The Industry-Loved Supplement That Can Boost Brain Power
The Industry-Loved Supplement That Can Boost Brain Power

The Industry-Loved Supplement That Can Boost Brain Power

Brain fog – the cloudy feeling that makes remembering and retaining information tricky and leaves you feeling tired and scatter-brained – affects up to two thirds of menopausal women. If you’ve been feeling more forgetful lately or struggle to focus, supplement brand Indi has you covered. Its bestselling Mind formula is a natural brain booster that works in just ten minutes and protects brain health in the long term, too. Hailed as the smart alternative to coffee, here's why it’s the supplement everyone’s talking about…

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What is brain fog?

If names often elude you, you lose your train of thought in the middle of a conversation or find it tricky to focus when doing important tasks, you can blame brain fog. An umbrella term describing a collection of symptoms, the red flags include increased forgetfulness, wandering thoughts and a lack of clarity when making decisions. Many women worry brain fog is an early sign of dementia, but if it coincides with changes in hormone levels, then it’s more likely a menopausal symptom. However, slow thinking, confusion and a cloudiness in thought processes can, over time, result in reduced cognitive function. Caring for the brain is important, and even more so as we age. It's one of the most important organs in the human body, and one that needs the right nutrition to keep it clear and active. 

How can supplements help?

While a shot of espresso might get your brain buzzing, a more powerful – and longer-lasting – way to clear brain fog and boost cognitive power is with botanicals. Hailed as a smarter alternative to coffee, Indi Mind is a 100% plant-based formula made from the world’s highest-quality brain-enhancing nutrients that are freeze-dried and powdered to retain the nutrients in their most natural, bioavailable form, and in doses that will make a difference. The supplement of choice for leading nutritionists and health experts in the UK, Indi Mind boosts blood flow and oxygen delivery to banish brain fog in as little as ten minutes – with the effects lasting up to four hours – and works to protect brain health in the longer term, too.

What makes it different?

Indi Mind contains a powerful blend of nutrients and natural nootropics – known as ‘smart drugs’ – to support brain health and performance. The brand’s bestselling product, it’s described by Indi customers as a ‘wonder product, a ‘miracle powder’ and ‘essential work fuel’. The intelligent formula works by increasing oxygen delivery to the brain using nitrate-rich beetroot and cocoa to boost blood flow around the body. Meanwhile, a combination of coenzyme Q10, tyrosine and slow-release caffeine from guarana provide your brain with natural fuel to supercharge focus. You’ll also find a trio of nootropics, which not only enhance cognitive function in the short term, but also support the production of new neurons in the brain, which may offer benefits to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia later in life. Not forgetting the addition of haskap berry, one of the most antioxidant-rich foods on the planet (it contains three times more antioxidants than blueberries) that protects brain cells from damage and ageing.

Who is it for?

Whether you struggle to get going in the morning or find yourself reaching for a coffee after lunch, Indi Mind is worth a try. The unique, evidence-based combination of nutrients is made for those looking to improve focus, support working memory, fight fatigue and banish brain fog for good.

What are the experts saying?

“Functioning optimally both mentally and physically is so important – especially later in life – and Indi Mind helps with both. Whether you want to focus on a project in the afternoon but not suffer from a disturbed night’s sleep after another coffee or want to focus and achieve more in your morning workouts, Mind gets my vote. Women are at more than twice the risk of developing Alzheimer’s compared to men, and we are increasingly recognising that diet and exercise can help you look after your brain. Many of the female executives I see, especially those going through the menopause, find Mind makes a real difference in their performance and ability to function.” – Dr Adam Carey, chief medical officer

“Brain health is critical for women, who are at increased risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia later in life. Diet and movement play a pivotal role in reducing this risk, and research has shown midlife metabolic health is a powerful predictor of risk and an opportunity for improvement. Drinking Indi Mind before my morning workout is one of the tools I use to increase my workout efficiency with caffeine and polyphenols, and incorporate beneficial flavanols and nootropics for improved brain health.” – Dr Federica Amati, chief nutrition scientist

How to take it?

Combine one heaped scoop with 150ml of water or your favourite plant milk and mix well – you’ll notice a clearer head within ten minutes and will feel sharper for up to four hours. Made with antioxidant-rich cocoa, it tastes like dark, bitter chocolate, so if you have a sweet tooth, try mixing with coconut milk. Ideally drink in the morning or early afternoon, but if you do take it in the evening, it shouldn’t interfere with sleep thanks to a low dose of guarana, which contains natural, slow-release caffeine. Incorporate it into your daily routine or take it when you need a boost of brain power – you won’t look back. 


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