The Pro-Ageing Skincare Brand Worth Having On Your Radar

The Pro-Ageing Skincare Brand Worth Having On Your Radar

If your skin is suffering from signs of ageing – be it wrinkles or dark spots – you’ll know how difficult it is to get rid of them entirely. The good news is you can gradually reduce their appearance with topical remedies. Cue cult brand PRAI Beauty, whose best-selling line sells out regularly and garners lengthy waitlists. Their products are proven to show speedy, anti-ageing results, as demonstrated by their impressive tester results. To find out what makes PRAI different, and why it’s so efficacious, we spoke to the brand’s founder Cathy Kangas for everything you need to know…


Let’s Start With The Basics, How Did PRAI Beauty Come To Be? 

“I worked in the beauty industry for a number of years and realised it was shutting out women over 40, by targeting younger women with their products and marketing campaigns. It was something that made no sense to me. I wanted to create a beauty brand that spoke to women of all ages and used high-end ingredients at an accessible price point. What also mattered hugely was creating a brand that could give back to animal rescue efforts – this is embedded in our PRAI Beauty DNA.” 


In Such A Crowded Market, Why Does The Brand Stand Out?

“We use the very best, intelligent ingredients on the market, and we’ve always been able to keep costs down for our customers. It’s this delicate balance that sets us apart from the crowd. We don’t believe women need to spend £100 on a face cream to see results – it just doesn’t work like that. Providing you use great ingredients, and do your research, accessibility can be achieved. We’re also very pro-ageing, so we use age-appropriate models in all of our communication – something not all brands do. We never use big A-list celebrities or huge advertising campaigns, which means we don’t pass the costs down to our customers. Often, we’re using the hottest and latest ingredients before they become a trend, and we’re very proud of that – our chemists are such an asset to our team.”


Speaking Of Ingredients, What Are The Key Ones You Use & Why?

“We regularly use peptides to help support and build collagen, as well as hyaluronic acid and retinol. These are ingredients that are often searched for by our customers, so it makes sense to incorporate their benefits into our range. We also use ceramides which act like building blocks, helping to hold the skin together, while limiting moisture loss, too. The key ingredient in our popular neck cream is Sepilift, which is brilliant at restoring elasticity.” 


Your Products Work Well For Mature Skin – Why Is This Age Bracket So Key?

“Our skin drastically changes over time and women will find the skincare they used in their 30s or 40s no longer cuts it as they mature into their 50s and 60s. We know the ageing process has a huge effect on the skin – think loss of collagen, dehydration and accelerated signs of wrinkling – and mature skin overall needs thicker, more hydrating formulas as a result to keep it luminous and plump. It’s for this reason we saw a gap in the market and wanted to create PRAI. Often the first signs of ageing are small fine lines, wrinkles and a dulling of the complexion. This can be from cell turnover slowing down, as well as your skin’s inability to hold moisture as we pass through each decade. Our 24K Gold Collection is essential for all these issues. The products contain real colloidal gold, which not only helps to boost your cells turnover, but it also lends a lovely soft glow to your skin’s surface, while peptides and ceramides plump the skin out to reduce fine lines.” 

I wanted to create a beauty brand that spoke to women of all ages and used high-end ingredients at an accessible price point.
Cathy Kangas


I wanted to create a beauty brand that spoke to women of all ages and used high-end ingredients at an accessible price point.
Cathy Kangas

You Describe Your Brand As ‘Targeted’ – What Does This Mean?

“We’re very proud to be a targeted skincare brand, which means we have a number of cult best-selling products for all areas of the body. Our best-selling Ageless Throat & Decolletage Crème sells every 60 seconds worldwide and it continues to be a real hero for us. We also have the Upper Arm Crème, Ageless Hand Crème, Bust Crème and targeted products for your eyes and lips – it’s very different to other brands’ offerings, as we target areas that some have ignored entirely. We’re also very proud of our facial skincare, including the much-loved 24K Gold Wrinkle Repair Collection which is now a best-seller at M&S. It’s ideal if you want to address the first signs of ageing without breaking the bank.” 


When It Comes To The Ageing Process, What PRAI Products Do You Recommend Most?

“The 24K Gold Wrinkle Repair collection is a great starting point. It uses ingredients that are proven to show results, such as peptides called ‘Syn-Coll,’ nulastic silk and hyaluronic acid – as well as 24K gold, of course. As a brand, we also educate women to not neglect their neck as it’s a forgotten step in most people’s skincare regimes. It needs a very targeted formula that doesn’t drag or pull down the very thin skin that sits there. This is why our Ageless Throat & Decolletage Crème is a best-seller and one I’d always recommend trying. Finally, I love the new MenoGlow collection that’s just launched at M&S. It’s been designed with perimenopause and menopausal skin in mind. The Hot Flush Cool Fix Serum is perfect at refreshing your complexion and keeping hot flushes at bay – I keep one in the fridge at all times.” 


Products Aside, What’s Your Top Skincare Advice For Mature Women?

“Listen to your skin. You’ll find you need to mix up your skincare throughout the year and don’t be afraid to do so. Glow-boosting, lightweight formulas work well in the summer, while hydrating textures are better come winter. If you’ve used a retinol and your skin has become inflamed, pare everything right back, or try adding some cooling ingredients. The message here is, your skin is ever-changing and, as soon as we start to give it what it needs, when it needs it, your complexion will thank you for it. We have a team of in-store beauty consultants who are always on hand to help if you ever find it confusing or are unsure where to start.” 


Finally, Tell Us Something People May Not Know About PRAI? 

“We use a special oil in all of the products that originated in Thailand – it’s actually what inspired the name ‘PRAI.’ We’re also Leaping Bunny and PETA certified, which is something we’re hugely proud of, and it means we don’t trade in China. Finally, M&S currently have £5 OFF the entire 24K Gold Wrinkle Repair Collection throughout June – don’t miss it if you’re keen to try the range. We also have a big sleep campaign linked to the menopause coming out later this year, so watch this space.” 


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