How To Clash Prints

Want a secret hack for always looking cool? Clashing prints is the fashion girl answer. Don’t be intimidated – here’s how to make the look work…

Look 1

What: Mismatched geometric prints with minimal, block colour accessories.

Why it works: Apart from the print itself, there’s not much to differentiate these separates. The colour palette is the same, as are the fabrics, plus both have a loose, comfortable slub fit. Zara is a hero for these not-quite-matching pieces (as is & Other Stories), so start there for a safe option. Plus, use accessories to anchor the look – yellow sunglasses and white flats reference the outfit’s shades, tying the whole edit together.

Look 2

What: Polka dot maxi with monochrome accessories.

Why it works: See, this isn’t so scary, is it? Clashing prints doesn’t have to mean head-to-toe rainbows – adding a houndstooth bag to a polka dot dress is an easy way to reference the trend without going all out. Mango’s marbled earrings add an extra dimension, too.

Look 3

What: Leopard-print blouse, snakeskin midi and subtle black details.

Why it works: Remember the similar patterns in look 1? This look is the inverse – the colours are alike, but the prints are entirely contrasting. It works because there are common themes in the matching shades and animal designs – just break the look up with a deliberate belt to show the not-quite-matching pairing is intentional.

Look 4

What: Cargo shacket with a polka dot blouse, plus simple extras.

Why it works: Forget intimidating influencer clashing prints – why not layer subtle patterns over others for a subdued reference to the trend? Monochrome polka dots and camo prints are both relatively safe, so paired together they elevate one another – just add very simple black extras to keep the look low-key.

Look 5

What: Stripes, florals and everyday basics.

Why it works: Stripes and florals is a shortcut to nailing the clashing prints look. You can’t really go wrong – just throw a flower-print midi (beginners, stick to darker shades) under a Breton, and let the sartorial compliments ensue.

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