A Top Influencer Shares Her Pregnancy Beauty & Style Rules
A Top Influencer Shares Her Pregnancy Beauty & Style Rules

A Top Influencer Shares Her Pregnancy Beauty & Style Rules

As a journalist and fashion influencer, Jessica Harris is known for her keen eye and impeccable taste. New to motherhood, we asked her to share how she’s navigated the last nine months, from maternity style rules to beauty must-haves.
By Rebecca Hull

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Play With Proportions

“I wish someone had told me this before I was pregnant. Oversized clothes can work, but make sure you team a larger top with a more streamlined bottom – think leggings and a baggy jumper – so you’re not constantly swamped by fabric. I know a lot of women shy away from figure-hugging pieces when they’re pregnant, but finding a stretch-jersey fabric that's supportive and flattering can make all the difference. Plus, if you can't embrace your curves and celebrate your body now, when can you? It can be difficult to feel put-together in the later stages and for this I'd recommend buying a few chic sets – even if it’s just loungewear that feels a bit smarter. Loro Piana, Totême and Jil Sander have been saviours for me.”

Always Size Up

“Maternity wear has had a bad rap in the past, so I recommend you simply size up in whatever you’re buying, rather than going for dedicated ‘pregnancy’ clothes. Being pregnant in the summer – as I was – means you can wear baggy shirts and oversized, lightweight jumpers balanced with elasticated slip skirts. Brands I recommend include With Nothing Underneath, Massimo Dutti and Rails. I love By Malene Birger for stretchy, ribbed dresses, too. Check out Bumpsuit as well – the fabric is so flattering and supportive. If you’re going through pregnancy in autumn or winter, trousers and a cosy jumper are key. There are also some great maternity jeans out there. I got mine from Isabella Oliver – they made me feel like myself again and meant I had a maternity wardrobe staple to dress up or down.”

Get Your Underwear Right

“I stocked up on lots of nice lace maternity bras – they do exist – from Seraphine, and I ordered high-waisted underwear from Skims. For other basics, I went to Commando; it’s surprising the difference well-fitting underwear can make to your entire outfit and mood when you’re pregnant. Everything these brands offer is so comfortable.”


Oversized clothes can work, but make sure you team LARGER top with a more STREAMLINED BOTTOM – think leggings and a baggy jumper – so you’re not constantly SWAMPED by fabric.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

“Personal style is still important, so don’t be afraid to wear what you like. If you want to wear crop tops and tight skirts, then go for it. There’s a lot of stigma around dressing ‘appropriately’ while pregnant, but I felt liberated to make different choices during this time.”

Embrace Low-Slung Trousers

“Look for elasticated, waist tailored trousers and size up to wear them under your bump – it will help you to feel a little smarter. Acne, COS, Nanushka and The Row have some great options.”

Think Ahead As Much As Possible

“It sounds obvious but try to buy things you will wear post-pregnancy. It pays to think ahead so you’re not needlessly spending money. For example, oversized cardigans are ideal for chillier autumn days, but also when you are breastfeeding. I also tell everyone to buy some cosy loungewear to indulge in after you’ve given birth. It will make you feel relaxed and help you nest. I got myself a beautiful cashmere dressing gown from The White Company and some luxe pyjamas from Desmond & Dempsey. It’s an indulgence, but worth it.”



Give Acupuncture A Go

“I love alternative medicine and had acupuncture at my local clinic throughout my pregnancy. It made a huge difference to my energy levels and overall mood. I also enlisted the help of naturopath Olianna Gourli. She helped me to create bespoke wellness plans and recommended all the right supplements. There is so much wellness noise out there that I wanted something specific to me to keep my hormones in check. Off the back of these sessions, I was told to try Naturya's chlorella powder, chia seeds, flaxseeds and collagen powder in my morning berry smoothies. They have been amazing at keeping my energy levels up, my skin bouncy and boosting the oxygen levels in my blood – trust me when I say you really notice a difference.”

Invest In A Gua Sha

“Throughout pregnancy I relied heavily on my Hayou Gua Sha tool. The water retention you get in your face is real, so you want to move all that fluid around as much as possible. I’ve been loving body tools to boost lymphatic drainage. Though temporary, they definitely help you feel lighter as you move around.”

Keep Things Simple

“My most-asked question during pregnancy was: what is your skincare routine? I kept everything very simple – which was hard, as I'm a self-confessed beauty addict. I was lucky my skin and hair were the healthiest they’ve ever been, so I wanted to embrace that, but be wary of any harmful ingredients. My routine mainly consisted of oils and balms as I found them to be the gentlest. A combination I had – and still have – on rotation is the Kora Organics Turmeric Cleanser and Elemis Cleansing Balm. I then follow up with the Rose Inc Skin Clarifying Alcohol-Free Toner and Susanne Kaufmann’s Nutrient Serum. The Biossance Squalene & Vitamin C Face Oil has been my favourite discovery. It’s kept my skin balanced and hydrated the whole time.”


I relied heavily on my GUA SHUA tool throughout pregnancy. The water retention you get in your face is REAL, so you want to move all that FLUID around as much as possible.

Try Bakuchiol Serums

“If, like me, you’re a big retinol and AHA fan, this is the time to try natural alternatives like bakuchiol. It works the same way as vitamin A but is less abrasive. I’ve been loving Herbivore’s serum which uses this ingredient to keep skin smooth and toned. It works hard to keep pregnancy pigmentation at bay, too – as does a good vitamin C cream and SPF. For the latter, I recommend using Summer Friday’s ShadeDrops.”

Know Your Brands

“There is a lot of research still to be done about which beauty products to avoid when you're pregnant, so it pays to swot up. I also recommend using brands that prioritise pregnant skin – like MUTHA. It’s been a great addition to my routine and was created by someone who knew the importance of using the right ingredients during pregnancy. I swear by the Up All Night Eye Cream. I’m normally sceptical of any ‘eye treatment’ but this has tightened my skin and left the whole area feeling plump and smooth. ESPA is another gentle brand worth trying. I rediscovered its Hydrating Mist and it really helped to cool my body temperature – a hospital bag essential.”

Take Some Time

“It’s no secret staying active throughout pregnancy is key, but it can be hard to find enjoyable ways to exercise. I loved – and recommend – Fluidform Pilates. It helps you maintain strength and keeps your muscles loose but above all, it gives you some 'me-time'. I always think a bath is essential – I loved using Mauli’s Himalayan Pink Bath Salts and Aveeno’s Soothing Oatmeal Treatment in mine to keep my skin smooth and supple. On the subject of skin softness, I also swear by Elemis’ Frangipani Oil and Susanne Kaufmann’s Arnica Oil – both have kept my tummy free from stretchmarks.”

Make Space For Beauty Hybrids

“It’s true that there’s a certain glow to your skin when you're pregnant. It’s because your body has a lot more blood, so you might find you can skip foundation – I certainly did and loved using skin/make-up hybrids instead. By Terry’s CC Serum in ‘Sunny Flash’ is brilliant for a quick healthy glow, while Hourglass’ Vanish Airbrush Concealer gives you all the coverage you need. If you want to feel more put-together, try Rose Inc’s Renew Enriched Tinted Shaping Gel. It gives your brows instant definition and lifts your whole face.”

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