8 Beauty Insiders Share Their 2023 Resolutions
8 Beauty Insiders Share Their 2023 Resolutions

8 Beauty Insiders Share Their 2023 Resolutions

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reset your beauty and wellness habits. Whether it’s upping your fitness ante, streamlining your routine, ditching certain formulations or adopting a ‘less is more’ approach, we asked some of the industry’s top insiders to share the changes they plan to make for 2023.

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Alice Hart-Davies

Founder of The Tweakments Guide & Award-Winning Journalist

“For 2023, I intend on taking more cold showers. It sounds mad and, yes, I hate the thought of them, but they really do boost your mood afterwards. The sensation they give is addictive. On top of this, I’ll be adopting ‘The Five Second Rule’ to get past procrastination. It’s something I’ve just learned from Mel Robbins’ book of the same name. If you don’t know it, this says: If you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within five seconds or your brain will kill it. So, when I wake up, rather than thinking, ‘Cold shower? Nnnngh, maybe…,’ I’ll say to myself: ‘Cold shower! 5,4,3,2,1 – go!’ and just go do it. Try it. The mad thing is that it works.”


Bobbi Brown

Professional Make-Up Artist & Founder of Jones Road

“I’ve only just started using an infrared sauna, but it’s been a game-changer for me. It leaves me feeling detoxed, rejuvenated and so relaxed – I will continue using it in 2023 as the results have really surprised me. On top of that, I want to streamline my make-up further. It’s something my brand – Jones Road – now reflects. I want more of a two-minute make-up bag – all anyone needs is a good mascara, brow pencil and skin booster. My Miracle Balms – in Tawny and Au Naturel – are the best products for ridding dullness and enhancing glow fast. Finally, I’ll be upping the exercise ante. Even if it’s just stretching or walking – it makes a big difference to how I look and feel. I am making an ode to myself to ensure I get something in every morning – no matter how quick.” 

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Charlotte Mensah

Hair Artist & Founder of Manketti Haircare

“First and foremost, I plan on getting good rest next year. Eight hours’ sleep is vital and it’s something I never manage. Not only is it critical to your mental health, but also for a good beauty routine. Why? Because sleep acts as a natural moisturiser, which will help you smooth out your skin. I want to get my eight hours as much as possible – not least because it also helps to ensure your body and organs are being repaired and restored while you sleep. On top of this, I want to read more. Books have always been a safe place for me but, of late, I’ve lost my reading rhythm. In 2023, I will enforce an evening reading period – it could be five pages, it could be 50, but I want to get my mind back to working. Lastly, I will be starting a gratitude journal, writing one thing I appreciate every day. After all, the biggest blessing we all have is to be alive – nothing is a given and nothing is promised, so it pays to re-centre daily.”


Inge Van Lotringen

Beauty Journalist & SheerLuxe The Gold Edition Contributor

"My resolutions are about getting the fundamentals right for a healthy body and mind. That means drinking enough water daily – which I've been intending to do for 52 years but still can't manage – and starting every day with a dose of daylight and fresh air, even if it's just a few squats in the garden. I want to stop heading half-comatose to my laptop in the morning and getting stuck there for the whole day with no breaks. If I can manage those two things, I think I will end up looking and feeling a whole lot better."


Jo Malone CBE

Founder & Creative Director of Jo Loves

“I want to make the very best of myself and my life in 2023. Firstly, I plan on focusing on my exercise routine and I intend on being strict with myself. From my 10,000 steps a day to my 20-minute Pilates routine, I need to ensure I don’t deviate. If I am anywhere near a swimming pool, I would like to try and do water Pilates, too. In terms of beauty, I’ve recently found I need to wear more eye make-up, so I plan on investing in some key products for 2023. A nicely made-up eye completely transforms my face. Finally, I want to treasure all of 2023’s adventures – I want to keep learning new things to continually feed my soul.”


Marie Reynolds

Skin & Wellness Expert

“My New Year's resolution is to look after myself more. I was due to have an operation on my shoulder at the end of this year but have chosen instead to go down the route of stem cell therapy. So, 2023 for me will include lots of the wellness practices that I recommend and do for my clients. For example, the Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy in my Norfolk clinic – this decompresses the atmosphere around you, which forces the oxygen in the chamber to be received by your body through a mask. The oxygen then makes its way into your bodily fluids and plasma; these fluids can go where your red blood cells can’t which ensures that more of your body is being oxygenated for better cognitive function and overall health. 

Wild swimming is another resolution. I already do this as often as I can but, in the new year, I want to make it a bigger part of my life – especially post-op as it helps to reduce inflammation in the body, reduce pain and increase circulation for tissue repair. I would also really like to do more Qi Gong which works on the meridian and Qi system within the body. I would like to do some more work focusing on my breathing and balancing my Qi which will help to calm the mind. A balanced Qi is great for the autonomic nervous system – it helps to reduce blood pressure and decrease inflammation and stress.”

@MarieReynolds MRL

Ruby Hammer

MBE Pro Make-Up Artist & Brand Founder

“I try not to pressurise myself too much with resolutions. That said, I want to use the new year to focus more on my hair. Currently, it screams ‘SOS’. I plan on investing and trialling anything and everything that helps me to boost it and breathe life back into it. Good hair is very anti-ageing, so it’s where my focus will be for 2023. That and more cardio – I am aware I need to work up a sweat more for a healthier heart. Fitness aside, cardio is key for better mental agility, clarity and less stress – there are endless positives.”  



World-Renowned Facialist & Founder of Su-Man Skin

“My beauty resolution for 2023 is movement. In traditional Chinese medicine, we believe it is the answer to anti-ageing. It keeps your body alive and awake, and the perfect recipe for looking and feeling more youthful. Movement also helps to maintain and balance your energy levels – this isn’t just in the body, it also applies to your face which, by the way, has heaps of little muscles that need working. I plan to keep these stimulated with a daily facial massage – you only need your fingers or a tool like a gua sha to maintain the movement in this area. Finally, I’ll be drinking at least two litres of water a day in the new year – it’s key if you want to achieve glowing and toned skin.”


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