8 Ways To Always Look Polished

From Olivia Palermo to Anna Wintour, the most stylish women have one thing in common: they always look polished. Whether it’s a good mani or a clever styling trick, there are a few hacks everyone should know for looking pulled-together every day...

Iron Your Clothes

It may sound simple, but you can’t underestimate quite how messy creased clothes will make you look and feel. Whether it’s a handheld steamer (the whole SheerLuxe team is obsessed with this one here) or just getting up a few minutes earlier to get the iron out, looking clean and presentable is the first step to feeling more polished. 

Be Religious With Your Mani

It doesn’t matter how much effort you’ve put into your outfit; if your nails are chipped, you’re never going to look polished. Neutral shades will last longer so they’re an easy way to get the tidy look, whilst pillar-box red offers a glamorous effect

Check out our rules for getting nail polish right here, and how to make it last here.

Find A Great Tailor

Well-fitting clothes are essential for looking pulled-together. For a wardrobe that really works for you, take any item you’re not 100% happy with – designer or high street – to be nipped and fitted properly.

Get Things Repaired

Whether it’s an unstitched hemline, missing heel cap or scuffed leather on a bag, it’s the small details that will amount to an unpolished look. We recommend getting every button replaced, and sending every damaged accessory straight to The Rectory, who restore fashion items to their former, polished glory.

We rounded up the best destinations for fashion repairs here.

Invest In Timeless Handbags

This rule pervades every how-to list, whether that’s how to look more expensive, be more glamorous or, of course, to always look polished. A great handbag (or a smart pair of boots) will elevate even the most inexpensive of outfits. Just make sure you take good care of them – nothing makes a wardrobe look less polished than bashed-up leather. Not sure which to go for? We ran through everything you need to know about investing in a handbag here.

Remember Less Is More

If in doubt, forget bright colours, fussy layers and busy patterns. Polished women know not to bother with difficult combinations, instead preferring to keep things pared-back, neutral and simple.

Add Sunglasses

If all else fails, nothing hides a roster of sins quite like a dark pair of sunglasses. Go oversized and dramatic and team with that tamed, brushed hair for a shortcut to polished. Here’s how to find out which sunglasses will suit you best.

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