An Influencer Shares Her Favourite Jewellery Buys, Brands, Trends & Tips
An Influencer Shares Her Favourite Jewellery Buys, Brands, Trends & Tips

An Influencer Shares Her Favourite Jewellery Buys, Brands, Trends & Tips

Content creator Andia Mau has a jewellery collection that would make any fashion girl jealous – so we jumped at a chance to take a closer look. From sentimental pieces to the trends she thinks everyone should know about, here she shares it all…
By Sapna Rao
Images: @ANDIA.MAU

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I was 15 when a jewellery piece first left a real impression on me. My mum let me borrow a solid gold ring with a green jade stone. Spoiler alert: I never gave it back. Growing up, my mum would bring out her fine jewellery box from the safe, and my sisters and I would sit around admiring her collection, choosing our favourite pieces. That ring holds even more sentimental value because my dad gave it to her – the jade stone represented his Chinese heritage. Now, it’s one of the ways I stay connected with my heritage, too – so it holds a very special place in my collection. 

My mum really influenced my love of jewellery. She’s always had amazing style and she never takes her jewellery off. She showed me how fine jewellery isn't just about waiting for someone to give you something for a special occasion, but something you can buy for yourself and treasure forever. That mindset has stuck with me and now my collection is filled with pieces that represent self-love and self-empowerment.

My mum showed me how fine jewellery isn't just about WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO GIVE YOU SOMETHING FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION, but something you can buy for yourself and TREASURE FOREVER.

The first piece I invested in myself was also a ring. It was a dainty solid gold piece with a small diamond on each side from Mejuri. I’ve had it for a few years now and it’s still part of my everyday stack. I love wearing it with other chunkier rings for a more statement look. 

My biggest tip for investing in jewellery – apart from choosing quality over quantity – is to look for pieces that have a story. Whether you want to remember an era of your life, celebrate a milestone, or symbolise your love for someone, these pieces become more than just accessories – they represent your unique story. Don’t get me wrong, I also have pieces that I bought because I just liked them, but even those pieces make me remember a certain time in my life. I like to think about my collection as a collection of living. I think that’s what makes jewellery so special.


My all-time favourite jewellery brand is Mejuri. It has some amazing styles and a bit of everything for everyone. If you’re starting to build your collection, this would be my first port of call. Its pieces manage to strike that perfect balance between classic and contemporary, making them versatile additions to any collection. I also love Stone and Strand because it has unique pieces studded with diamonds or vibrant, colourful stones. I like that it uses ethically sourced materials and is fairly priced. 

Marla Aaron is my most recent brand discovery. She’s been in the industry for quite some time and makes so many cool pieces with a lot of personality. Right now, I’m eyeing up the pavé locks. I’m also obsessed with Paula Mendoza for something a bit more under the radar. She’s a Colombian designer and all her pieces are so unique. I especially love the chunky ear cuffs and necklaces. 

My last jewellery purchase was a vintage Cartier Panthère watch. I got it during my last trip to New York – it had been on my wish list for a long time. When I first tried it on, it was love at first sight. Now it’s a reminder of all the amazing memories I had during that trip and it brings me so much happiness when I wear it. It’s one of those pieces that I know I’ll cherish forever.  

A pearl necklace is such a party hero. The one I have is the Emilia necklace from a small business called DayDream Miami. I like the juxtaposition of the ‘imperfect’ pearls with a black cinched-in-at-the-waist blazer, medium-wash wide-leg jeans, and burgundy kitten heels.

My most cherished pieces are the ones my mum designs. She makes my sisters and I matching pieces every Christmas. Last year, she designed a stunning gold necklace with three pearls on one side, symbolising each of us sisters, plus a larger pearl dangling at the bottom to represent her. Every time I wear them, I’m reminded of the love that binds our family together. 

If I could only wear certain pieces every day, it would be gold medium-sized hoops, some dome rings, a gold beaded bracelet and a serpentine chain with a pavé charm with my initials. I find that these pieces complement each other really well – plus, they have that timeless yet modern look. 

If you want to go vintage, check out CharmCo. It has an amazing selection of beautiful and intricate solid gold charms that you don’t see being made anymore. You always need to be careful about the reputation of the business when you’re shopping pre-loved, especially if you’re looking to buy fine jewellery.


A growing trend to look out for is charms. I love eclectic charm necklaces because you can create your own unique piece that mean something to you. Check out HART jewellery – it has an online charm builder with a great selection. I’ve also been seeing a lot of chunky cuff bracelets and ear cuffs this season. 

I’m a huge advocate for sustainable and ethical jewellery. I’m originally from Peru and I’ve seen the impact of illegal mining first hand. Knowing the environmental and social consequences associated with certain mining practices, I actively look for pieces that prioritise ethical sourcing and sustainability. It's not just about personal style; it's about making choices that contribute positively to the global community and the environment. Supporting brands committed to ethical jewellery aligns with my values and it's a conscious effort to be part of a solution – even if it's through the jewellery I choose to wear.

Don’t be afraid to EXPERIMENT WITH TEXTURES AND SIZES – juxtaposing delicate pieces with bolder ones can create a VISUALLY ENGAGING RESULT.

Solid gold is easier to take care of than people think. It’s remarkably low maintenance because it doesn't tarnish or corrode, making it a hassle-free choice for everyday wear. Also, solid gold is a sound investment, and it has the potential to appreciate over time.  I clean my pieces with a polishing cloth and a cleaning spray to keep them bright and shiny. For storage, I rely on a jewellery organiser with a suede microfiber lining. This not only provides a safe and organised space for each piece, but it also minimises the risk of scratches.

My best styling tip is to layer and stack your favourite pieces. It’s the easiest way to create a more eye-catching look. Mixing metals is also fine – I like how it adds an element of eclecticism, especially when you’re wearing a simpler look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures and sizes, either – juxtaposing delicate pieces with bolder ones can create a visually engaging result. But most of all, remember to have fun with it.

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