Skincare Capsules: What They Are & Why You Should Use Them

Skincare Capsules: What They Are & Why You Should Use Them

Single-dose skincare capsules have soared in popularity – and with good reason. By encapsulating buzz-worthy ingredients, like retinol and vitamin C, their ability to preserve their potency helps to deliver optimum anti-ageing results over time. What’s more, they’re an eco-friendly option, as most are biodegradable and will give you just the right amount of product per use. There are several variations on the market, but none stand out quite like those from Elizabeth Arden. As global leaders in single-dose skincare, it’s no wonder their iconic capsules have won countless awards and remain bestsellers today after launching thirty years ago. We explain their key benefits, how to use them, and list four of the best from the brand worth trying…


The Capsules Are Full Of Ceramides

At the core of Elizabeth Arden’s capsules are ceramides. These make up over 50% of our skin’s composition to form a protective barrier, keeping our skin plump and hydrated. Over time, however, our natural levels deplete, hence the need to keep up topical application within your skincare. “To better understand how ceramides work, think of your skin as a brick wall,” says Dr Dendy Engelman, Elizabeth Arden Consulting Dermatologist. “Your skin cells are the bricks, while ceramides and other lipids make up the mortar that holds them together. As skin loses its ability to replenish ceramides it can no longer sufficiently bind those cells together, resulting in skin that loses firmness and clarity, looking dry and dull.” To counteract these issues, Elizabeth Arden launched their iconic capsules in 1990, and now, they sell every second globally.* Using identical ceramides and moisture-boosting ingredients, their capsules work to combat dryness, ageing and issues like slackened skin with regular application.
Based on Elizabeth Arden prestige units shipped, Insights + APO Data 8/18-7/19.

They Are Sealed For A Reason

Experts claim the reason capsules are so effective is because they’re sealed and opaque. Often, unstable ingredients like retinol and vitamin C can oxidise (break down) when they’re exposed to air – this can be as soon as you twist the lid off your cream or serum. However, capsules keep your ingredients sealed for a one-off use, preventing them from becoming compromised over time. With this in mind, it's little wonder Elizabeth Arden's potent capsules have such rave reviews. Locking in powerful ingredients, their formulas yield impressive results. So much so, up to 100% of women showed an improvement in the overall apperance of their skin after using the brand's cult Daily Youth Restoring Serum, while 98% said their complexion was plumper when using their Hyaluronic Acid Capsules Hydra-Plumping Serum.**
* Based on a US clinical study of 43 women aged 36-64 after 8 weeks of use.
**Consumer study, 55 women after 4 weeks. 

It’s Better To Apply Them Before Your Moisturiser

As capsules contain a formula akin to a serum, you should layer them on post-cleanse but pre-moisturiser. This will prevent any ingredients from seeping out and, instead, will ensure they travel deeper into the skin for better results. Another benefit of capsules is that they take the guesswork out of what dosage to use. Elizabeth Arden’s contain enough for full coverage of your face, neck and décolleté, so you always use the right amount and never have any waste.


Capsules keep your ingredients sealed for a one-off use, boosting potency and preventing them from becoming compromised over time.
Capsules keep your ingredients sealed for a one-off use, boosting potency and preventing them from becoming compromised over time.

Likewise, Application Both Morning & Night Is Best

For best results, use your capsules twice a day, both morning and night. Try mixing them up and tailoring two capsules together to target individual concerns. For example, Elizabeth Arden’s vitamin C and Retinol capsules will work in unison to target multiple signs of ageing and brighten your complexion, while evening out tone – think lines and wrinkles – while their Hyaluronic Acid capsules will sit nicely alongside the Retinol ones, working to plump and hydrate. Don't forget to stick to retinol usage at night when your skin isn't in contact with the sun or daily elements. 

Keen To Try Capsules? Here Are Our Top Recommendations From Elizabeth Arden…

Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum | From £45

BEST FOR: Targeting Fine Lines & Wrinkles

WHAT THEY DO: These clever capsules are 76%* more potent compared to non-encapsulated equivalent formulas, this is thanks to their sealed container. Because of this, they work hard – and quickly – to deliver just the right amount of vitamin A, which works gradually to smooth, plump and fill fine lines. Paired with skin-softening ceramides, irritation is kept to the minimum, too, while the gel-like formula also works well with other skincare products. Its results also speak for themselves – with 91% of testers agreeing that their skin tone was more even and smooth. For optimum results, use these capsules at night when the formula is less likely to be exposed to any light that can potentially weaken its effects. 
Based on tests predictive of 10-month shelf-life.

THE STATS: A US study showed 94% of testers saw a visible improvement in their skin’s texture and agreed their skin looked more youthful and radiant post-use*
**Based on a US consumer study of 58 women aged 30-70 after 8 weeks’ use.

Available here

Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules Hydra-Plumping Serum | From £45

BEST FOR: Targeting Dry, Dehydrated Skin

WHAT THEY DO: New to the line-up, these are brimming with hydrating hyaluronic acid (HA) which plumps the skin with moisture and keeps it locked in for hours. This, paired with nourishing ceramides, means skin’s bounce is maintained, resulting in a firmer-looking appearance, and the added emollient oils will keep your complexion smooth and supple. Unlike similar HA formulas, this can penetrate your skin's surface (up to 4x deeper*) more efficiently as its molecule weight is 500x** smaller than traditional HA - put simply, this means it can absorb and sink in much more readily for speedy results.
Extrapolated calculations based on published articles
Based on the smallest molecular weight of our HA vs. traditional HA

THE STATS:  Up to 98% of women said their skin was plumper with a more youthful bounce, too.

*Consumer study, 55 women after four weeks’ use.

Available here

Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum | £43

BEST FOR: Targeting Early Signs Of Ageing

WHAT THEY DO: Tackling a bit of everything, these do-it-all capsules are brilliant for those with normal/combination skin seeking a great, all-round remedy. Rich in texture, the silky oil is full of fatty acids and, of course, ceramides. Both of these lock down moisture, but they also strengthen the skin and boost its firmness over time. As a result, skin looks smoother and more radiant – not to mention even in tone. The addition of coconut oil and nourishing lipids means skin is softer, too – something you’ll find incredibly satisfying.

THE STATS: A whopping 100% of women showed an improvement in the overall appearance of their skin* with regular usage.

*Based on a US clinical study of 43 women aged 36-64 after 8 weeks’ use.

Available here

Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules Radiance Renewal Serum | From £45

BEST FOR: Targeting & Combatting Dullness

WHAT THEY DO: If dullness is your bugbear, these capsules should be your port of call. Brimming with vitamin C, they work to balance out skin tone and gently remove dead cells for a brighter and more luminous complexion. The addition of Clary Sage works to break down dark spots, too. While it won’t eliminate them entirely, regular use will help diminish their appearance and smooth everything out. It takes time to get used to the texture – it’s a dry oil – but once you do, you’ll love how quickly it absorbs and the lightweight feel that never interferes with other formulas. Despite it being dry, the emollient oils and ceramides inside maintain moisture levels and keep skin feeling hydrated long after you’ve applied it. 

THE STATS: Another impressive study showed 100% of women had a clinical improvement in the overall look of their skin with regular use.*

*Based on a US clinical study of 31 subjects after 8 weeks’ of use.

Available here

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