This Celebrity Couple's Book About Relationships Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

As those on social media know, real-life husband-and-wife duo Megan Mullally (Will & Grace) and Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) are the perfect example of what a healthy relationship should look like after 15 years of marriage. And now, they’re going to tell us exactly how they did it – New York Times best-seller The Greatest Love Story Ever Told walks us through their epic romance from the very beginning…
The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, £18.07 (was £19.99)
The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, £18.07 (was £19.99)

If You Love Parks and Recreation and Will & Grace, You Are Going To Love This Book

Although widely recognised for being the ultimate in #CoupleGoals, most will know Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman for playing two of the best-loved and iconic TV characters in American sitcom history. Mullally as the sardonic millionaire Karen Walker in Will & Grace, and Offerman as the stoic and deadpan Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation. These roles won them millions of fans and made them the comedy darlings of America. But outside of their careers, the pair are known for having one of the most solid – not to mention hilarious – relationships in Hollywood.

This Book Is Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

For starters, the book is extremely funny – as you would expect it to be. But this the kind of book walks a thin line between being an insight into their lives and reading like an extended Instagram caption. Thankfully, in the hands of these talented and experienced storytellers, it never veers into mere celebrity voyeurism, instead sticking to warm, funny, humble anecdotes that read like an intimate conversation around the dinner table.

But It’ll Make You Think Too

It’s not all laughs – alongside the gags, they deal with some very serious topics, and it is this mix of humour and pathos that draws the reader in. Fertility issues, the Trump administration and Hollywood’s unrealistic expectations are all discussed at length. There is also a clear-eyed analysis of their families, showing the stark differences in their backgrounds and the ways they were raised, with Mullally bravely sharing the cruelty and emotional abuse she experienced at the hands of her father.

The A-List Name Drops Will Make You Jealous

They never stray too far from a punchline – they enjoy sending each other up with some self-effacing mockery when discussing their journey to professional success, name-dropping celebrities and immediately laughing at themselves for doing so. Chris Pratt, Meryl Streep, Ray Charles and David Lynch are just some of the stars that make an appearance in their anecdotes.

They Could Be Your New #RelationshipGoals

The love and respect they have for each other comes across on every page – this is clearly a couple that adores each other. But this book is more than just a manual for ‘making it work’; equally clear is their passion for the arts and storytelling in its many forms. They live and breathe their profession, and it’s massively inspirational.

You Might Even Take Their Advice

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told is an uplifting and life-affirming read, with some funny yet poignant life advice for the reader. “The secret is to take a good look at your inner garden and see what you can nourish, be it fruit or vegetable, weavable or smokable, and then cultivate it,” says Offerman in one section. “Like a real garden, it will take patience. and learning. Whatever takes root, water it, encourage it to grow and flower… go do something delicious and see if you don’t end up getting kissed to boot”. Mullally and Offerman, much like their relationship, have got the formula for writing a good book down to a fine art. Inspirational but not condescending, funny but not farcical, this book will restore your faith in true love.

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