soared by 73%, according to Mintel, and that’s specifically in older age groups. Better-looking teeth can have a dramatic youthful effect on your face and take years off your appearance, and with newer techniques, better materials and gentler techniques, there are more options available than ever. Read on to hear what the experts advise…

Get To Know All Your Options 

“Contrary to popular belief, there are many teeth procedure options available for those who are mature,” says cosmetic dentist and owner of Chelsea Dental Clinic, Dr Rhona Eskander. “You can have all sorts of treatments – the key is to become acquainted with your options. Orthodontics are still absolutely an option, especially Invisalign – a treatment that allows us to align your teeth discreetly. With this option, we will change a clear set of aligners for you every 7-14 days. Each tray moves the teeth into the ideal end position. As they’re clear, they fit in with any lifestyle and age, plus, the treatment plan is bespoke to you to ensure you get the best results. Fixed braces are also an option and they can be placed on the front or the backs of your teeth. Yes, they’re less discreet, but they are a better option for those needing extensive treatment. If you’ve already had bonding or veneers, we can then make a plan as to what is best for you, and re-fix your bite in the process, too.”

Don’t Neglect The Less Invasive Procedures

“It doesn’t have to be braces or nothing,” adds Dr Izabella Romanowska, a cosmetic dentist at White & Co. “Whitening is a simple procedure using special gels that break down discolouration and brighten your entire tooth surface for a better appearance overall. You can also look to edge and composite bonding, as well as veneers – these are non-invasive treatments where a composite resin material is applied to your tooth surface to restore its original appearance and smoothness. It can also be used to lengthen teeth or to close gaps and repair chips – the results are quite clever. The only difference between each one is the amount of resin that covers the tooth surface. As for porcelain veneers, this is where a thin layer of porcelain is cemented onto the surface of your tooth, replicating its natural appearance. They are still deemed the gold standard in cosmetic dentistry thanks to the long-lasting and natural results they give.”

Remember There Is More To Consider As You Mature

“As we age, our bodies reabsorb certain minerals – such as phosphate and calcium – from the bones, instead of retaining them,” advises Dr Izabella. “This makes your bone structure more porous, weaker and less dense. Low bone density in the jaw can result in periodontal disease and, as a result, can lead to tooth mobility and loss. With this in mind, it’s important your dentist takes X-rays and examines your bones before committing to any permanent fixtures. It’s also essential you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, and see your dentist regularly to sustain good oral health.” 

Always Wear A Retainer

“Teeth move during our lifetime, but especially as we age,” says Dr Rhona. “This is why, in some cases, you may need orthodontic treatment more than once. When teeth start to move, consider getting a retainer made to hold your teeth in place if you don’t want orthodontic treatment. If you have had braces, remember your retainer is for life – fixed and night-time removable ones should be considered, as well as worn religiously.” 

Contrary to popular belief, there are many teeth procedure options available for those who are mature.
Dr Rhona Eskander

Speak To Your Dental Expert About Key Concerns

“We’ve covered the treatments on offer, but it’s also important to note they can be tailored to you,” says Dr Rhona. “For instance, as we age, our upper lip drops and the distance from the nose to the upper lip becomes longer – this means less teeth on show. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider lengthening the teeth with veneers or bonding. Likewise, teeth become shorter over time due to gentle grinding forces and acidic/abrasive diets, so all this needs to be taken into consideration. If your teeth have narrowed, you may want to consider achieving a wider smile which creates more lip support and has an anti-ageing effect – often, you can best achieve this with fixed braces.” 

Ignore The Common Misconceptions 

“There are many myths when it comes to teeth tweaks for mature women,” continues Dr Rhona. “The biggest is that you can be ‘too old’ to have braces. There really is no limit, it just depends on your roots and the amount of bone you have left. I have plenty of people in their 60s having both fixed braces and Invisalign [clear aligners]. Another misconception is that veneers mean your teeth are cut down to pegs. This is so wrong, as nowadays teeth don’t need to be cut down aggressively. In fact, you can have minimal prep veneers which relies on excellent cementing techniques. Finally, ignore it if you hear crowns and existing fillings mean you’re ineligible for treatments. We can still move teeth orthodontically, regardless of whether the teeth have existing restorations. The only tweak we may make is to old fillings and veneers for a slicker, even appearance – the options are truly endless, it just requires on you seeking a dentist who’s experienced and in tune with the results you want.”

Finally, Keep Stains At Bay For A Healthier Appearance

“Treatments aside, you can improve the appearance of your teeth by simply looking after them,” adds Dr Izabella. “Coffee, tea, red wine, nicotine, red meat and colourful spices all have the potential to stain. In order to keep teeth brighter, avoid too many drinks with high staining potential, or drink through a straw. Rinsing your mouth with water after eating or drinking any of the above is a simple way to reduce unwanted staining, too. On top of this, regular hygiene appointments are pivotal to keeping your teeth looking clean and shiny.” Dr Rhona adds: “In terms of easy lifestyle tweaks for better teeth, smoking should always be avoided. It causes gum disease which can lead to bone and tooth loss – an issue we face in any case as we age, so it’s best not to exacerbate it. Smoking also affects the normal function of gum tissue, causing infections and restricting blood flow, so avoid at all costs, especially if you want to undergo treatments.” 
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