7 Of The Best Mother & Baby Fitness Classes

With endless nappy changes, feeding times and scheduled naps taking over your life, it can be impossible to find the time, let alone the energy to throw yourself into working out. But there’s a new breed of post-natal exercise classes designed especially for new mums and there’s no babysitter needed. From strength-training barre to cardio-boosting dance routines, the choice is yours…

1. ‘Babies On Board’ At Xtend Barre

Put simply, this gentle yet toning class is a fusion of ballet and Pilates, with your baby strapped to you throughout the duration. Expect squats, calf raises and dynamic moves that will target your whole body, while giving your baby a big bounce of laughter – or, alternatively, sending them gently off to sleep when it comes to the cool down. 

See XtendBarre.com for all locations

2. Buggyfit At Various Locations

Led by a group of instructors who specialise in post-natal fitness, this is the largest buggy workout network in the UK. With your baby in tow, the idea is you’re guided through different exercises that suit you and your individual needs, focusing on the key areas that are weakened during pregnancy and childbirth as well as pushing your cardiovascular fitness. Expect push-ups, planks, press-ups and lots of lunges for a sweaty, invigorating session. 

Available to join at various outdoor locations throughout the country, see Buggyfit.co.uk to find your nearest class

3. ‘Mummy + Me’ At TriYoga

For those seeking a workout that keeps you feeling lean and zen, look no further than TriYoga’s ‘Mummy + Me’ class. Providing a warm, friendly environment, this class aims to have you reconnect with yourself physically and emotionally while bonding with your baby, too. The moves mainly focus on strengthening the back, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, but you’ll also get some satisfying stretches in too that help to relax your mind and boost your energy levels at the same time. 

TriYoga Camden & Chelsea, see TriYoga.co.uk

4. Postnatal PT With TruBe

London’s leading service for on-demand fitness and wellness, this app has a PT come to you for those times you can’t get out for a class. With experts that specialise in post-natal training, the private lessons on offer allow you to agree moves, timings and location that are tailored completely to you. Whether you have the session at home, in your garden or at the local park – there’s an option for everybody. Another bonus? You can even split the cost with other mums if you’d prefer not to workout solo. 

Operating in London, TruBe’s app operates throughout London, see TruBeApp.com

5. ‘Mumhood’ At Frame

Available as both an online programme and in the Frame fitness studios, this post-natal offering aims to get you aerobic exercise-ready in just eight weeks. You can choose from HIIT, yoga and ‘postnatal tums’ for a workout that’s tailored to each stage of your pre and post-natal journey. Expect high intensity moves that leave you feeling the burn – but in the best possible way. 

Frame Shoreditch, Kings Cross and Queens Park, London, see MoveYourFrame.com for more information

6. ‘Carifit Virtual’ At Home With Carift

Designed for mums with babies aged six weeks to nine months old, this online fitness programme offers HIIT-style moves along with nutritional ideas and tricks, all in just 30-minute bursts, with your baby strapped snugly to your chest. And unlike some other online workouts, the music is uplifting and motivating, specially created by early learning specialists as sensory music for your baby. Prepare to get a little sweaty with this one. 

Visit Carifit.co.uk/Carifit-Virtual to find out how you can start a membership or find a live class throughout London

7. Mum & Baby Class At Latino Bambino

If you’re after something fun and light hearted, these easy dance workouts have been created for new mums wearing their baby in a sling or carrier. From salsa dances to Latin beats, it’s a great class to get you socialising while burning lots of calories at the same time – not to mention, allowing you to release some inhibitions and inner stress. 

Classes available throughout Islington, Canada Water and other London locations, see LatinoBambino.co.uk for more information

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