9 Comedy Podcasts To Enjoy
9 Comedy Podcasts To Enjoy

9 Comedy Podcasts To Enjoy

We could all do with a bit of light relief right now and a comedy podcast is a great pick-me-up. Whether you’re looking for a new series to add to your library or want something guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, here are nine of the best.

Dear Joan And Jericha

Fictional agony aunts Joan and Jericha (aka comedians Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine) answer hilarious questions in this tongue-in-cheek podcast. Joan has been married several times and has five children, while Jericha has been married for 30 years and has one daughter. No dilemma is too absurd or taboo for the duo, so expect bizarre questions and raucous answers. The conversations are strictly adult in theme, so make sure you’ve got headphones at the ready. 

Episode Highlights: Series 3, Episode 7

One listener writes in with a pressing issue – she’s struggling with her attractive looks and living a very glamorous life, but none of her friends can keep up. When she catches her husband in the garden doing something suspicious, she asks Joan and Jericha for help. Instead of an empathetic reply, the two women offer the listener a wakeup call, some harsh advice and a hilarious solution. 

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Women Like Us

Each week Jennifer Hudson and Lillian Bayliss (aka journalists Katy Brand and Katherine Parkinson) chat about everything they’re interested in – from fashion and politics to free speech and veganism. They claim to be friends, but their rather hostile relationship gets funnier each episode when you find out what they really want to talk about – usually, something far removed from the topic in question. Ideal if you like dry humour. 

Episode Highlight: Camel & Horses

Have you ever had a deep relationship with an animal? In this episode, Lillian discussed her favourite colour, camel, and why it’s a versatile shade to spruce up any ‘sad, sad outfit’. Jennifer swiftly turns the conversation to more pressing matters – her recent relationship with a horse.

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Normal Gossip

This new podcast is presented by writer Kelsey McKinney, who shares juicy, strange, funny and utterly banal gossip about people you’ll never know and never meet. Each week, readers submit comedic gossip, diving into the lives of complete strangers – and it turns out second-hand truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. 

Episode Highlight: Always Google Your Neighbors with Megan Greenwell

Comedian Megan Greenwell tells listeners why it’s so important to Google your neighbours and find out what you can about their lives. She shares one story about a friend who moved into an apartment with her partner on the East Coast, only to find out that one of her neighbours below has some strange habits – which are even more unbelievable when she decides to look her up on Google.

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Fortunately… With Fi And Jane

Broadcasters and friends Fi Glover and Jane Garvey interview guests from radio, TV and podcasting, and ask them to share the stories they probably shouldn’t. Each episode starts with the two women sharing funny stories and highlights from the week, before interviewing high profile guests, from TV producers and film directors to actors and journalists. Listeners can also write in with dilemmas for some words of wisdom from Fi and Jane. 

Episode Highlight: Another Way of Enjoying Kidneys, With Your Emails

Fi and Jane go through the best listener emails – correspondence covers parliamentary operations, military jogging, literary ancestors and much more, with the duo’s quick-witted commentary, of course.

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Nobody Panic

Formerly known as The Debrief Podcast, this is a guide to being an adult without screaming all the time. Each week, Stevie Martin and Tessa Coates tackle life's big, small, fun and sometimes scary questions with the help of experts and special guests – from tackling the menopause and dating later in life to how to Marie Kondo your home and be a good host (when you secretly dislike your guests), no topic is too big or small.

Episode Highlight: How To Ask Someone Out

Whether you’ve been single your whole life or are recently divorced and looking to get back into the dating scene, Stevie and Tessa have some questionable – and hilarious – advice for singletons. Their first point of advice: ditch the relationship books and just ask someone to marry you on the first date.

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Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

If you find scathing reviews on TripAdvisor or Booking.com entertaining, this one’s for you. Mystery hosts ‘Zandy’ and ‘X-teen’ read out the most cutting reviews online in a dramatic fashion. From awful hotel stays to near-death experiences at restaurants, they revel in one-star reviews written by real people with not-so-real problems. 

Episode Highlight: Reviews of Sushi Restaurants in Landlocked States

Zandy and X-teen have scoured the internet for the worst restaurant reviews. Apparently, food poisoning and bad service is boring, so they fish out the worst stories about sushi restaurants in landlocked American states. One particular restaurant in Arkansas prompted a dramatic review by a woman who thought the buffet was ‘a fatal mistake’.

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Poog With Kate Berlant & Jacqueline Novak

In Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak’s opinion, the world of wellness is a trillion-dollar industry full of scams and ‘snake oil salesmen’, but they can’t get enough. A satirical critique of Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop, the two women try products and practices, consult healers and experts, and ask the ultimate question: is it truly wellness they’re after or just the thrill of the chase?

Episode Highlight: Every Pot Has Its Kettle

In this episode, Kate inherits a bikini and Jacqueline goes down a Reddit wormhole. The two discuss the power of eliminating caffeine from your diet (or not), why relaxation apps are the most stressful thing on the planet and how fresh flowers make them feel angry, not calm.  

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Comedy Bang Bang

Scott Aukerman hosts this weekly podcast that blends conversation and character work from today’s funniest comedians. While Scott begins by traditionally interviewing the celebrities, the open-door policy means an assortment of eccentric oddballs can pop by at any moment to chat, compete in games and engage in comic revelry. Listen out for bonus episodes too.

Episode Highlight: Lily Sullivan, Carl Tart, Ego Nwodim

Bicky from the gym joins Scott to talk about her new career as a famous Australian actress/model. Then, hip-hop superstar MC Sugar Butt returns to sell some of his Herbalife products, before Pastor Pasta shares some disastrous recipes. 

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Friends Will Be Friends With Cat & Edith

Cat Deeley and Edith Bowman have been through it all together and are curious to find out more about the stories behind other lasting friendships. It might not be a comedy podcast in genre, but the two women’s chemistry and anecdotes are raucous and OTT. Having launched at the start of the year, there are currently only two episodes to listen to, including a special introductory one about Cat and Edith’s longstanding sisterhood. 

Episode Highlight: Cat & Edith’s Story

Cat and Edith have known each other for more than 20 years and they tell each other absolutely everything. To kick-off the podcast, there’s an introduction to how they became friends, what they’ve experienced together and what they really think about one another after all this time.

Listen here

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