Your Top Beauty Questions, Answered By Ingeborg Van Lotringen
Your Top Beauty Questions, Answered By Ingeborg Van Lotringen

Your Top Beauty Questions, Answered By Ingeborg Van Lotringen

In this month’s column, beauty director and journalist Ingeborg van Lotringen answers some of the questions you asked on the SL Community. From whether collagen is worth the investment for healthier hair and nails to how to restore limp, lacklustre hair, here are her tips and the products she recommends.

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What Are Your Thoughts On Collagen? Is It Worth The Spend For Healthier Nails, Skin & Hair?

“In my opinion, collagen supplements can’t hurt (ingesting any protein or collagen – a type of protein – is going to support your tissues). But I think they are overpriced given that proof is quite scant that they do more for skin, hair and nails than eating a protein-rich diet or even supplementing with amino acids – these are the building blocks of collagen. Basically, you pay a premium on any supplement that targets ‘beauty’ when you can buy generic health supplements with the same ingredients for a fraction of the price – so beware! As far as collagen supplements go, the only one I really rate is Ingenious Beauty, £99, because they deliver collagen peptides – and not just their constituent amino acids – to the blood. They also feature collagen co-factors – these are nutrients that are essential for building collagen – and come as capsules, as opposed to those rather slimy drinks and soluble powders.”

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Any Recommendations For Hair Products That Will Restore Silkiness & Volume?

“If your hair is seriously parched – like mine lately – I highly recommend the reformulated Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense. There is a ‘riche’ version for thicker hair too. It makes the difference – by far – to my hair than any other product does. It boosts condition and leaves hair feeling very soft and bouncy, and never lank. It’s really great and worth the investment.”

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Speaking Of Hair, Any Tips Around Significant Hair Loss Due To The Menopause?

“Thinning, limp and shedding hair often has the same causes, which are scalp inflammation and shrinking follicles. These are generally due to hormonal shifts, such as the menopause and good old stress. I notice these changes myself and there are two products I think are best right now. Gallinée’s Hair Cleansing Cream is a non-sudsy ‘shampoo’ that’s surprisingly good at cleaning your hair, but it also hydrates and calms your scalp with pre- and postbiotics. On top of that, it manages to condition and detangle hair, so this stuff is a bit like an all-round spa session for your head. 

“In terms of boosted hair growth, there are plenty of promises out there but very few reliable results. However, a new treatment called The Calecim Professional Advanced Hair System at-home kit appears to really make a difference and has the backing of respected cosmetic doctors. It’s a serum made from the umbilical cord stem cells of red deer (no animals are hurt – but vegan it isn’t) that’s exceptionally rich in growth factors, peptides and other regenerative molecules. For some reason these are said to be particularly effective at boosting hair follicle cell growth and bringing down inflammation. The serum has to be needled into thinning areas with a derma stamp micro-needling tool (provided) over six weeks and you have to stick rigidly to the instructions to get results. But if you keep at it, these include denser coverage and thicker, stronger hair.”

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Can You Advise On A Good Clinic Or Expert To Visit For Mole Removal?

“Whether the mole removal is just for cosmetic purposes or not, you need to see a dermatologist to make sure your mole isn’t showing signs of (pre) cancerous activity and is safe to remove. Two consultant dermatologists I know and trust can safely and elegantly take you through the whole process – they are Dr Anjali Mahto and Dr Mary Sommerlad, and they both practise at Self London in Harley Street. Alternatively, If you have a large number of moles to monitor, One Welbeck has a whizzy ‘whole body imaging’ machine that maps all the moles on your body in one high-definition 3D picture, and a team of dermatologists to discuss any optional or necessary steps. Be advised that removing a single mole costs upwards of £1,000 because of all the medical expertise involved.”

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What Mascara Would You Recommend For Volume & No Flaking?

“I try them all but I still have not found a better mascara than the relatively obscure Code Beautiful Code VLM Mascara. Entirely budge-proof, it’s water-resistant but it also seems quite oil-resistant. It thickens, lifts and lengthens lashes in equal measure and builds without clumping, thanks to its different-sized bristles and an in-built wiper that ensures the wand doesn’t get loaded with too much formula. Can’t ask for more, right?”

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Lastly, Do You Have Any Cream Blusher Recommendations For A Youthful Glow?

“You’re in luck as there are lots of new cream blushers around. They’re all pretty good but I think my favourite is the Makeup by Mario Soft Pop Blush Stick. A very generous chunky stick of non-oily cream blush, it’s so highly pigmented you need to just press it lightly to each cheek to get plenty of formula on there. You then blend it out with the dense blender brush on the other end of the stick or just with your fingers. It never goes patchy or streaky, and it comes in six wearable shades that’ll last you forever.”

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