Reasons Why Lumity Is The Health & Wellbeing Brand To Know
Reasons Why Lumity Is The Health & Wellbeing Brand To Know

Reasons Why Lumity Is The Health & Wellbeing Brand To Know

With so many supplements on the market, where is one supposed to start? Fortunately, Lumity has you covered. Its scientifically backed formulas are clinically-tested and designed to provide around-the-clock support, whether you're looking to improve the quality of your sleep, rejuvenate skin, protect your immune system, increase your energy levels, strengthen your muscles and joints, or lift your mood. Here’s why it stands out from the crowd…

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What Makes Lumity Different To Other Supplement Brands?

The world of supplements can be overwhelming and it can be tricky to know which formulas are better than others. That’s where Lumity stands out. The result of years of scientific research, Lumity was founded by a Cambridge-educated PhD biologist and research scientist who became fascinated with finding a solution to waning energy levels and ageing skin in her mid-thirties. The brand’s hero product – Morning & Night – isn’t your average multivitamin. Working as a two-step system (taken morning and night), the vitamin, mineral and omega-rich formula provides 24-hour support to repair and protect everything from your skin to your immune system. The results speak for themselves – after a 12-week independent clinical trial, 92% noticed improvements in the condition of skin, hair and nails, while 84% felt improved energy. 

Why Does Supporting The Body’s Internal Clock Matter?

Your circadian rhythm is your internal body clock that affects every aspect of your health, from sleep quality to mood and weight control. The body has two very different modes for day and night. During the day, for example, we are in active mode. The body requires certain nutrients to be able to perform at its peak, which is what Lumity’s morning softgels provide with specific vitamins and minerals. Lumity’s night softgels, meanwhile, harness the regenerative mode of sleep, and gently support the body to repair and rejuvenate overnight. They also boost brain power and help lower stress levels, which can help calm a busy mind after a hectic day. Lumity is the only supplement brand that works to support the circadian rhythm in this way. 

Exactly How Can Lumity Improve Your Skin?

Beauty comes from within, so it makes sense to support your wellbeing from the inside out. The three main threats to the youthfulness of the skin are glycation, inflammation and free radicals, all of which can lead to a loss of elasticity and firmness. Lumity’s Morning & Night supplement contains ingredients to specifically counteract these processes – think antioxidants to counteract inflammation, iodine and vitamin A to enhance radiance, vitamin C to support collagen production and selenium to contribute to hair and nail health. 

Immune Health Has Never Been More Topical – How Can Lumity Help In This Area?

The Morning & Night softgels contain selenium, zinc and vitamins C and D, all of which are critical for a healthy immune system. The night softgels also harness the reparative properties of sleep and strengthen immune function. 

How Can Lumity Support With Flagging Energy Levels?

The hero Morning & Night softgels are formulated with science-backed ingredients – think coenzyme Q10, vitamin C and magnesium – to reduce fatigue and support brain power throughout the day. Keeping you firing on all cylinders, the intelligent formula leaves you in a more positive and balanced frame of mind. 

If You’re Concerned With Bones, Muscles And Joints, What Nutrients Can Help?

Ageing can take its toll on the body, leading to weak bones, shrinking muscles and creaky joints. With vitamin D to support with calcium absorption and magnesium to support healthy function of bones and cartilage, the Morning & Night softgels are the perfect way to support an ageing body for the years ahead. 

Since taking Lumity, all three of my daughters have commented on my CALM STATE. My mood is so much brighter, too, and my muscles are LESS TENSE.
Yasmin Le Bon, supermodel

How Quickly Will You See Results?

You’ll likely see the benefits in a matter of weeks, but Lumity recommends a minimum commitment of 12 weeks to see the best results. With continued use, these benefits are sustained, leading to healthy, youthful skin, a stronger immune system, improved strength and stamina, and a more balanced mood. For this reason, Lumity offers a clever subscription model. Your initial order comes with reusable glass bottles, and each subsequent order comes in plastic-free refill pouches, so you’re looking after yourself and the planet. 

Finally – Who Is Lumity For?

If you’re looking for all-round ageing support for a happier, stronger body, Lumity is the brand to know and its Morning & Night softgels are a fantastic place to start. The formula is aimed at anyone with a busy lifestyle who feels they could benefit from a wellbeing boost and combat the negative effects of ageing by supporting the body’s natural processes. Plus, it’s endorsed by everyone from beauty editors to make-up artists – Wendy Rowe, Mary Greenwell and Ruby Hammer are all fans. 

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