10 Stylish Women Share Their Best Fashion Advice

10 Stylish Women Share Their Best Fashion Advice

Ever wondered what some of the world’s most stylish women think about when getting dressed or going shopping? From how to accessorise to savvy spending tips, we asked ten of them to share their advice.

Renia Jaz, Fashion Creative 

There’s a myth that certain styles or trends don’t work over a certain age, but I completely disagree. Women should wear whatever they want and feel comfortable in, regardless of age, so dress according to the season and your mood, instead. It’s also worth investing in the pieces which will become your signature items, like chunky jewellery, colourful shoes or statement sunglasses – having something a little different that feels characteristically ‘you’ will give your style some individuality.

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Trishna Goklani, Content Creator 

Don’t underestimate the power of a good pair of jeans – I spent years buying poor quality denim until I invested in my first pair of Levi’s at university – I went for the Ribcage jeans and adore them. When you find the right ones for you, you’ll know it! Also, adding some simple gold jewellery or a statement bag is a styling trick that works time and again. You don’t always have to go all-out to look chic.

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Karina Marriott, Fashion Influencer 

There’s a lot of pressure to look a certain way, but you should always dress for yourself and no one else. Wear those pieces that make you feel like the most confident version of yourself, even if ‘rules’ dictate you shouldn’t. Also, ignore the size on the label and focus on how your clothes make you feel – the number is irrelevant, so focus on the fit and quality of the garment. Wearing what makes you feel comfortable is always the key to great style.

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Tess Hellstrom, Fashion Director At Custommade 

When it comes to style, always consider these three things. First, never put on a piece of clothing that doesn’t make your heart sing as soon as you see it. Also, try to inject some colour into every outfit – wearing brighter hues not only puts you, but everyone around you, in a better mood. Try to be brave with colour – you won’t regret it! Lastly, remember accessories are what give any outfit personality. Anyone can wear a trend piece, but it’s how you style it up – whether that’s with matching heels or a cool bag – that makes your look unique. 

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Sarah Corbett-Winder, Stylist & Brand Consultant 

Everyone should size up where possible – it really does make things look more expensive than they are, especially when it comes to high-street brands. A more relaxed fit is always chicer than something too small, in my opinion. There’s also a bit of a myth that navy and black don’t go together – ignore it! My mother always taught me these two colours look great – it really is the chicest combination. 

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Rachel Ingram, Editor In Chief Of Threads Styling 

My grandmother always says you can judge a man by his shoes: it’s true, a beautiful, quality pair of shoes can elevate any outfit. I still wear a pair of Prada sandals I bought with my student loan about 15 years ago; they can make any high-street dress look like a million dollars. Also, take note of when you purchase something and don’t want to wear it immediately – it’s then you know you probably shouldn’t have bought it. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to things like swimwear, but in general, if you don't reach for it as soon as possible, it tends to be the thing that hangs in the back of your wardrobe forever… 

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Rabea Schif, Presenter & Model 

My best style advice revolves around the weather – always take a pair of sunglasses with you when you leave the house – even in winter – as you never know when the sun's going come out! Likewise, with our unpredictable summers, layering is key. My mum always told me it’s better to be too warm and take off clothes than to be cold – you could even go for two coats, like a leather jacket under a trench; not only does it look cool, it will keep you warm, too. 

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Gabriele Hackworthy, Brand Consultant & Former SVP Marketing At Jimmy Choo

The environmental impact of fast fashion is awful, so my main piece of advice would be to buy less and buy better. Invest in fewer pieces you know you’ll wear for years to come – that means good quality fabrics and great tailoring which will never go out of style. Before you buy anything, ask yourself whether you’ll still want to wear it in five or ten years’ time – trends come and go, so if you don’t think you’ll wear it beyond this season, pass on it. If you’re unsure what to invest in, shoes, bags and accessories are a more economical way to elevate your wardrobe, so make them your power pieces. If you’ve built good foundations in your wardrobe, then a new-season shoe or bag will breathe life into your existing pieces. 

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Anna Bromilow, Stylist & SL Columnist 

Always make sure you have comfortable shoes – I used to tape my feet into my Louboutins for Milan and Paris fashion week… those days are well and truly over! My mother also told me to forget what you look like when you go out, and I’ve never forgotten that advice. Make the most of what you’ve got, use clothes to enhance your mood and then look outwards and not inwards. Vanity is a serious mood killer.

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Jessie Randall, Founder & Creative Director Of Loeffler Randall

To me, great style is about being comfortable in what you’re wearing and staying true to you. Try to wear clothing that feels like an extension of you, and spend time finding pieces you really love (especially shoes!). Also, try mixing unexpected combinations to keep your outfits interesting – often, I’ll pair a fancy piece with something more casual, for example a frilly blouse with some overalls, or a really lovely skirt with some low-key ballet flats. The high/low balance really works.

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