Everything The SL Team Is Loving Right Now

Everything The SL Team Is Loving Right Now

When the going gets tough, it’s the little things which help get us through. Here’s what the SheerLuxe team is loving while staying at home…

Georgie Coleridge Cole, Founder & Editor…

Anine Bing Jamie Hoodie
“I am living in this and teaming it with my power stretch leggings from Zara and All Birds trainers for an easy, everyday working-from-home look.”

Visit Aninebing.com

Roku Gin
“Crafted by Japanese artisans, you can taste all the botanicals in this gin. It's excellent and I really rate it, as do those in the know.”

Visit Waitrose.com 

The Immaculate Deception
“A couple of members of my team recommended this podcast. It’s fascinating – a must-listen.”

Listen here

Laura Black, Deputy Editor…

Arizona Birkenstocks
“Never did I think I’d be a Birkenstock wearer, but I’m loving these with loose-fit jeans or joggers and a simple white tee. Think of it as a sort of summer slipper...”

Visit Birkenstock.com

H&M Striped Poncho Towel
“With the amazing weather we've had, my children have been in and out of the paddling pool. These H&M Home towelling ponchos are gorgeous, affordable and have saved soggy children from traipsing in and out of the house.”

Visit HM.com

Waitrose Still Fresh Lemonade With Lemon Juice
“I'm having half a glass of this – topped up with fizzy water, loads of ice and fresh mint – every day at lunch. It’s super refreshing – I highly recommend it.”

Visit Ocado.com

Lu Hough, Style Director…

The Bagel Guys
“We received a doorstep delivery of these sourdough bagels last week and they were amazing. Made from sourdough and super chewy, we froze a couple so I can have my daily dough hit. The poppy seed variety are my favourite.”

Visit TheBagelGuys.co.uk

Chilly’s Water Bottles
“I know I’m late to the party, but I’ve only just started using a Chilly’s water bottle. As someone who always struggles to drink enough water during the day, it's a great reminder to hydrate.”

Visit JohnLewis.com

Heartcore Live Barre Classes
“I'm not into running, so I’m getting my daily dose of exercise from Heartcore’s online barre classes. I love the mix of ballet and pilates – it's a serious test for the abs, but great for your posture, too.”

Visit Heartcore.co.uk

Rebecca Hull, Beauty Editor…

“Rediscovering the joy of Nutella with buttery toast has been one of the best things about lockdown. Use a dollop on banana bread, a crepe or with yoghurt to make things a bit fancier.”

Visit Tesco.com 

Lumene Nordic Hydra Hydration Recovery Aerating Gel Mask 
“My skin has been feeling tight and dry lately, and this jelly mask has visibly soothed it. Formulated with Nordic birch water, it's designed to work overnight, so skin absorbs it while you sleep.”

Visit LookFantastic.com

WBCo Soap Brows
“Make-up has taken a back seat for now, but fluffed up brows always suggest you've made an effort, and there's not a single make-up artist that doesn't recommend this little soap box. Run a spoolie through the wax, brush it back and forth through the brow hairs, and gradually build up for defined arches.”

Available at BeautyBay.com

Harriet Russell, Features Editor & Sub-Editor…

Papier Weekly Planner
“It didn't take me long to buy some new stationary to make working from home feel a bit better. This weekly planner from Papier (in collaboration with blogger Olivia Purvis) has actually been a lifesaver when it comes to staying organised. You can personalise it, too.”

Visit Papier.com

The Class By Taryn Toomey
“With celebrity clients including Christy Turlington, Emma Stone and Naomi Watts, I figured now was the time to give this cult workout a try – especially as it’s offering daily live-streamed classes and a 14-day free trial. Part yoga class, part HIIT session, prepare for a proper sweat coupled with a complete spiritual awakening.”

Visit TheClass.com

Rude Health Hot Chocolate
“I’m not a massive fan of herbal tea and I never want caffeine beyond lunchtime, so my new evening obsession is this dairy-free hot chocolate. Made from just five ingredients (spring water, organic oats, organic cacao, organic sunflower oil and sea salt), and with zero added sugar, it’s pretty healthy but still feels like a treat.”

Visit Waitrose.com

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