6 Women In Wellness Share Their Favourite Health Podcasts
6 Women In Wellness Share Their Favourite Health Podcasts

6 Women In Wellness Share Their Favourite Health Podcasts

Podcasts are an easy way to find out more about a specific topic – and that’s especially true in the world of health and wellbeing. If you’re looking to learn about gut health or understand the ins and outs of your hormones, here are the podcasts that six women in wellness listen to on repeat…

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Pippa Campbell

 Functional Nutrition Practitioner

For A Wellness 101: The Doctor’s Farmacy with Dr Mark Hyman

“Dr Mark Hyman is one of the most prominent voices in the health world and his podcast is a must-listen if you’re at all interested in health, wellness and food. He tackles topics such as the ever-increasing burden of chronic disease and the food and health policies that don’t always support our health, in order to inspire you to make better choices.”

For Bite-Sized Knowledge: Dr Ruscio Radio

“For answers to everything from how much protein you should be eating to looking after the pelvic floor and how your gut health influences your mood and thyroid, Dr Michael Ruscio’s podcast is one to download. Some of the episodes are just 15 or 30 minutes long – I love how he breaks down complicated topics into practical advice which you can use to genuinely improve your health.”

Eve Kalinik

Nutritional Therapist

For Debunking The MythsThe Wellness Breakdown

“Hosted by myself and functional medicine practitioner Rosemary Ferguson, we cut through the noise to decipher the many wellness and nutritional fads – whether it’s fermented foods and whether they’re worth the hype, the benefits of cryotherapy, hitting 10k steps a day or getting a better night’s sleep. Each episode, one of us sets the other a challenge based on a trend and we dig into the science (if any) around that subject.”

For Science-Backed Insights:BBC Radio 4 The Food Programme

“I’ve been listening to this podcast for years. Whether it’s exploring the hype around protein powder, debating the government’s obesity strategy or discussing the history of falafel, each episode investigates and celebrates good food.”

For A Deep Dive Into Wellness: ZOE Science and Nutrition

“From the benefits of the keto diet to why blood sugar matters and whether coffee and bread are good or bad, the ZOE podcast is my go-to. It strikes the perfect balance between scientific jargon and being digestible – regardless of the episode, you’ll take away plenty of information to make more informed choices about your health.”

Caroline Idiens

Personal Trainer

For Simple Ways To Improve Lifestyle: Feel Better, Live Morewith Dr Rangan Chatterjee

“Dr Chatterjee is one of the most influential GPs in the UK and believes health has become overcomplicated. In his much-loved podcasts, he interviews leading health experts who offer simple health hacks and debunk common myths. Whether it’s gut health, brain health or diabetes, he breaks down relevant and scientific matters into bitesize, achievable chunks. So informative and engaging.”

For Insights Into Midlife: The Midpoint by Gabby Logan

“I love Gabby’s relaxed interview style and her guests all provide a fascinating insight into how they are tackling midlife – expect open and heartfelt stories from interesting guest speakers. You’ll be surprised at how much of the content you can relate to – it’s so reassuring knowing others are in the same boat.”

For A Holistic ApproachGive Me Strength with Alice Liveing

“Alice Liveing is a leading personal trainer in the UK and her podcast – although no longer running – is a fascinating exploration of what it means to be strong, both physically and mentally. Interviewees include Fearne Cotton, Alesha Dixon, Suranne Jones and Nicola Adams. There’s something for everyone here, and a great back history to work through.”

Petronella Ravenshear


For Interviews With Self-Care Experts: Get Lifted

“Host Lisa Snowdon has long been a fan of my plan, the Human Being Diet, as well as alternative therapies and self-care. Her glorious podcast, Get Lifted, is all about embracing and implementing changes in our lives to make us feel better. Listen to an episode I recorded with Lisa on the benefits of fasting or explore others on the power of breathwork, sleep, menopause and meditation.”

For Something Different: Sleepwalkers

“This is a fascinating exploration into how artificial intelligence is affecting our daily lives. For example, the first episode examines how AI manipulates us and delves deeper into what kind of a future we are letting technology build, and offers ideas for what to do about it. This isn’t my usual podcast fodder, but I’m hooked.”

For Advice On TweakmentsThe Guinea Pig

“Indispensable information and advice from beauty and health tweakments to full-blown cosmetic surgery, delivered with a light touch. Surgeon and founder of cult brand MZ SKIN, Dr Maryam Zamani, and ex-Vogue editor-at-large, Fiona Golfar, share their honest opinions and often hilarious experiences to those considering aesthetic procedures. Fiona is the guinea pig and Dr Maryam is the aesthetics and medical expert. Unmissable for anyone considering a tweakment.”

Amanda Caldwell

Pilates Teacher and Founder of Anthro Contrology

For Real Life ChatThe Shift with Sam Baker

“I love this podcast – women voicing real life stories and journeys, from health scares to Botox and having children to menopause. Sam is a pure genius in the way she conducts and weaves the interviews and encourages women to speak out after their 40s rather than be silenced. This podcast in particular highlights to women that the more we share, the more we unit – and no topic is ever off limits.”

Katie Brindle

Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Founder of Hayo’u Method

For Fad-Free Wellness AdviceThe Liz Earle Wellbeing Show

“I’ve loved and followed Liz Earle ever since I was a teenager. Her wisdom and insight have always proved helpful to me and have stood the test of time. In each episode, Liz speaks with leading experts and familiar faces from the world of wellbeing – recent topics include metabolic flexibility, how to eat well on a budget, how to support your circadian rhythm and looking after your thyroid.”

For Body ConfidenceRedefine You With Hayley Hasselhoff

“I love Hayley's positivity and honesty. Her commitment to empowering women to love and embrace their bodies, whatever their shape or size, is so inspiring. There are guests speaking about living with eating disorders, imposter syndrome, losing a loved one through death by suicide and being diagnosed with bipolar disease. This is a profound but fascinating listen.”

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