Why Your Skincare Routine Needs Essential Oils

Why Your Skincare Routine Needs Essential Oils

Essential oils are potent and when used skilfully and in the right formulations, their anti-ageing benefits are second to none. Cue Decléor who is a leader in aromatherapy with scientifically proven results. Its well-loved formulas are incredibly gentle, working at speed to hydrate, reduce the appearance of uneven tone, fine lines and boost a better glow for a more youthful-looking complexion. Often lauded as an effective brand for quick, radiant results, its ranges continue to be popular. Here’s everything you need to know about them, as well as the top products to try for more supple, smoother-looking skin.
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Decléor Only Uses The Best

Decléor utilise only the very best ingredients: “Every essential oil we use has proven clinical efficacy,” explains Jen Hirsch, beauty botanist and Decléor ambassador. “The brand combines active ingredients with scientifically-selected essential oils so as you get great results for every skin need. We use the efficacious concentration to get results at speed – everything is vetted and blended by our expert team of aromatherapists, aromachologists and dermatologists, so you can trust your skin is in the very best hands.” Better still, all of Decléor’s essential oils are specially selected for a gentler approach and maximum freshness.

The Essential Oils Inside Target Every Need

The key to maximising the potential of essential oils is to suspend them in a nourishing base, which is exactly what Decléor do with other ingredients like apricot and peach kernel oil – these work in tandem with other essential oils to provide visible results. Each Decléor range has a key ‘essential oil’ at the heart to help you shop with ease and focus on your individual needs – for instance, White Magnolia is loved for its anti-ageing benefits while Lavender tackles fine lines and Green Mandarin helps those looking to re-energise their skin for better glow.

Each Formula Works Fast

When put in contact with your skin, your body heat activates the power of essential oils to give off the scent – the result? Not only a calmer headspace but speedy skincare benefits, too. It’s one of the reasons Decléor’s formulas as so popular – not only do they overhaul the appearance of your complexion, the entire process or applying the products is a hugely satisfying experience. Take the time to massage them into your complexion – breathe in the power of their essential oils before applying it directly onto your skin. 

Shop Our Favourite Anti-Ageing Buys From Decléor...


White Magnolia Anti-Ageing Rosy Cream, £89

Best For: Dull, Lacklustre Skin

Why We Love It: The name alone makes us want to snap this up immediately. Designed to give your complexion a rosy overhaul, enriched with lactic acid, white magnolia and ginger this cream swiftly removes sluggish skin cells and boost brightness and increase hydration. It has a rich texture, so it’s ideal if your skin sits on the drier side – massage it in, let it settle then go in with your make-up. It’s sheer, dewy quality makes it a great base for any foundation to sit on top of. It’s not just us that love it – 94% of testers found their skin felt smoother post-use, while 78% found they had better glow.**Self-assessment test on 50 women after 4 weeks.Available here


Lavender Fine Lifting Aromessence Oil Serum, £63

Best For: Wrinkles & Fine LinesWhy We Love It: Lavender Fine takes centre stage. If your primary concern is skin laxity or a lack of smoothness, this serum has the ability to boost firmness while toning the skin with a relaxing fragrance. Take the time to warm this up in your hands, then press it onto your skin in patting motions for maximum absorbency. Enriched with chamomile essential oil and plum kernals, this serum amps up moisture levels fast.The immediate luminosity it gives skin is satisfying, as is the non-sticky texture that never interferes with the rest of your routine. Its results are just as impressive – up to 90% of testers found their skin felt smoother, while 71% found their skin felt firmer.**Self-assessment test on 50 women after 4 weeks.​Available here


Green Mandarin Glow Night Balm, £50

Best For: Speedy Moisture 

Why We Love It: You only need a small amount of this satisfyingly thick balm as a little goes a long way. Warm it up with your fingers, then massage it in, working in upward motions for the best benefits. Not only will the aroma of the essential oils keep you calm and soothed, they'll also plump up your skin and provide a visible glow from the off. Leave it on overnight, allowing the hydrating ingredients to get to work - you'll see how much smoother and more refreshed skin looks and feels.Available here


Green Mandarin Vitamin Glow Cream, £60

Best For: Speedy Radiance

Why We Love It: Enriched with green mandarin essential oil, this new, indulgent cream is like a blanket for your skin. Enriched with sweet orange, grapefruit, lemon oils and vitamin C glucoside, it quickly boost dullness for a brighter appearance. Better still, illuminating pigments offer a soft-focus glow that instantly enhances and smooths out tone – you might even find you can skip base make-up altogether. It’s not just us that love it – up to 90% of users said their skin felt more nourished afterwards, while 84% said their skin felt healthier.* Use it daily every morning post-serum but pre-SPF. 

Available here


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