My Life In Accessories: Carina Nicklas
My Life In Accessories: Carina Nicklas

My Life In Accessories: Carina Nicklas

With almost 100k loyal followers on Instagram, Carina Nicklas knows a thing or two about good style. Here, she reveals some of her favourite accessories brands and pieces, and the stories behind them – from the jewellery she’s had since she was a baby to the new-generation trends she loves now…

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I’ve had a love of accessories ever since I was young. I was always fascinated by my grandmother’s closet and her large collection of accessories in particular. Through playing with her pieces, and very luckily getting to try them on and mix and match, they became a love of mine.

The three summer accessories I can’t live without are a chic pair of sunglasses, typically my favourite pair from Celine, my Arket hairclip and some pretty necklaces. Sunglasses and hairclips help complete any look by adding a stylish extra touch to basic outfits, plus I actually use the hair clip to help give myself a soft beachy wave by simply tossing it up damp and letting it dry. In terms of necklaces, my go-to in the summer are thin pearl necklaces – so chic and they help elevate every summer look.

The accessory with the most sentimental value is my Cartier Nail ring. It had been on my wish list for a very long time and my boyfriend very kindly surprised me by giving it to me for my birthday. I wanted this particular ring from the Juste Un Clou collection for its unique design and elegance, and as it’s a bit more of an understated piece compared to the love ring.

The dream accessory on my wish list is currently a vintage Cartier Tank watch. It has such a special feel to it, and I don’t have an everyday watch to wear, so I would love to invest in a truly timeless piece that will seamlessly suit my aesthetic and wardrobe for years to come.

When it comes to UNDER-THE-RADAR accessory gems I always opt for VINTAGE SHOPS, and London is full of them.

Thanks to my job I’m grateful to be sent a lot of amazing pieces. I therefore don’t buy that much myself anymore, however the last thing I did buy myself was a belt. I had been on the lookout for a classic, everyday belt and finally found the perfect one from The Row a few weeks ago. It’s all black with gold hardware and it pairs perfectly with all of my looks. I love timeless pieces like this that will never go out of style.

The one item I'd save from a fire is a necklace I was given by my grandmother. It has a teddy bear pendant on it and I was given it for my baptism when I was 3 years old. I still wear it on a daily basis and love incorporating it into a number of looks. It truly has such sentimental value and ties to my family, and is something that will always bring me such joy to wear.


I inherited my great-aunt’s pearl necklace another incredibly special piece to me. She was another family member that influenced my interest in fashion early on. I think I also adopted a lot of her dressing principles, as her style was always so timeless and it undoubtedly still influences me to this day.

When it comes to under-the-radar accessory gems I always opt for vintage shops, and London is full of them. My favourite is Reign. I found a Burberry trench coat there for only £100 and I’ve worn it so much. It's a great timeless piece. Portobello Road market is also a great place to find hidden gems. I am quite particular when it comes to buying new items, so I really make sure to only buy something if it feels really special – and typically when shopping vintage it feels more special anyway. Germany is great for vintage too.

The accessory wardrobes I envy the most would be Audrey Hepburn’s or Jane Birkin’s. They are icons who prove that some pieces can remain fashionable beyond the hype and throughout time. I am generally a fan of this non-trend style and love that their style can sustain through decades of fashion and still evoke such excitement today.



Although they aren't that fashionable anymore I have to say my Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag is my all-time favourite bag I own. This was the first luxury bag I ever bought for myself after months of saving for it about 12 years ago. I am still using it to this day, and although it's scuffed and has marks, it holds a special place in my heart.

This is also my most worn everyday bag – simply because it fits everything I need whether I'm buying groceries or spending a day out and about in the city. However, for meetings I would usually choose a smaller bag that doesn't dominate the look.

The bag I most love taking on holiday is a basket bag for sure. There are many great models available these days, but in general this kind of bag is just the perfect mix of chic and laid back – ideal for beach days and nice dinners alike. I especially love my Loewe.

For summer evenings my Chanel Wallet on Chain is my go-to. It fits all of the essentials and is quite versatile as it can be worn in several different ways.

I’ve been loving the vintage revival bag trend. Many brands from Prada to Gucci are reimagining their classics in fresh ways. It’s interesting to see these refreshed combinations of timeless designs and modern fabrications – plus functionally, many bags have also seen a major upgrade of production and quality too.




My all-time favourite pair of shoes are my classic pair of black ballet flats. They are always a classy statement – simple, timeless and can be easily worn with anything. To me, they’re a French style staple. I love wearing them with wide-leg trousers for a cool but chic twist.

My first pair of designer shoes were a pair of Chanel slingbacks. I bought them years ago second hand but I ended up re-selling them as I preferred the ballerinas.

For a summer wedding you can never go wrong with strappy sandals or heels in gold or silver. My best friend’s wedding was a few weeks ago and I wore my vintage Manolos. I really do stick by the statement that the shoe every girl needs is a pair of Manolos. From summer to winter they can be worn with straight-leg denim and midi skirts alike, giving any look a super chic touch. For me they are the ideal addition to give laid-back looks a sophisticated edge.

My favourite type of daytime footwear is sneakers, and most of the time I wear New Balance. However, in the summer, sandals are also a go-to, from Chanel’s chunky dad sandals to my Hermès Orans. The Chanel dad sandals have become such a fashion statement and are majorly coveted. They pair so effortlessly with so many of my pieces, from a classic pair of jeans to wide trousers or even a slip dress. But the Hermès Orans are definitely my most worn summer sandals. I bought my first pair six years ago and still love wearing them with slip dresses, denim, linen trousers or suits.

For the evenings my favourite pair of heels are my gold Zara sandals. I bought them about five years ago and have made so many memories in these particular shoes. Although now I typically prefer to invest, Zara is definitely the best place on the high street for luxe-looking accessories for less.

I recently bought a pair of bright blue Bottega Veneta heels. I absolutely love their square-toe detail –  they are minimal, classic and so chic. Usually I’m more into neutrals but a pop of colour during summer is so perfect, especially with a tan. Plus they can be worn with practically anything. I love adding them to my summer capsule pieces, from dresses to straight-leg jeans.

I always avoid buying blindly for the looks and disregarding a good fit. Wearing shoes should not be uncomfortable in any way and they should always fit perfectly. Some models can tend to be too wide or narrow for my feet, so I always make sure to try investment pieces beforehand and really think about my purchases before making them.

For the EVENINGS my favourite pair of heels are my gold ZARA SANDALS. I bought them about five years ago and have made so many memories in these particular shoes.


My favourite pair of sunglasses are my white cat-eye sunglasses from Celine. I got them for my birthday a few years ago and I’ve already found that they pair perfectly with so many of my looks and add a chic upgrade to simple outfits.

The best place for sunglasses on the high street would have to be & Other Stories and Jimmy Fairly. They have great designs available and almost always something for every look. My favourite is the cat-eye pair from & Other Stories – they’re a great dupe for the coveted Celine Edge sunglasses.

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