The Free Nursery Service To Know

The Free Nursery Service To Know

From cots to car seats, you wouldn’t be the first to feel overwhelmed and ill-informed when it comes to the kit you need for a new arrival. Enter John Lewis & Partners and their free online and in-store 'All things Baby' nursery service, which is designed to make the process of setting yourself up for a baby all the easier. As well as plenty of advice, there’s also a new range of baby products designed to help you navigate parenthood. Here’s what is worth knowing & the items we particularly rate.


John Lewis & Partners’ ‘All things Baby’ nursery service is designed for all parents, whether you’re a first time parent or simply in search of up to date expert advice. Each John Lewis & Partners’ store with a nursery department now offers free baby consultations allowing you to chat to a trained professional about all your baby-related questions. The Nursery Advisors are then on hand to help with impartial advice to suit your individual needs, from the best buggies and car accessories, to specific advice on weaning and teething.

For a free in-store appointment, you’ll be able to try the latest products there and then, although if it’s not easy to get there, you can opt for a free virtual appointment over the phone or via videocall. While the retailer’s own range has everything you need to get yourself through the initial stages, you can also shop an extensive collection from some of the most loved and trusted baby brands, including Tommee Tippee, Stokke, Bugaboo, and Elvie.

There are three different types of appointment to choose from – each of which is tailored to your personal needs. New parents and pregnant mothers can book a two-hour ‘A-Z’ appointment during which you’ll receive expert advice on what to buy for you and your little one. An hour-long ‘Need to Know’ session is available for second-time parents or those with toddlers who want to learn about the next stage, whether that be weaning or developmental play, while those after the latest recommendations for travel (think pushchairs, car seats and carrycots), can book a half-hour ‘Out & About’ slot.

For a review of the service we spoke to expectant first-time mother Ollie Makins…

How did you find the new in-store nursery service?
“My husband and I are expecting our first baby, so we were given an ‘A-Z’ appointment with one of the nursery advisors. The appointment was in the nursery department, which meant we could look at all of the products recommended. Our advisor was keen to know what specific advice we were looking for, which happened to be everything – we were totally clueless!” 

What advice did the nursery expert give you?
“The car seat was the first product we looked at, and the advisor took us through the various options and brands talking us through the different options in a way we understood. When it came to the pram, we had an idea of what we wanted and had already shortlisted three brands, so we were shown how they all worked and were able to test each model and take it for a little walk around the store. We gradually worked our way around the department, looking at cots and baby accessories, too.”

Our advisor was keen to know what specific advice we were looking for, which happened to be everything – we were totally clueless!

What was the best thing about the nursery service?
“The advisor was really friendly and didn't make us feel silly for asking masses of questions. It didn't feel like she was trying to up-sell the most expensive products to us – she listened to our needs and responded appropriately. There were also a few items she suggested waiting to buy until the baby was here – namely a sling, as she said every baby likes to be carried differently. 

We didn't feel pressured to buy anything, either. Afterwards, we were sent an email listing all the products we’d looked at, so we could think about it for a little longer before buying. Once we’d decided what to buy, we were able to get everything at once – which made it far easier than lots of individual orders.”

Is there anything parents should know before they book an appointment?
“Go in with an open mind, and some snacks – especially if you're in your third trimester! Possibly book while you're in your second trimester as it can be a fairly long process. Don't feel embarrassed about not knowing anything – but do have a think about your lifestyle, for example how much space you have in your house.”

Bliss Bouncer 3D, £154.99 | BabyBjörn
Bliss Bouncer 3D, £154.99 | BabyBjörn
Out of all the products you saw, what would you recommend?
"It has to be the BabyBjörn Bouncer – I've heard really good reviews from friends and family.”

Our Favourite Baby Buys from John Lewis & Partners...



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