10 Reasons Your Business Needs Xero
10 Reasons Your Business Needs Xero

10 Reasons Your Business Needs Xero

Xero is the accountancy software provider that’s just hit 1 million paying users in the UK – and is fast approaching 4 million worldwide. Whether you’re an accountant, a bookkeeper or a small business owner doing a bit of both and more, you should know what it could do for you too. Here are just 10 of the ways Xero makes business life easier – plus a little introductory offer…

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Avoid Missing A Bill

Xero can ensure you track and pay bills on time. Because it gives you a clear overview of accounts payable and cash flow, you’ll always be able to see what bills are due and pay them accordingly. You can even batch payments and schedule them in advance. We can’t think of many better ways to avoid late fees and build good relationships with suppliers. 


Streamline Your VAT Returns

This is how you actually make tax less taxing. Xero calculates VAT and can securely file your VAT returns online with HMRC, using software that’s compatible with HMRC systems. It’ll also keep up to date with the latest HMRC VAT return requirements. 


Stay On Top Of Expenses

Are we all agreed it’s time for expenses claims to join the paperless revolution? With Xero, they’re not just paperless. They can be dealt with quickly too. Your employees will only thank you, as you monitor spending so you can pay them promptly. 


Save Hours A Week On Reconciliation

Time is money, right? So think of this one as free money. Xero is set up to import bank data from more than 21,000 financial institutions around the world. This enables automated reconciliation that Xero’s own calculations show saves its customers an average of 5.5 hours a week.


Let Customers Pay How They Want

Xero won’t just make life easier for you. It makes things simple for your customers too. They’ll be able to pay online by credit card, debit card or direct debit – straight from your Xero invoice. That means fewer possible excuses for them and less time chasing payments for you. Win-win.


Stay Across Every Job & Project

Multi-tasking across multiple projects can be tricky. Xero knows that, which is why it’s built in the functionality you need to keep on top of job tracking, project planning, budgeting, quoting and invoicing.


Simplify Payroll For Everyone

Pay yourself and your employees with HMRC-recognised online payroll software that can automate all your tax, pay and pension calculations. On the flip side, Xero also helps employees view payslips, request leave and submit timesheets online.


Invoice In An Instant

Xero’s intuitive software makes online invoicing easy – and immediate. Log on from your desktop or mobile app to send invoices as soon as the job is done. 


Inventory Management Made Easy

Let Xero’s inventory control system take the strain. It can track stock levels while populating invoices and orders with items you buy or sell – and all without ever complaining about it.


Create Online Quotes In Minutes

We’ll finish with one more no-brainer: whether you’re on your desktop or your mobile, Xero can help you create professional online quotes and send them instantly.

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