Ingeborg Van Lotringen On Her Travel Beauty Essentials
Ingeborg Van Lotringen On Her Travel Beauty Essentials

Ingeborg Van Lotringen On Her Travel Beauty Essentials

If you’re after some new holiday products, getting a few recommendations from leading beauty journalist and The Gold Edition’s columnist Inge van Lotringen is a great place to start. From the budge-proof make-up she swears by to her must-have SPFs, these are the products she won’t be leaving home without this summer.

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I could tell tales of updating the contents of my holiday suitcase with the latest designer finds and stashing my washbag with a raft of new products every time I go away, but I’d be lying through my teeth.

In truth, the owner of our favourite boutique hotel in Ibiza recognises me by the silk trousers and maxi dresses I’ve worn since we first showed up in 2008. And as for cosmetics, I know what I trust and I will stick to them – although there is always room for a few clever new additions. Here’s what you’ll find in my travel bag this year (and for years to come).


C-Deep Vitamin C Serum, £22 | DoSe by VH

Vitamin C is capable of boosting the UV protection in your sunscreen, apart from its skin-brightening potential, so I always layer a good vitamin C serum under my facial sunscreen when on holiday. What you don’t want in the sun is any irritation, so I go for the oil-soluble THD ascorbate vitamin C derivative: it’s the best at penetrating your deeper skin layers and will never sting. This squalane-based (so lipidic, but not heavy) serum by Dose by VH (formerly Garden of Wisdom) is the best value.

Available at

Invisible Day & Night Spray, £20 | Windle Lab

I am obsessed with hydrating, curl-boosting sprays – they are perfect for bringing out my natural waves and dealing with limp, parched lengths and ends without any weight (styling creams and serums just make my fine hair stringy). Some happen to also be the perfect one-and-done styling product for sunny climes, and this one is the best. It’s a light milk with antioxidant-rich oils that protects from heat, dehydration and colour-fade, and it has scalp-soothing ingredients and a strengthening hair-bond-building complex. It also gives subtle volume and texture – and, to top it all off, it has a UV-filter. Holiday hair in a bottle.

Available at

Vegan-Friendly Nail Polish In Live Wire, £12.50 | Leighton Denny

I’m too lazy for regular pedicures but on holiday my toenails have to be neon. Neons for some reason go with everything and they just make you smile. Leighton Denny has launched an eye-popping hot pink, electric purple and this vivid coral one, which would really suit a tan if I ever had one.

Available at

Nudescreen Blush Tint SPF30, £26.50 | Nudestix

Now, this is clever. I feel naked without a pop of cream blush, but years ago I started wondering why I always had brown spots on my cheek apples after a holiday and I realised I was partly diluting my sun protection when rubbing on my blush. What better way to solve the issue than with a cream blush featuring a full-on mineral SPF? The five pretty, sheer shades are oil-free and smooth on easily. Sorted!

Available at

Anti-Bug Bite Spray, £40 | Alfresco

I just don’t know why more people are not aware of this. It’s a mosquito-repellent, but it’s also such a beautiful perfume that it has become my only holiday scent. Not remotely redolent of citronella, it’s a soft and dreamy blend of sweet orange, petitgrain, cinnamon, clove, vanilla and patchouli, and to my nose it smells better than 90% of today’s ‘real’ perfumes. It lingers forever – and it actually works.

Available at

Hydrocortisone 1% w/w Acetate Cream, £4.79 | HC45

Speaking of biting bugs, I spent forever trying anti-sting creams that don’t work, only to learn that I had an effective one with me all along. Hydrocortisone is a steroid that brings down any kind of inflammation fast (I always have one to hand for dermatitis), and it’s by far the best thing when you have a nasty itchy sting or bite – it even works for horrible jellyfish stings. One per cent is readily available over the counter and perfectly safe for short-term use.

Available at

Velvet Love Eyeliner Pencil, £16 | Zoeva

I’m not a fan of waterproof mascaras (harsh on lashes) but, with my blond lashes, I need something to not look like a dead rat. So I rely on water and smudge-resistant eye pencils on holiday. Many of them promise more than they deliver, but there’s been a spate of good ones lately and this one is up there with my Beauty Pie Ultra Colour Pro favourites. The 16 colours apply creamily but set hardily, withstanding sun cream and dips in the sea without shirking their duty to stay put and make me look halfway decent.

Available at

Tinted Face Fluid SPF50+, £28 | Ultrasun

There has been an unprecedented number of facial SPF launches this year, many of them great, and there’s plenty I’ve worn throughout the year. But when I go on holiday, I will only trust one sun care brand and that is Ultrasun.

What many people don’t know is that ‘daily’ sunscreens, however good, aren’t subjected to the same testing and standards as ‘beach’ sunscreens by dedicated sun care brands (it’s why you’ll often find words along the lines of ‘not suitable for sunbathing’ on daily SPF50 lotions). Therefore, the UV onslaught you experience in summer and in hot countries definitely requires products from a specialised name.

I know from two decades of use that Ultrasun’s protection is second to none – it doesn’t irritate skin in any way (in fact, it shields from heat/UV rash as well), it’s packed with skincare ingredients such as antioxidants and it’s been awarded for being properly (not just pretend) reef-safe. This tinted one is super-flattering, not remotely oily and a real find for those who hate going out without make-up. I find it perfectly safe to use around my eyes as well.

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Family SPF30, £50 | Ultrasun

It has to be Ultrasun for the body as well – I would go for the SPF50 if it wasn’t for the fact that my (idiot) husband is afraid he won’t get a tan. In the event, he loves this stuff as there is no oil, tackiness or white cast whatsoever, no scent and absolutely no ‘glitter’ (I made that mistake once).

You need at least 400ml for two people for a week’s holiday and this is actually very good value for such a premium product. It works just as well on the face (I only bring a separate one because I’m vain) and it’s so hardy and waterproof (and gentle) that it’s ideal for kids too.

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