The Super-Strength Collagen Loved By Industry Experts
The Super-Strength Collagen Loved By Industry Experts

The Super-Strength Collagen Loved By Industry Experts

Collagen is key for plump, youthful skin and strong hair, nails and bones. The problem is, we start losing it from our late 20s, with the process accelerating during perimenopause and beyond, leaving skin thinner, less robust and more prone to UV damage. Enter Vida Glow’s new Collagen Liquid Advance. A game-changing supplement formulated for advanced ageing concerns, the collagen and antioxidant-rich formula has been seen to reduce the age of your skin by seven years in just 12 weeks. We sat down with founder Anna Lahey to find out more…

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The Vida Glow Story...

Anna Lahey founded Vida Glow almost a decade ago after discovering collagen supplementation and the positive effects it had on her hair loss. Within weeks, her hair was stronger, her skin looked plumper, and her nails were growing fast and strong. Fast forward a few years and Vida Glow is the global number one marine collagen brand, with one unit of its collagen powder sold globally every four seconds. Backed by scientists, the brand continues to break boundaries in the supplement space and its new formula, Collagen Liquid Advance, is no exception. Providing a double dose of collagen, alongside skin-supporting antioxidants and vitamins, it’s proven to smooth wrinkles, plump fine lines and improve skin elasticity.

Why You Need Collagen...

Did you know you can lose up to 30% of your collagen in the first five years of menopause? This, says Anna, is the reason for many skincare concerns at this stage in life. “There’s a huge buzz around collagen supplements and for good reason,” she tells us. “Collagen makes up 80% of the skin’s structure, keeping skin firm and strong. It also works with elastin to give skin the ability to bounce back after smiling, frowning or squinting. It even binds with water molecules to keep the skin plump. In a nutshell, healthy collagen stores equal firm, smooth and glowing skin. However, without this support, skin cells become less resilient. Lesser-known signs of collagen loss include joint pain, weak and brittle nails, increased hair loss and split ends.”

What's New...

A concentrated, bioavailable liquid formula with double the dosage of natural marine collagen and a potent boost of antioxidants and vitamin C to supercharge collagen synthesis, Collagen Liquid Advance gets to work where it’s needed. “It’s formulated with 5g of our clinically proven marine collagen, along with B-Blend4, our signature antioxidant complex – think pomegranate, blackcurrant, goji berry and acerola cherry – for enhanced skin benefits,” says Anna. “It also contains vitamin C, which provides additional support for collagen production. Studies show that taking vitamin C alongside collagen supercharges the absorption of collagen in the body, making it more effective.”

Providing a DOUBLE DOSE of collagen, it’s proven to SMOOTH WRINKLES, plump fine lines and improve skin elasticity.

What Makes It Unique...

The once-daily liquid supplement comes in handy sachets that make getting your daily dose simple. Plus, with double the strength, all you need is one daily serving. You’ll also love the berry, honey-like flavour. “It fits seamlessly into your routine,” adds Anna. “As a ready-to-take sachet, you don’t need to mix it with anything and it tastes delicious. If you’re consistent and take one sachet daily, you will see results.”

The Results...

Like all Vida Glow products, the new supplement is backed by clinical trials. “Within eight weeks, you can expect to see a significant increase in skin firmness, a decrease in wrinkles and a significant improvement in radiance,” explains Anna. “One of the first results we hear about is improved nail strength and growth. Then, skin begins to feel plumper and has a natural glow. Fine lines around the eyes and forehead wrinkles are also reduced, followed by longer and thicker hair.” In a recent consumer trial, participants even saw a reduction in their TruSkin Age® of up to seven years after 12-weeks of daily supplementation. 

Why We Rate It...

Supplements that promise glowing skin and stronger hair and nails are everywhere these days, but Vida Glow’s latest launch stands out from the crowd. Anna tells us: “If you’re looking to address advanced signs of ageing with a heightened collagen routine that actually does what it says, Collagen Liquid Advance is for you. The advanced formula is for those really wanting to level up their existing collagen routine or for those looking for tangible, speedy results.”

Collagen Liquid Advance is available online at and in-store at Harrods and Selfridges.

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