Where To Have Beauty Treatments During Your Pregnancy

Where To Have Beauty Treatments During Your Pregnancy

If there’s ever a time to indulge in a bit of pampering and self-care, it’s when you’re pregnant. Whether you’re looking for a pregnancy-safe massage or a manicure that doesn’t involve a lot of chemicals – be it for yourself or to treat an expectant friend – we rounded up some our favourite places to visit, along with the best treatments and services to book with a bump…
Photography: ISTOCK/MME EMIL
Photography: ISTOCK/MME EMIL


Where: Across London, Including Camden, Ealing + Chelsea 

Best For: Soothing Pressure Points & Affordability

What To Expect: Triyoga needs no introduction, but their pregnancy treatments still fly relatively under the radar. The list is designed to rebalance your health and emotional wellbeing, but you can also expect to find all the traditional treatments, including holistic massages, skin peels, acupuncture and pregnancy reflexology. The best bit? They don’t cost the earth, with prices starting from just £45. The therapists are great, too, and take the time to understand your individual concerns and needs before checking in on any post-treatment plans you may have discussed. 

Hero Treatment: Pregnancy Reflexology 

Reflexology is a must-try at Triyoga if you’re expecting. Safe and effective, it’s a great way to relieve water retention  and is also proven to bring high blood pressure down, while soothing back or groin pain, too. Some have even said it’s helped to promote their contractions towards the end of pregnancy, too. Expect your therapist to apply pressure to a range of points – think the hands, face and feet – which correspond with all the organs, glands, tissues and muscles in your body. By applying pressure to these areas, they’ll attempt to unblock and encourage energy to flow freely throughout your body. It’s a brilliant way to bring back a sense of balance and wellbeing, while also being incredibly relaxing, too. 

Visit TriYoga.co.uk 

The Lanesborough Club & Spa 

Where: Hyde Park Corner, London, SW1X 7TA

Best For: A Bit Of Everything 

What To Expect: The Lanesborough really does offer everything when it comes to treatments. From face and body therapies to mud baths, manicures, pedicures and LED sessions, you’re guaranteed to find something that suits. You can also choose from a variety of ‘day visit’ options which cater to different price points and allow you to spend more time relaxing if you want to switch off properly. This includes the option of all day, for three hours or a visit for one-off treatments. The therapists are second to none, too. As with other treatments on this list, everything can be tailored to your pregnancy, just be sure to discuss any concerns and individual needs pre-appointment with your therapist.

Hero Treatment: The ‘Rosy’

Targeting expectant and new mothers, The ‘Rosy’ is a popular treatment at the Lanesborough, and for good reason. Working to ease tiredness, tension and anxiety, your therapist will use heated poultices and gently roll them over pressure points in your body for a warming and stimulating massage. Specific movements will be used to drain fluid, too, while your skin will be slathered in nourishing oils and salt scrubs to give the appearance of fresher-looking limbs. Expect to feel totally uplifted afterwards, with far fewer tension and muscle aches. 

Visit LanesboroughClubAndSpa.com 

Renée Lapino at Neville Hair & Beauty

Where: 5 Pont St, London, SW1X 9EJ, Belgravia

Best For: A Variety Of Gentle Facials  

What To Expect: Renée Lapino is one of the best in the business when it comes to facials. Now established at Neville Hair & Beauty – one of the coolest beauty destinations in London – there’s something for everyone. From cupping massages to mesotherapy facials and fractional lasers, it’s the place to go for some state-of-the-art pregnancy pampering. Each one can be tailored to meet your needs, too, so you never have to miss out. You’ll also receive full consultations both before and after treatment to check in. It’s an investment, and a bit of a ‘blow the budget’ moment, but worth it if you’ve found pregnancy hormones have thrown your skin’s equilibrium off balance. 

Hero Treatment: New Mummy Pregnancy Facial 

The variety of facials on offer here are vast, but their signature Pregnancy Facial remains the most popular. As part of the antenatal offering, clients can climb into a pair of galoshes, which gently pulse and massage the legs while the high-tech facial takes place. The sim is to rid legs of water retention and heaviness – and the results are seriously satisfying. As for the facial itself, expect gentle exfoliation, a thorough steaming and a purging of your pores. You’ll also have radio and LED frequency – assuming you’re in your second trimester onwards – to stimulate collagen production. At the end of treatment, enjoy a special Gua Sha massage which reduces inflammation and improves circulation, too. 

Visit NevilleHairAndBeauty.Net

Nails & Brows Mayfair 

Where: 31 Berkeley Street, London, W1J 8EJ, Mayfair 

Best For: All Things Make-Up & Nails 

What To Expect: There’s a lot of chatter around manicures and whether they’re safe during pregnancy. The truth is, yes, they’re safe, but it pays to be mindful of the polishes being used. That’s where Nails & Brows come in. A brilliant beauty destination, they offer organic manicures only – by this, we mean polishes (from brand Kure Bazaar) that are free from any typical ‘nasties’ like formaldehyde and certain synthetics. Despite this, you still get rich pigment and glossy, long-lasting colour. Nails & Brows offer other treatments, too, including bespoke facials, pedicures, waxes and brows/lashes – all of which are safe for you to try. As for the salon itself, expect high-end luxury at the heart of Mayfair, but without the hefty price tag. 

Hero Treatment: Kure Bazaar Organic Manicure 

Designed to preserve the health and strength of both your nails and hands, this gentle manicure is one of the best in London. As mentioned above, it uses Kure Bazaar’s luxurious polishes which are made with naturally derived ingredients like wood pulp, wheat, and cotton. You’ll get a full hand massage, while cuticles will be tidied, nails will be shaped and then finished with a colour of your choice – which, by the way, you’re also gifted free to take a home. 

Visit Nails&Brows.Me

House of Elemis

Where: 2 Lancashire Court, London, W1S 1EX

Best For: Those On A Time Limit

What To Expect: The House of Elemis has earned rave reviews for its central location, but also its ability to deliver treatments at speed and at affordable price points. You can finish treatments in as little as 30 minutes, while still yielding maximum results. A great pit stop if you’re nearby,  the list of treatments is extensive, too – expect manicures, pedicures, sculpting and firming massages, all with the very best therapists.

Hero Treatment: Peaceful Pregnancy Massage At Elemis

Not only does this treatment help to relieve tension in the lower and upper back, it also focuses on taking down swelling around the hands and feet. You’ll be positioned on a comfortable beanbag before your therapist gets to work safely massaging the areas prone to inflammation, puffiness and pain. A number of nourishing aromatic formulas will be used over your skin to stimulate it and promote elasticity and smoothness, too. You’ll leave feeling lighter and notably more refreshed, while the uplifting scents used on your body will help with some on-the-spot grounding.

Visit UK.Elemis.com

ESPA Life At Corinthia 

Where: Whitehall Place, London, SW1A 2BD

Best For: A Luxury Experience

What To Expect: Often described as ‘out of this world’, ESPA at The Corinthia is a spa experience not to be missed. Despite its luxe credentials and five-star ratings, there’s nothing intimidating about this place. Instead, it’s incredibly relaxing, with a host of opportunities to explore. The approach is very hands-off, by which we mean you’re left to your own devices to unwind and indulge in treatments. There are indoor pools, heated sun loungers, acupuncturists, osteopaths and personal trainers on hand, as well as traditional pedicure and pumice treatments, too. Put simply, you name it, you can get any treatment at the Corinthia, and again, it’ll be tailored to your pregnancy needs and the stage you’re at.

Hero Treatment: ESPA Blissful Maternity Treatment 

If you’re looking for a treatment that specifically caters to maternity, this one is for you. The treatment begins with a hot towel hand cleanse, before a rosehip exfoliator is gently scrubbed into your back, followed by nourishing oils kneaded across your chest and tummy. Cramp-afflicted pregnancy legs are soothed, too, with deep – but gentle – massage, while both your neck and scalp get the finishing touch for ultimate relaxation. It’s a great way to hit reset and clear your mind. Each oil and exfoliator used will be checked with you first, too, in case you’ve developed any allergies or sensitivities throughout pregnancy.

Visit ESPALifeAtCorinthia.com 

Cowshed Spas

Where: Nationwide Spas Across UK

Best For: Accessibility & Ease

What To Expect: If you’re after a spa that’s not in central London, Cowshed never disappoints. Now located at several go-to destinations, you’ll find them in Cornwall, Somerset and Oxfordshire, too, as well as across the capital, and the world. Their entire line-up can cater to those expecting, with bespoke body therapies, gentle manicures, pedicures and everything in between. But it’s worth checking the menu first – some of their treatments are only available at certain locations – and doing a bit of advanced planning so they can be tailored to you and address the areas you wish to focus on is worth it. It’s a great place to go and indulge solo, but also with a friend or your mum and/or sister.

Hero Treatment: The Full Body Buff

This treatment is available at several spas, but notably at the Ned – East London’s iconic hotel. The treatment begins with a foot soak and scrub, before you’re asked to sit upright on a stool, leaning into a cushioned bed. Your therapist will then work on your back gently, with a number of pregnancy lotions – some of which are NHS recommended – for a deep tissue massage. Skin will also be worked on with a stretchmark balm, followed by a thorough dry body brush across the legs, tummy and chest to rejuvenate skin, buffing it lightly for better circulation and glow. If this treatment is too costly, remember their body therapies can be tailored to you, mixing and matching aspects you want – it work out to be more affordable, so always chat with your therapist first. 

Visit Cowshed.com/spa


We asked two industry pros to share four things to keep in mind… 

#1: Always Book A Consultation

“It is vital that you have a consultation when pregnant and often, it should be thorough and longer than usual,” advises Noella Gabriel, co-founder at Elemis. “You will need to pick up on any concerns and build a strong bond of trust with your therapist. This will allow your treatment to be adapted to your individual needs and concerns, which can only be done if the therapist has a full understanding of exactly what it is you need.” 

#2: Book Treatments At The Right Time 

“All treatments should be avoided until you have reached 12 weeks to ensure both the health of you and your baby are well,” explains Clarins’ head of training, Marie Schmid. “From then on, avoid any treatments that use heat so as you’re not raising your core temperature or causing your body distress. With this in mind, visiting steam rooms and saunas is a no-go. Aside from that, most treatments can be tailored to your pregnancy needs. It’s worth noting however waxing may be more painful in pregnancy due to increased blood flow. You should also do a new patch test before any self-tan treatments as hormones throughout pregnancy can affect the overall colour and outcome.” 

#3: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Ventilation 

“In fact, make sure you do,” says Noella. “It’s essential you have good ventilation in any treatment room to help your body temperature adjust. Always use the bathroom before and ask if your treatment room can be close to one – especially in the latter stages. Always speak to your therapist about bolsters, too. These can be given to you if you’re lying on your back for long periods of time. Finally, request extra attention on your feet and ankles – these are the key areas that become puffy and swollen. Your therapist will likely use lots of nourishing body oils, too, as the skin becomes much drier throughout pregnancy.” 

#4: Stop Treatments At 39 Weeks

“Treatments are advisable after 12 weeks and up to 39 weeks,” finishes Marie. “After that, it’s best to wait until your baby has arrived. If you’ve had a C-Section, wait for 12 weeks before indulging in any body treatments. My final note is to continue talking to your therapist. Each trimester, get them to review and amend your skincare routine. Your skin and hormones change dramatically through each stage of pregnancy, so you need to keep up with it where you can.” 


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