Stylist Rebecca Poulter’s Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Stylist Rebecca Poulter’s Fashion Dos and Don’ts

If you’ve spent the last few months in sweatpants and feel that your fashion sense has gone out the window, who better to know than stylist Rebecca Poulter? Her signature relaxed and informal style makes her well worth a follow for everyday outfit inspiration. Here she shares her top fashion tips that will help get your wardrobe out of a rut.

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DO only dress for yourself. As a stylist, I think this is the most important thing. I wear what I love and I know what suits me. I don’t think about whether it is something anyone else will like or approve of (especially the husband who detests a boilersuit!). The result is that I appear confident in my clothes which, as we get older, makes a huge difference to how the world sees us as women.

DO spend money on good basics. This means buying great bras and knickers that fit. You need to make sure you have the right underwear for the right outfit. Go and have a bra fitting session – it makes a huge difference to how your clothes fit and will also improve your posture.
DON’T be swayed by trends. It is so easy to be sucked into buying things because you have a friend who looks great in those trousers or that dress, or because someone you love on Instagram is wearing it. Trust me – as someone who did this for years, it is a total waste of time. The truth is we don’t all look good in the same things, so stay true to yourself.
DO try something new. If you really fancy wearing a dress but this is not normally your thing, so what? Give it a try. I am a huge supporter of the high street and you will find so much choice out there, whether you want a floral maxi dress or a gingham midi dress. My advice would be to look for a dress you can wear in lots of different ways and one that can be layered up to make it more versatile. 

DON’T think you are too old for anything. The days of being too old for things are thankfully long gone, and I know some super stylish ladies in their 50s and 60s who look fabulous in florals, who can rock a pair of dungarees and love a stripey Breton. It is all about how you feel when you wear things. I still feel young enough to wear most things. The only exception is hot pants, but only because nobody needs to see that.
DO add a bright lipstick. If you are really having one of those days when nothing feels like it fits, and you feel blah in everything, there is nothing that will lift your face like a great lipstick. I always go with a red and it never lets me down.

DON’T wear uncomfortable shoes. Wearing a great on-trend shoe is a fabulous way to update your look, but there is nothing worse than badly fitting footwear. My top tip is to purchase a really good classic white trainer. They are smart enough to wear with anything from a suit to a floral dress, and will always be a little bit cool.
DO add interesting details to an outfit. If you are wearing a plain sweater, add a stripey long-sleeved tee underneath and pull out the cuffs, or invest in a fabulous collar which you can add to anything from a dress to a sweatshirt. Both these things will add interest and an injection of colour.

DON’T forget to shop as sustainably as you can. The world does not need more clothing ending up in landfill.  I know you’ve heard this many times but, before you buy something, try and create at least ten different outfits from it.  I always try to get rid of something existing when I buy a new piece. The preloved market is hugely popular and a brilliant way to give an item of clothing a new lease of life. I have used Vinted and eBay, but there are many more if you take a look.
DO invest in a good handbag. I am not suggesting you rush out to buy a Chanel but, if you can invest in one really good handbag, it will last you for years.  APC do a gorgeous selection of timeless bags that look good with any outfit.

 DO make a note of outfits that really work. I find my Instagram feed a really good place to do this so I can always refer back to how I styled a certain outfit.  Pinterest is also a great place to create a board of your favourite images and you can add any outfit you find inspiring or may want to recreate at a later date.
DON’T forget that fashion should be fun and that there is nothing wrong with taking time to find your style. You are an individual and your style will always reflect that.
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