A Nutritional Therapist Reveals The Supplements She Rates
A Nutritional Therapist Reveals The Supplements She Rates

A Nutritional Therapist Reveals The Supplements She Rates

The supplement world is vast and can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. From formulas to improve sleep to those that balance hormones, we asked nutritional therapist Andy Daly to tell us what’s worth taking and to share the supplements she swears by.

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I start the day with a green smoothie. A greens powder mixed with water is a fantastic way to flood the body with nutrients and a great way to support the ageing process. I take this religiously. At the same time, I never go a day without taking at least 1,000mg of vitamin C. This is my baseline dose – I’ll take more if I need an antioxidant boost (for example, when travelling) or will treble the dose at the first sign of a sniffle. Vitamin C plays an integral role in ageing – it’s used to make collagen, which not only promotes healthy skin but also heals wounds. It’s also been associated with a lower risk of chronic diseases. Liposomal vitamin C is the gold standard – it’s far better absorbed by the body. I am currently taking Your Zooki’s vitamin C

Gut health is my priority. When it comes to health, the role of the gut can’t be underestimated – it interacts with nearly every other organ and system, including the cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems as well as the brain and our immunity. In fact, 70% of our immune system is located in our gut. Our gut microbes are fundamental drivers of health. If they are healthy, they dampen inflammation, contribute to proper digestion and make significant amounts of nutrients, including B vitamins, folate and butyrate, an essential fatty acid that’s essential to our health. Plus, the more robust our gut microbes, the better we will age. Allergy Research makes great, quality supplements – I take its lactobacillus plantarum religiously to keep my gut healthy. This strain has also been shown to reduce stress levels.

The MORE ROBUST our gut microbes, the BETTER WE WILL AGE.

B vitamins are good for energy. B vitamins are prominent players in several of the body’s energy-producing processes and are great for brain health, too. I take a high-strength vitamin B complex that also contains choline – great for brain power – and inositol, which supports energy production, the nervous system and reduces fatigue. Nutri Advanced’s vitamin Bs are my go-to.

Folate is superior to folic acid. Folate is the natural form of the nutrient found in food, while folic acid is a synthetic form. Folate contributes to normal psychological function, is an important factor for heart health and repairs DNA. When it comes to supplements and ageing, I actively avoid supplements with folic acid. Although the body can convert folic acid into folate, many of us struggle to do this conversion well (and I am one of them), and the process is both energy and time consuming. Because of this, these people can have high levels of unmetabolised folic acid in their blood. In one study looking at adults with these high levels, this was associated with reduced cognitive performance. 

Vitamin D drops are a simple way to top up levels. Vitamin D may be known as the sunshine vitamin as your body produces it after sun exposure, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Vitamin D not only helps build strong bones and prevents bone loss but keeps the immune system and muscles healthy. I take Nutri Advanced Vitamin D3 drops

AKG is a fascinating nutrient. Alpha-ketaglutarate (AKG) is produced naturally by the body and is involved in many metabolic and cellular processes. It’s also a key player in the production of energy of our mitochondria, which can be likened to our cell’s batteries. Although we can make AKG easily, it plummets as we age. There is compelling research to suggest AKG can lengthen lifespan as well as the quality of your health as you age. Early studies suggest it can maintain DNA structure, reduce inflammation, aid detoxification and delay the onset of age-related frailty. 

Medicinal mushrooms are great for immune resilience. I have relied on mushrooms at key points in my life – including during the pandemic and for two years following a cancer diagnosis ten years ago. I now take Real Mushrooms’ 5 Defenders, a mushroom complex that contains a blend of organic reishi, shiitake, maitake, chaga and turkey tail. Medicinal mushrooms are designed to be taken as a powder – either a stand-alone powder or in capsule form – but quality matters. When reading a label, ensure you are taking the ‘fruiting body’, not a grain-based mycelium. Grain-based mushrooms contribute high levels of starch, which in turn dilute active compounds.

Many of us need a helping hand with sleep. This is an issue I see time and again with my clients. One of the most effective ways to aid a good night’s sleep is to soak in an Epsom salt bath before bed. If you’re not a fan of baths – or don’t have time – take magnesium glycinate, which relaxes the mind and muscles to prepare for restful sleep. CBD can also be useful, especially if you are recovering from an illness, as it rebalances the endocannabinoid system. I don’t personally take or recommend CBD to my clients, but I work with many top practitioners who do. 


Adaptogens are good for stress. A type of herb, adaptogens help the body quite literally ‘adapt’ to stress. Rhodiola and ashwagandha are great for stress and anxiety. Rhodiola is also fantastic for hormonal health and can work well when taken alongside bio-identical hormones. Sage is also effective for hot flushes. 

Everyone should be taking omegas. When it comes to fatty fish, we need to be careful of mercury content, so unless you are eating smaller fatty fish like anchovies and sardines daily, omega-3 should be supplemented. I take an algae-based omega-3 supplement – it’s the algae the fish eat that make fish such a good source of omegas. I also ensure I eat plenty of flaxseed, chia seeds, walnuts and hemp seeds, all of which are rich in plant-based omegas. 

It's important to understand your body. The supplement world is growing at an unprecedented rate, and it can be overwhelming to know what to take, especially as we age. However, don’t fall into the trap of taking what your friend takes – just because one formula works well for someone doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for you. We are all unique and I often find some clients tolerate certain brands over others, depending on the size of the capsules, their texture and delivery. Plus, certain brands have a better and wider range of products for certain health issues. If you’re at all in doubt, book in with a health practitioner for bespoke guidance.

For more information or to book a consultation with Andy visit SugarDoctor.co.uk and DrDavidJack.com

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