Everything You Need To Know About Lab-Grown Diamonds

Everything You Need To Know About Lab-Grown Diamonds

Diamonds may be big business, but with the sustainability and morality of diamond mining forever in question, scientists have developed a method that exactly replicates the make-up of the real deal. Lab-grown diamonds cost significantly less and CARAT* London are the first brand taking them mainstream, with their new range, Gentle Diamonds. Here’s everything you need to know about these ground-breaking products…

What exactly are lab-grown diamonds?

They’re pretty much exactly what they say on the tin: a stone that has exactly the same physical, atomic and elemental properties as mined diamonds, but are grown in a lab or, as the brand describes it, a greenhouse. They are to mined diamonds what potted plants are to greenery grown in the wild – exactly the same, just cultivated within a controlled environment, in a more sustainable way.

Why have they been created?

Many people have been increasingly uncomfortable with the environmental implications of mining diamonds over recent years. According to TheGreenerDiamond.org, 1,750 tonnes of earth has to be extracted to find a 1.0ct rough diamond - essentially, the diamond industry can dramatically impact fragile ecosystems and lab-grown gems are a guaranteed way to help reduce that damage.

Why is this the first you’re hearing about it?

There have actually been mutterings about lab-grown diamonds for a while. In 2004, Scott Thompson, founder of CARAT* London, first invested with Gemesis, a pioneer of diamond-growing technology. Back then, the growing techniques were not advanced enough to accommodate scalability and ensure reliable supply – plus, everyone was less attuned to sustainability than we are today.

Where can you find them?

CARAT* London has launched Gentle Diamonds, a new range that offers customised rings crafted from lab-grown diamonds. This gives customers the chance to create their ideal engagement ring online and in selected boutiques, including at Westfield London Shepherds Bush. The brand’s mission is to develop a 100% sustainable jewellery line. It aims to use Fairtrade recycled gold by 2022 and to be completely carbon neutral. 

What about the styles?

The brand has long been a go-to for every cut you might want – from pear shapes to round, there’s a yellow, white or rose gold style for everyone.

And finally, the price?

Prices start from £690 for the setting of the rings, £250 for the diamonds, or a combined £840. They increase relative to the size of the diamond you go for - Gentle Diamond offer up to six carats.

To find out more, visit Gentle Diamonds

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