The Elevated New Jewellery Collection Worth The Investment
The Elevated New Jewellery Collection Worth The Investment

The Elevated New Jewellery Collection Worth The Investment

When it comes to investment jewellery, it doesn’t get more luxurious or timeless than De Beers. The iconic fine jewellery brand’s new Enchanted Lotus Collection is full of beautiful, high-quality diamond pieces. Elegant, with a contemporary twist and immaculate stone-settings, every piece is exceptional. For a thoughtful gift that will transcend the seasons and trends, look no further…

Created in partnership with DeBeers

The History

Since 1888, De Beers has built its legacy on diamonds. Today, the brand fuses unparalleled expertise in discovering and selecting diamonds with a unique approach to design in order to create high-quality, distinctive jewellery. The latest offering is testament to those transformative powers – the ability to turn a diamond in its raw form into extraordinary jewellery.

The Lotus Collection

While the instantly recognisable flower motif long been a celebrated design in the brand’s collection portfolio, the new Enchanted Lotus collection offers a refresh on this heritage motif. Drawing on the flower’s traditional symbolism of purity and eternity, the elegant silhouette of lotus petals is reimagined in a series of white, yellow and rose gold pieces embedded with brilliant and pear-shaped diamonds. While the existing collection is slightly more refined – there's the mini lotus pendant with its delicate and simplistic appearance – the more recent designs embrace bolder, more voluminous shapes and silhouettes. 

Who's Worn It

Worn by the likes of Adele, Lily James and Kate Winslet, De Beers has positioned itself as a go-to brand in the luxury world. Now, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever actress Lupita Nyongo is the first official ambassador and stars in the new ‘De Beers, Where It Begins’ campaign wearing the latest Lotus designs.

Embodying MODERN and RESPONSIBLE LUXURY, Lupita is an inspiration for all of us.
Marc Jacheet, De Beers CEO, Brands

The Diamonds 

De Beers is known for sourcing the rarest natural stones and revealing their exceptional beauty through beautifully crafted pieces. Of all of the diamonds De Beers sees, less than 1% make it through the selection process, which ensures only those truly exquisite diamonds with the utmost beauty and character are chosen.

The Source 

The brand is also committed to ensuring each diamond creates a lasting positive impact for the people and the place where it’s found. As such, Nyong’o will support De Beers’ Building Forever commitment, which aims to advance women and girls where its diamonds are discovered, across Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

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